The year 2013 for you

The year 2013 for you  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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According to the current planetary transit Saturn is in its exaltation sign in Libra, Jupiter & Ketu are in Taurus and Rahu in Scorpio. Rahu shall enter into Libra on 14th January & Jupiter transits into Gemini in the mid of the year. Mars will remain direct throughout the year. The year 2013 will bring in message of peace for the whole world. Natural calamities like earthquakes and floods etc. will be less. The Predictions for the year 2013 on the basis of this planetary transit is as follows- Gold : Gold shall attain new height in this year. There shall be fluctuation in price of gold in 2013 with a jump in it in February. It shall decrease from March with extra shining in it after 15th April thereby stabilising it till September.

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In October the price might decrease slightly and remain low till Diwali. Gold shall sore high after Diwali only. The first half of January, March and April is auspicious for the purchase of gold or else near Diwali. Rain : Rain in 2013 shall have a different shape. The last week of April indicates drizzling and there shall be scanty rainfall in May. It shall rain again in the mid of June but Monsoon shall be delayed till the mid of July and would rain in the mid of August. There shall be probability of rain again in the end of September which would continue till the mid of October. In nutshell it shall rain sufficiently and extensively however there shall be less probability of floods. Dollar : Rupee shall be stronger in 2013. In January Dollar shall attain some height and then go on decreasing continuously till March-April. It might touch a low of Rs. 51/-. After that there shall be again a spurt in Dollar price. Again it shall touch a high of Rs. 56 or 57 in the month of April and May.

After that there shall be a decrease in Dollar price stabilizing it around Rs. 53-54 only. Sensex : There shall be some improvement in sensex in the end of January. After January it shall go on decreasing and reach on minimum level by the end of March. After that again it shall catch new heights in April-May and shall continue increasing and decreasing till the end of the year. It shall be little higher in June. Low in July-August, high in September, low again by the end of October shall go up again in November - December. In 2013 sensex shall neither go too high nor too low. India : The year 2013 shall be very auspicious for India. The reputation of India shall enhance. The transit of Jupiter in Lagna shall enhance the dignity & reputation of India.

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The transit of Saturn in sixth house shall help India to win over enemies and be victorious. The transit of Rahu/Ketu shall make India's mark in international market and FDI shall start spreading all over the states. In internal politics the influence of BJP shall increase.

Year 2013 for your Rashi Aries : The year 2013 shall be highly auspicious for you. Reputation & wealth shall enhance but there is probability of difference of opinion with spouse. This year indicates probability of change of vehicle and house.

Taurus : You shall be able to win over your enemies. The result of competitive examination shall be favourable. There shall be probability of visiting distant places. Promotion in job is indicated. There shall be expansion in business.

Gemini : You might travel abroad. You may be blessed with a child. You might have to spend money on the illness of people. It shall prove to be a highly auspicious year to make investment on the construction of a house. This year is beneficial for students.

Cancer : Those who are unmarried shall get married. Financial gains shall be there. Probability of change of house is also there. Dhaiya of Saturn might give few tensions regarding domestic issues. For the rectification of this problem it will be auspicious to worship lord Hanuman & Saturn.

Leo : This year indicates progress in job and business. Long journeys pertaining to business as well as religion are indicated. You shall be active throughout the year and be successful in accomplishing important tasks.

Virgo : This shall be a better year as compared to last five years. There shall be a check on financial losses and increase in gains from business. Mental tensions shall increase substantially. This year shall lay foundation for coming years.

Libra : You shall have to wait for some time as difficult time is not over yet therefore you are advised to donate mustard oil on Saturday. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Shani Mantra on daily. If you are having health problems there shall be quick recovery as the coming year is auspicious for you. Pending tasks shall be accomplished.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Scorpio : Sadhesati of Saturn has started so you are advised not to make any big investment. Probability of few long journeys is indicated. It shall be auspicious to make investment on property. Be cautious about health problems related to bones and feet. Worshipping Shani and Hanuman shall be highly beneficial.

Sagittarius : This year shall certainly bring a basket of various types of gains. Those who are unmarried shall get married. Those who are aspiring to have a child would be blessed with it. You are advised to make investments as you shall certainly get favourable results. This year is promising highly beneficial results for students. Sudden gains are indicated.

Capricorn : This year shall prove highly beneficial for your business. Good news from children shall pour in. Progress in job can be expected or you shall get an opportunity to handle some senior post of responsibility. It shall prove auspicious for financial progress. Don't waste your precious time.

Aquarius : The first half of 2013 shall prove to be highly auspicious for change of vehicle or house. The pending tasks of last year shall get accomplished in this year and all tensions of previous year shall come to an end and you shall march on the path of your progress. Suddenly lot of things shall go in your favour making you happy about it. Work like a professional, give your hundred percent and stop worrying.

Pisces : Follow the advice of your seniors and be polite with your juniors to maintain peace. Go on working and stop expecting results because at times results do not match expectations. The latter half of the year shall be auspicious for house and vehicle. This year is auspicious for gain of wealth. If there are problems in professional life you are advised to worship lord Hanuman and Shani Bhagwanji.

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