Nakshatra 2008

Nakshatra 2008  

Future Point
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Indian astrology has its genesis in Atharva Veda 3000 B.C., and is based on the relative position of stars or planets at the time of birth. The influence of planets in shaping human destiny had been systematically studied and documented, for evolving practical insights in this science, which concerns itself with foretelling the future of individuals and indeed nations. The western world has been deeply influenced by Indian astrological practices as acknowledged by Cheiro, one of the most famous astrologers of the 19th century. The expertise of astrologers in the country does not confine itself to merely foretelling the future but extends to prescribing measures through use of herbs and gems to ward off or dilute the malefic influences of planets. The pronounced IT orientation of the modern era too is finding increasing application in the astrological sciences thereby precluding the possibility of human error in forecasting and making for higher levels of accuracy. In order to showcase the potential of astrology and indeed the entire gamut of occult' and therapeutic sciences, India ,Trade Promotion Organisation in association with 'Future Point' is organizing 3rd edition of "Nakshatra" at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from February 2-10,2008. Along with astrology, the focus at the fair will be on Palmistry, Numerology, Face reading, Ramal, Vastu, Feng Shui, Signology, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Karamkand, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Magneto therapy, Herbal therapies etc. Nakshatra will also provide information on various approaches to spiritual growth, while projecting the importance of living in harmony with nature and environment and the benefits of adopting a healthy life-style. Features Projecting traditional systems of projections based on Nakshatra like Astrology, Palmistry, Face reading, Ramal, Bhrigu Shastra and Nadi Shastra, presenting efforts of Institutions in using modern scientific techniques in computing the astrological calculations and predictions through computer. Consultancy to the public under one roof by expert astrologers, Vastu Specialists, Reiki Masters, Yoga and Ayurved practitioners and other Healing specialists. Visitorship During the fair, Seminars and Workshops on subjects like Astrology, Vastu and remedial measures suggested in fields like Gem, Yantras, Mantras etc., for achieving mental peace will attract practitioners of all systems, related Research institutions, Departments as well as the General Public. Facts at a glance Hall No. 7 F-G-H Duration February 2 -10,2008 Hours 11.00 AM to 8.00 PM Participation Fee Minimum Booking 9 sq. mtrs. -for display under Shell Scheme @ Rs. 3000/- per sq. mtr. + 12.36 per cent Service Tax • 9 sq. mtrs. -for consultancy @ Rs. 1200 per sq. mtr. + 12.36 per cent Service tax • For foreign participants US$ 75/- per sqm. + 12.36% service tax (Minimum booking 9 sqms.) • Bare space rentals @ Rs. 2600/- per sqm. + 12.36% Service tax • For foreign participants US$ 65/- per sqm. + 12.36% service tax (Minimum booking 36 sqms.) 5% early bird discount will be given to participants who will deposit full payment before 5th January, 2008 a) The facilities under shell scheme for display/sale will include constructed booth, fascia writing, five spot lights, one podium, two chairs, one table, one power point, one waste paper basket for a booth of 9 sq. mtrs. .Additional display aids and furniture can also be obtained on payment. b) The facilities under Shell Scheme for consultation (for non display) will include constructed booth, fascia writing, one table, two chairs, three lights and one waste paper basket. Display Profile Computer Horoscope *Computer astrological software and equipment * Application of IT in Astrology * Vastu * Yoga * Teaching school in Vedic Science *Books * Periodicals and magazines in the field of Vedic Science *Spiritual and Remedial items in Astrology including Gem *Agarbati *Vastu and Feng Shui items *Photographs of God and Goddesses * CDs * Mantra Cassettes * Ayurvedic Products *Health Products and alternative therapy products and healing. Participants are requested to fill in the attached Application and Catalogue Entry Form and sent it to the Organisers by 5th January 2008. However, allocation of stalls will be made on first-cum-first served basis on receipt of demand draft in favour of "India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi". Fair Guide ITPO is bringing out a fair directory as a reference manual. The directory will be distributed to visitors, importers, buying agents, trade-related bodies and other commercially important groups. The rates for advertising (Optional) in the fair directory are: Description BW In Four Colours Cover Pages IInd Cover Rs.4,000/- IIIrd Cover Rs.3,500/- IVth Cover Rs. 5,000/- Inside Page Rs. 1500/- 12.36 % Service Tax Extra Technical data of the Catalogue Size of the Print Area Advt. in flash cut Catalogue 5"x8.5" 4.5"x8" 5"x8.5" print area + 1.8" all the four sides extra bleed area for cutting)". Facilities available to participants at Nakshatra 2008 • A Mini control Room with PA system in the fair hall to attend the visitors/exhibitors queries. PCOs with local call facility will be available in the exhibition halls. • Cleaning of stalls/halls will be undertaken by ITPO on daily basis. • Internal transport facility will be extended during the fair from Gate 1, 2,5 and 7 on all days. • Adequate security arrangements will be made at halls and if necessary participants can engage their security staff from the agencies empaneled with ITPO's Security Division on payment basis. • Escorting of VIPs/High -Profile delegations to the fair will be taken care of by ITPO's Protocol Unit. • Banking and postal facilities besides STD, internet/ fax etc. are available in the Pragati Maidan premises on payment basis. • Quality food/snacks will be served on payment at Kiosks and Restaurants in Pragati Maidan. • Purified drinking water is available in exhibition hall and adjacent area. • Car parking facilities are also available to park their vehicles.
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