Love and Marriage Issue

Love and Marriage Issue  January 2007

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In this Love and Marriage Issue of Research Journal of astrology there are various informative and research oriented articles related to marriage, matching, love, multiple relations, extra marital affairs, lack of marital bliss etc like - Some tips for matching of Horoscopes, Mundane astrology, Transit of Saturn, Astrological reasons of polygamous tendency, Divorce and Remarriage- An Analysis, Best Muhurat for Personality Building, Medical astrology, Mutiple Relationships, Yogas for Multiple Relationships, The Validity Of Aastrology, Destiny and Karma: An Astrological Analysis, Marital Analysis in Modern Context, Two Marraiges or Multiple Marriages: Astrological Analysis, Reasons for Lack of Marotal Bliss, Significance of Muhurat in Marriage, The Auspicious Results of 12 Bhavas, Polygamy, Polygamy and Two Marriages, The Role of Venus and Mars in the Context of 7th House, Yogas for Polygamy, Some Facts about 5th House, Astrological Reasons of Love marriage, Astrological Reasons for Extra Marital Affairs, Few Perfect Astrological rules, Extra Marital Affairs- Some Interesting Astrological Reasons etc.
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