Development of Knowledge and Early Spiritual Education

Development of Knowledge and Early Spiritual Education  

K. Santhanam
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The purpose of Education is the upliftment of Human Beings. Education stems from two basic roots namely (a) attainment of knowledge and (b) proper utilization of that knowledge. The former again depends on (i) the ability of the individual— which in turn rests upon the mental faculty he/she possess at birth and (ii) the interest one develops during the course of his journey in Life. Acquirement of knowledge falls into two categories, namely Sruthi and Smrithi. While Sruthi literally means, “what is heard”, Smrithi denotes “what is remembered”. The laws and bye –laws for social upliftment are Smrithis. 

The principles enumerated by Parashara , Manu, Bhaskara and Jaimini are some Smrithis, which form the basis to formulate fruitful and constructive modes to better living. It may be mentioned that every thing that is heard, need not necessarily be remembered. In fact only those items, which have an instructive effect upon the individual, are carried to the Human memory plane. All students hear from the same teacher; but some remember more than the others. Obviously, the inert field of talent one possesses has a large part to play in this vital function. On the other hand the sound vibrations that one hears affect the system directly and cause divertive motions within the human body. 

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These may be negative, passing or positive. Their reactions on the human breathing system are extensive and are many times a cause for improper and unstable functioning of an individual. The harmonization of Sruthi and Smrithi leads to inner satisfaction and contentment and optimal utilization of Human energy. It may be mentioned that the multiple harmonics ( though invisible) that travel through the extensive communication network in the globe, such as television etc. cause high distortion and consequent stress on the mental working system of an individual. The purpose of Education is the upliftment of Human Beings. Education stems from two basic roots namely (a) attainment of knowledge and (b) proper utilization of that knowledge. The former again depends on (i) the ability of the individual— which in turn rests upon the mental faculty he/she possess at birth and (ii) the interest one develops during the course of his journey in Life. The latter could again be transient or progressive and long-lasting. 

Somewhere hidden in ones interest being constructive and long lasting is an inert force known as Talent. It would immediately be apparent that this force is so strong and benign that when it is exhibited and harmonized in a practical mode, optimal contentment and satisfaction is reached. This is known as ‘Manushya Nama Anandam’— Joy of Attainment of Faith and contentment and forms the first of the Eleven Anandams (Bliss) that lead to ‘Brahmanandam’ or Ultimate Bliss. Knowledge by itself covers both the good and the bad. This very function of relativity in its applicability to Living and non- Living Beings makes it so vast, that one rightly feels, its total attainment is a stupendous task. This inherent quality in acquiring knowledge makes its proper utilization, a difficult task indeed. Surely, the Human brain is roaming in an ocean of knowledge without knowing where the destination is! This process eats up a high percentage of the human resources that one possesses, and leaves him/her null and void at the end of the day. 

Indeed, its attainment calls for high will power and deep concentration (shradha ). Should then we not acquire any knowledge? This unfortunately is out of ones scope, as the human mind even in its most deformed state at birth, as per medical terms, thirsts for the attainment of that complete knowledge, which is so difficult to attain. The MIND is known as MANN in Sanskrit, which means Ego. The reverse of Mann is ‘Nammah’, which term is a yoga used in Hindu rituals, to unconsciously remove that stressful ego (bottlenecks within the human system) and enable us to tread a more constructive journey in life. The realization of the difficulty if not inability to attainment of total knowledge has dawned on the Human race, though belatedly and given rise to what is today so explosively termed as Expertise. 

This term is just like the Wolf that termed the Grapes as Sour, as it was not able to attain them— in this case the attainment of Total Knowledge. When viewed from Man made functionaries, Expertise may seem to occupy such a status; but not so if applied to Human Beings, which works holistically and must be so analysed. No wonder, Expertise in a particular medical field has left the Medical doctors roaming wild and leaving the Poor patient stranded not knowing where he has to go to find the real cause of his distress within his system. The above elaborate exposition of (i) acquirement of knowledge and (ii) its proper utilization keeping in view the ultimate constructive target of attainment of steadfast happiness is known as Education. However, today we attain multiple Literacy qualifications without reaching to the attainment of real Education. 

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The process of remodulation of available Human resources indicated in ones horoscope, in order to stimulate the process of education is urgently called for! The following analysis of the availability of that internal energy through a boy’s horoscope is given below and also sets the path for stringent astrologers to adopt, to guide the public in this most important sphere to harmonious Living. (a) Boy was born on 20.2.1974 at New Delhi Clearly the aspect of Jupiter and Mars upon the fifth house and Mercury (the lord of the sixth) along with Jupiter in the 11th House indicates that the literary studies lead to electrical engineering. The above in collusion with Moon and Venus in a Kendra sthana, ensure ample resources that would optimize his implementation progression in his material field. Moreover it gives an inclination towards electronic engineering and Management in financial fields. 

The aspect of Saturn –the lord of the 10th and the 11th houses together with Mars’s –the Lord of the Ascendent upon the 5th ensures ample remuneration from it. Saturn- the lord of the 10th and the 11th and aspected by Jupiter in the 3rd house clearly indicates ultimate satisfaction and contentment would arise only from in depth studies in the spiritual line. Even astrology cannot be ruled out; but it would not primarily be for commercial purposes. Though, this is inert within the boy, it will surface only around the middle forties when Saturn period starts. Moreover, it will carry the full support of his wife, who will work directly or indirectly, as a catalyzing agent in this regard. Jupiter’s collusion with Mercury-the lord of the 6th confirms the above trend. The upgradation alone will not bring contentment. He would have to seek other means to fulfil his inner satisfaction. Ketu in the constellation of Mars –the Lord of the Ascendant who is situated in the 2nd aspecting the 5th comes to the rescue. 

Its conjointment with Saturn the lord of the 10th and 11th, clearly indicates that inert yearning for attainment of trancedental powers and its fulfilment will be the source of contentment during this journey of his life. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will help him in attaining this. 4th house represents the palatable resource one possesses and the 10th house defines its direction of utility. The 3rd house indicates the sources and efforts needed to create this resource. Here, the lord of the 4th is Moon while that of the 10th is Saturn which is 6/8 to each other. This clearly indicates that material here, Sruthi is represented by Ketu and Smrithi by Saturn. The boy should therefore be guided towards the above ultimate aim, so that he starts enjoying life far earlier than when the actual exposition comes. This would not only supplement better living for himself as well as for the environment surrounding him. This is Education. The boy is an electrical / electronics engineer with MBA in finance, looking for an alliance. 

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To take another example, let us analyse the following horoscope of a boy born on 10th September 1970:- The Sun / Mercury conjunction does indicate ample scope for studies especially in the Field of Computer Science as both Jupiter and Venus are travelling in the constellation of Rahu which is strongly aspected by Mars – the karaka for electrical /electronic studies. Rahu itself performing the role of the 7th house i.e. Saturn’s, which is inherently depleted and situated in a movable sign, clearly indicates that the utilization process of the higher studies, the boy has attained what so far are dim as he does not enjoy internal satisfaction through it .The Ascendant running in the constellation of Venus and again a depleted ascendant Lord –Sun in the Navamsa, attaining a weakness, being in conjunction with a inherent depleted Saturn, clearly signifies a lack of contentment in the implementation of his developed resources. 

Moreover, the stranded Moon in the constellation of Ketu in the 5th house, indicate a vagabond with poor self-confidence and tendency to isolate oneself from the realities of Life. The boy is an M.Tech. in Computer Science. At the age of 35 yrs. he is drawing only an annual salary of about Rs. two and a half lakhs and that too after changing a number of jobs. This clearly is not commensurate with his high qualification. What has gone wrong? Is there any scope for further improved ramification? These are some of the important points that need to be gone into by an astute astrologer for guiding the person in the proper direction so that he may make optimal use of his future life, at the earliest. As enumerated earlier there is the need for proper harmonization of ‘Smrithi’ and ‘Sruthi’, if optimal utilization of available resources has to be ensured. In the case under consideration, the qualifications developed by the individual would be termed as external supplementary sustainable resources. However, the fulfilment of internal Want or Talent in the case of the above individual revolves around Rahu placed in the 7th house and Venus.

The former is the fuel for Jupiter – a yoga karaka for this Ascendant, and Venus –the lord of the 10th house, The latter i.e. Venus is the catalyzing agent for both the Moon whose stability is essential for the individual and for the depleted Saturn whose aspect along with Jupiter upon the 11th house, defines the fruits of his endeavours. Obviously, the wife becomes the strongest link for him to stabilize his mental faculties and direct them in an upward constructive mode as well as to the fulfilment of his emotional needs so essential for his attaining contentment in this Life. In this case, Smrithi becomes the wife and Sruthi the emotional inhibitions. The former is defined by Rahu while the latter by Venus. 

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The boy is still a bachelor mainly in view of his lack of stability in a remunerative job. Unfortunately, those very forces which were necessary for his upcoming in Life have been denied to him because of the present environmental forces prevailing in the country. Modern tendencies in Living are based on wishful conceptions, which in many cases lead to unwarranted stress and non-fulfilment of constructive ambitions in life. The individual has been advised astrologically to opt for early marriage and preferably an engagement. This would feed him with the tonic so necessary to him to exhibit both his acquired and inert talents and enjoy the fruitful conductance of his life. 

Rahu/Ketu are the two Nodes in astrological parlance. Conclusion It is obvious from the above , that to conclude that knowledge – be it professional or otherwise , need not necessarily result in material fructification or internal contentment. To assess the above, the following should be kept in view by any astute astrologer :- 1. the lords of the 10th , 7th and 5th houses and the constellation in which they are travelling. 2. the relation these lords have to the 11th lord. 3. the relation the 11th and 12th lords have with the ascendant and its lord. The time of change over of profession and whether it will be fruitful and in what way will be determined both with the help of the running Dasha/ Bhukthi, and the Gochara movement of the Lords of houses given in 1 above.

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