Palmistry and Medical Science

Palmistry and Medical Science  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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God has gifted mankind with several methods for knowing the future. The scholars in ancient India has given them form of Shastra (treatise) For example astrology, numerology, omen book, swarodaya (analysis of breath), Ramala shastra, vastu shastra, horary (prashna shastra), electional astrology etc. and one of these is Palmistry (samudrik shastra). Palmistry is an integral part of samudrik shastra only. In samudrik shastra we talk about whole body of human being and we predict about the future of native with an interpretation of his personality and behaviour whereas in Palmistry the basis of prediction is only the lines of palm. It is established that our palm contains sensitive points to control our whole body.

The science of acupressure is also based on the same fact only in which the concept goes to cure various body parts with the application of pressure on these points. The left part of our brain regulates our right hand whereas left hand is controlled by right part of brain. Medical science proclaims that left part controls our speech, writing skills and scientific calculation whereas right part controls our musical and artistic abilities and for this reason only man-(symbol of science) is advised to wear stones in right hand for controlling left part of brain and similarly woman - (the symbol of art) is recommended to wear stones in left hand for controlling right side of brain. In astrology the natal chart is cast for the time against the first cry (first breath) made by the new born infant.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Similarly in hoary astrology the horoscope is cast for the time of emergence of question in the mind of the querist. In the study of omen (Shakun shastra) & Swara Vigyan the omen and Swara is analyzed before initiating any task. But in palmistry the lines are there in the hand of infant even before he takes birth. It means that God has written the fate of native before his birth. Here question arises that when does He write it? According to medical science the major lines appear in the hand of child in his 3rd month in pregnancy.

The minute lines (micro prints or finger prints) get developed with the completion of 6 months. According to medical science the detailed knowledge of lines of hand are embedded in 21st chromosome and hence palm lines develop completely on the basis of our hereditary system. Therefore, the destiny is written on that day itself when fusion of sperms and ova take place. The remaining time gets spent in making it completely visible. On the basis of this knowledge only our Rishis had generated a system of designing a Muhurat for conceiving for a healthy and intelligent child. In this Muhurat the healthy sperms fuse with healthy ova for the birth of a healthy baby.

According to the research of medical science some kind of disorder in 21st chromosome results into the mental abnormalities in children so also their life line and mind line gets converted into one. According to medical science it is believed that mind line and lifeline get converted into one when there is some tension in the mind of mother before conception. This proves that time of conception and state of mind of parents and situation at that time can bring changes in the lines of palm.

This is true because hereditary facts create lines. Therefore the proper nourishing during pregnancy can change the health and destiny of native. In palmistry specific area on the palm is connected to a specific area of brain and a planet. For example the area below index finger is known as mount of Jupiter because it is connected to the knowledge area of brain.

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The area below middle finger is known as Saturn’s area as it is associated with the action area of our mind. Little finger is associated with the scientific calculation therefore the area below it is that of mount of Mercury. Ring finger is associated with two nerves whereas all other fingers are associated with one single nerve. The maximum area of brain is regulated by it.

Therefore, this finger is most important and that is why it is known as finger of Sun. It is this importance of ring finger because of which majority of stones are worn in this finger only and that is why it is known as ring finger. In addition to that all other important works are done through this finger only like recitation of a mantra on rosary, putting mark on forehead (tilak) and other worshipping ceremonies.

Various lines have been given importance on the basis of their impact. The heart line represents the mentality of a person whereas mind line denotes the ability to think and to take decisions. Life line represents health and destiny line indicates the destiny which results from the harmony between the thoughts and actions of man. In nut shell palm is a mirror of our nature, health and future. Knowledge of palmistry can help us know all this in detail.

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