Transit of Saturn in Virgo

Transit of Saturn in Virgo  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 1621 | October 2009
This year Saturn entered into Virgo in transit. Leo is the sign of Sun and Saturn is the stepson of Sun. This is why Saturn considers him his enemy and brings inauspicious results in Leo. Saturn had entered into Leo in July 2007. Before this, it was in Leo in transit in 1978-1980, 1948-1950 and 1919-1920. The year 1919 was the year of world war. Year 1948 marked public massacre and epidemic. In 1978 emergency was declared in India and recent recession in world economy is the impact of transit of Saturn in Leo in 2008. In the horoscope of Independent India ascendant sign is Taurus and Moon sign is Cancer. For Cancer sign the sadesati of Saturn was on its culmination point and that is why public massacre and natural disasters were happening in India from last few years. But, now after the entry of Saturn into Virgo the sadesati of Saturn has come to an end and a golden era of progress for India has commenced. The transit of Saturn into Virgo shall bring India into the category of intellectual nations. India shall play a significant role in the commonwealth games of 2010 and would attain a special rank and position too. There is strong probability of rapid increase in the rate of progress which might go up to 10% in coming few years. After 14th September 2009 the major period of Sun has started and India might go from strength to strength in this period. In nutshell this transit of Saturn shall prove highly beneficial for the people of India and whole world. Its entry into Virgo shall yield generally auspicious results. For the people with Moon sign Libra or Aquarius sadesati and Dhaiya shall be in operation respectively. Instead of negative results it shall bring only some changes in life. From last five years the transit of Saturn into Cancer and Leo was causing trouble to public. But its transit into Virgo and Libra for next 5 years shall bring peace and prosperity to this world. The impact of Saturn in Virgo on the natives of different moon signs shall be as follows: Aries - The transit of Saturn into Leo was inauspicious for Aries. All your work pending since last one year shall get accomplished in next few months. The impact of Jupiter and Rahu in 10th house shall inspire you to start new projects. Taurus - Fourth house dhaiya came to an end and you will get a relief from mental tensions and family troubles. For you, this transit of Saturn has come with a big relief. Financial progress will start. For those in productive age there shall be strong probability of childbirth. Students shall enjoy very favourable time. Gemini - For the natives of Gemini sign the fourth house Dhaiya of Saturn shall commence but it won't produce inauspicious results. For this sign Saturn in Leo brings inauspicious results like that of sadesati but Saturn in Virgo proves beneficial there by resulting into accomplishment of pending tasks. You might purchase a new house or vehicle. The negative transit of Jupiter and Rahu might cause some tensions, which would come to an end by December 2009. Cancer - For Cancer the very difficult time which was in continuation since last 5 years has come to an end and converted into a very auspicious time. There shall be relief in financial position and legal problems. You shall become more influential and go on short journeys and success shall come more easily. Leo - The malefic influence of sadesati which is in operation since last 5 years shall decrease substantially. You shall get a recovery from financial losses that were there from last one year. The year 2010 shall prove beneficial for your progress. There shall be stronger probabilities of financial gains. Students shall take interest in their studies. Sadesati of Saturn won't be very bad in its remaining period. Virgo - The sadesati of Saturn is in operation from last 2½ years. The difficult first phase of sadesati is over now and beneficial and progressive phase has commenced. If you are suffering from some disease, it shall get cured shortly. You shall be able to make new records in your area of work. You would be able to control your expenses and there won't be any difference of opinion with anyone. Libra - The sadesati of Saturn has started for you. Your sadesati won't bring any negative results for you. You shall get opportunities to make investment. Make investments sensibly. You shall spend some money on journeys and health. You might purchase a new vehicle. Scorpio - This transit of Saturn shall bring the results for the efforts done by you in past. This period be beneficial period for children and education. There shall be an increase in income. You shall get gains from everywhere. Take care of your health and don't drive carelessly. Sagittarius - The transit of Saturn into Leo was causing worries but now there shall be rise in career, business and partnership. Students shall do reasonably well in their studies. There are chances of foreign trips. Capricorn - The natives of this sign got rid of dhaiya therefore now they shall get rid of worries and there shall be financial gains. They would become more effortful, win over enemies. The year 2010 shall mark the blessings of Laxmi. They shall travel abroad. Aquarius - They need to take of their health. There is probability of difference of opinion with boss. They shall get into difficulties unnecessarily. Few investments can land them into trouble and losses also. They are advised to recite Shani Mantra and Mahamrityunjay Mantra. They should chant Hanuman chalisa and Sundarkand. Pisces - The transit of Saturn shall be beneficial for business and progress. The relationship with spouse might become problematic, however, progress and promotion in job is indicated. You might go on long journeys in 2010 and make beneficial investments too.
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