Saturn - The Potential Force

Saturn - The Potential Force  

K. Santhanam
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The Lord Sun was married to Swarchala daughter of Dwashta and through her bore three children namely: -(i)Yaman (ii) Vaiwastha Manu and (iii) Yamuna. The Sun Lord bestowed great love and affection to his wife, but the inherent heat of her husband was unbearable. She therefore produced a woman out of her own shadow and directed her to fulfil all the wishes ‘of her husband till her return from her thapas. This woman was known as Chayadevi alias Vindai. The Sun Lord had three Children through Chayadevi namely- (i)Tapti alais Pathirai (ii) Sawarnika Manu and (iii) Shiruthakarma. On knowing the back history of Chayadevi , the Sun Lord forgave her and went in quest of Swarchala. By his kantha vision the children he bore to Swarchala were known as Aswini devas. All the children of Sun Lord became famous in their own way, except the youngest child of Chayadevi i.e. Shiruthakarma otherwise known as Shaneeshwar. He was strong but wherever his vision fell, apparently injury was caused. Swara means the acupressure points for systematic breathing. Swarchala i e the movement of the breath along these points is nothing but Music -A profound carrier of Life. Chayadevi was moulded out of the body of Swarchala. While Shirutha karma was in the womb of his mother, she had very devotedly invoked the Blessings of Lord Shiva. Shiruthakarma thereby attained the ability of Third vision. Shiruthu means the various glands, cells etc. of the operating system of the Human Body. Shirutha Karma means the revitalizing and restrengthening of worn out operating parts of the body and mind of the human system during the journey of life. It can be seen that being a descendent of the breath, he became the Vayu Karaka or the giver of air, so much required for energy production The saptha Swaras-Sa, Ri, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, and Ni, are enveloped within Sa-Ni i.e. Saturn. One day the whole world went to celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesha in Kailash .Sanieashwara expressed his desire to attend the celebration. Chayadevi knowing the characteristics of her youngest son kept him within the house, but at his persistence allowed him to go, advising him to stay aloof and watch the festival. As Lord Sani entered, the whole Kailash shook. Lord Shiva visualizing what had happened warned Shakthi to keep her child away from the sight of Sanieashwara. However, Sanieaswara’s sight fell on Lord Ganesha and the latter’s head rolled down. Lord Shiva soothed Shakthi Devi saying how could her son, who has the Blessings of Three lords i.e Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and their wives, have an ordinary human structure! He called for Bhairavan and asked him to bring the head of an elephant lying with its head facing the North, which he then placed on Lord Vinayaka and thus obtained the name Ganesha, the one to demolish Gajamukha Asuran. Lord Shiva further mentioned to Goddess Parwathi that the Navagrahas were Farm Purushas i.e. one who are solely meant for up gradation of Mankind. Parwathi Devi’s anger however did not subside and cursed Sanibhaghwan to disable those legs that brought him to Kailash. Seeing the fate of her son, Chayadevi in return cursed that a crocodile should enter Lord Ganesha’s stomach and thereby He attained the name of Lambhodharan. This is the outward version. However the true meaning lies within. How could only the face of Lord Ganesha fall and not His other parts? Obviously Lord Ganesha’s was facing the Lord Sani, as He had sighted Him! The Gaja Mukha, attained by the Lord Ganesha, provided Him the resources in quantum through his trunk to shoulder any responsibilities, the beautiful smiling face at all times indicating ability to overcome any problems with ease, stability and calmness, the large floppy ears to hear every ones prayers, the intricate eyes to internally study every one profoundly, the large forehead to store and study the Vedas of all the three worlds and the rough trunk to soothe out all the worries of His Devotees. All this extraordinary faculties, not available earlier were obviously due to the Blessings of Lord Sani How could the Goddess not be aware of this? She actually Blessed the Lord Sani .,’twa lok samastha Mandhan, bhava’. Mandhan in Sanskrit means the stick used for removing the ashes in a Havan- a burning fire, so that the fire can relight and bum with greater force! This is exactly what Lord Sani blesses his Devotees with! The high frequency radiations, of around 150 nanometers that emanate from this planet do indeed bestow one with revitalising his operating system, provided he is capable of absorbing them. A great Boon indeed in this mind and body diseased oriented world. Saturn is the farthest planet among the Navagrahas whose radiations affect the day- to-day operative functions of plants and all living creatures on this earth. It is about 886,000,000 miles from the Sun and its diameter is around 74, 100 miles. It is hallowed by a number of rings and has ten satellites. Saturn as stated above, has been defined as Vayu Karaka. Off the three pulses indicting ‘kaff, ‘Pitham’ and “Vayu’ which are tools used by intelligent and efficient doctors to determine the working efficiency of the constitution of a Human Being, malfunctioning of Vayu is the predominant cause for majority of the diseases in the system. It is also therefore, the main functionary for optimizing and strengthening of the Human system. Any stress on the dynamic system reflects on the breathing of a Living Being and the breathing process is therefore an ideal control tool to diagnose ones operating capability at any point of time. It could be immediately appreciated, the highly important role of Saturn as VayuKaraka ,in the life of Living Beings. The inert meaning of the following Sloka to attain the benediction of the Lord Sani, not only aptly supports the qualities enumerated above but further exemplifies its other importances:- Neelanjanasamabasam, Suryaputram, Yamagrajam ChayaMarthanda sambutham, Tham Namami Shaneeswaram I bow to Lord Shaneeswarar, Cleanser of the Living Being, Giver of the Potential Power for Self Realisation and Overcome Hurdles in Life and Create Ability to Attain Enlightenment in this Journey of Life. Neelanjanasambasam i.e revitalizing of the operating system discussed above. It is well known that if one ventured anywhere close to 30,000 miles near the Sun; he would be burned to ashes. Lord Hanuman tried to do so and was obstructed by the bow of Lord Indra when one side of his chin got compressed and as he fell to the earth, the other half also followed suit. He thus attained the name of Hanuman. In effect the compression of the jaws makes higher flow of energy to the brain. Saturn is an ideal tool created by Divine powers to help benignly absorb the high solar energy, available with nature without harming oneself. When Ravana imprisoned the Navagrahas , Indra pleaded of the Lord to liberate the Navagrahas as the world would become null and void without them. Hanuman was sent to liberate them by the Lord, as no one else was willing to face Ravana. Having liberated them, it was only Lord Saturn who returned the gratitude, saying that if one hesitated to see Him, they could get all the fruits by praying to Lord Hanuman. However, Hanumanji fell at the feet of Lord Saturn, saying that where was He without Lord Saturn. The meaning is obvious. Lord Saturn is Vayu Karaka i.e. the producer of l unpolluted Air, while Hanumanji is Vayu Puthra i.e. utilization of Breath or breathing. Obviously the 1 latter is totally disabled without the former. Yam means the art of higher thinking or Realization, while aghrajam is the resource for this activity. Saturn is the bestower of this gift. Chayaa means shadow, which is prevalent only when light is available. Marthandam means Enlightenment. Saturn helps one to rise from ordinary visibility to a higher state of Enlightenment. The purpose of this elaborate analysis is to extinguish the prevalent fear of Saturn and establish the truth of this benevolent planet. This would also enlighten ignorant Astrologers on the subject. Scriptures do throw valuable light on many spheres, if interpreted properly. Saturn governs the Swadhista sthana of the Human system. The rigidity / flexibility of this sthana would signify the sustenance ability of internal stress of the working system of the Human Being This sthana also defines the efficient working of the pancreas, gonads kidneys and the digestive system directly and upon the genetic organs indirectly, of the living creatures. It influences the growth of hair and .the cells beneath it, during the sixth month of pregnancy. Hair is the ideal tool defining sensitivity factors in the operating system of the body. In order to improve the sensitivity of the would-be child, a pregnant mother is advised to perform at least eleven parikramas a week of the Lord Sani, during the sixth month of pregnancy. It may be mentioned that those who light lamps to Lord Sani on Saturdays, should sit in front of the Icon for at least five minutes, to reap the full benefits, thereby accrued. This Icon faces west, which is air element and its Lord, is Varuna. With the above background let us analyse the effects of a few combinations of other planets with the above planet that cause great concern to the general public; - (i) The advent of the Gochara Saturn on the pre Rasi from where the Moon is located in ones natal horoscope and its transit in the next two Rasis thereafter is known as Sade Sathi as its total transit period is seven years and a half years through these three Rasis. The importance given to the Saturn -Moon combination in astrology is immediately evident. While the former i.e Saturn is the potential force for the operating functions of the Human system while the latter i.e. the Moon is the integrated force for propulsions of the operating system i.e. the Mind. The Human Being sees a transit of three Sade-sathis in the course of a normal life journey, namely (i) Mangu Sani -Realisation of ones own abilities (ii) Ponghu Sani -boosts ones inert faculties to attain higher achievements and (iii) Thaghu Sani -the ability to conserve and transfer ones earned punyas to the next birth. The fruits of the transit of Saturn in ones own Rasi and the two adjoining Rasis, varies vastly and is observed to be generally as given below;- Rasi 1st 2½ yrs 2nd 2½ yrs 3rd 2½ yrs (Moon’s position) Aries moderate stressful gainful Taurus stressful gainful moderate Gemini moderate gainful gainful Cancer gainful moderate moderate Leo stressful moderate gainful Virgo stressful moderate gainful Libra moderate gainful moderate Scorpio gainful stressful moderate Sagittarius moderate moderate gainful Capricorn stressful gainful gainful Aquarius moderate gainful gainful Pisces gainful moderate stressful The above effects are also subject to whether Jupiter or Mars or both are conjoined or are aspecting the transiting Saturn. While the former subdues the malefic effects the latter tends to aggravate it. It may be mentioned that ‘stressful’ stated above does not mean harmful but that an extra exertion is required for begetting the desired fruits. In this connection it may be pointed out that the ashtavarka strength of the transiting planet for any period should only be taken holistically and not individually. The line of direction of action on which it is stressful /moderate /gainful, mentioned above would be defined by the individual horoscope. (ii) Ashtami Saturn -The positioning of the Saturn in the eighth house from the Natal Lagna does create a weakness in the operating system. This is because as it is not directly linked to the Lagna the fruits ensuing by its third aspect on the tenth house -karma house, does not project upon the individual itself unless a link is available in the Natal chart or the transiting planets. Moreover, when positioned in a chara Rasi in the eighth house the individual has weak pancreas at birth leading to susceptibility to diabetics. If placed in an earthly sign it leads to weak pigments feeding blood to the muscular system thereby causing fragile human body. Saturn in the eighth position in airy Rasis, leads to high constipation and frequent joint pains. Saturn in the eighth house in watery signs has a tendency to create migraine problems. Though all such weakness tend to project themselves at the middle or latter part of life, they can be effectively removed especially if diagnosed at or below the age of seven, by astute astrologers and using natural means .It must be kept in view that Saturn in the sixth house also aspects the eighth house and plays an important role in defining the physical and mental status of individuals. This may lead one to overcome multiple difficulties and yet attain constructive targets depending upon the Lagna and its lord. (iii) Saturn /Mars in conjunction or in a Kendra sthana and mutually aspecting each other does create a cause of acute concern in one field or other, depending upon the placement and strength of either of the planets and that of the operating planets/Lagna. Saturn’s aspect on Mars or visa versa, other than the above, may be providential and would elevate one to great levels of achievements. The timing would again be governed by the Vimshotri Dasa/ Bhukti and the gochara transiting planets with respect to the Natal position they are in. Manthras are ideal tools to enable the absorption of the enormous powers of Lord Saturn, for beneficial utility of ones own Self. Thus, though the line of discussion is endless, it could be concluded that Saturn is a potential force available, that can bring momentous gains through hard toil, which in turn indirectly helps one to build up and maintain his health -a must for constructive living. It is here that the Kali Yuga Human Beings, who expect extraordinary profits without putting in the required efforts, feel the strains of the watchful Saturn.
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