Effect of Saturn

Effect of Saturn's Transit in Leo  

Vinay Garg
Views : 3078 | October 2007
If your rising sign is Aries, Saturn has been transiting your 5th house of Creativity and love affairs. Has the relationship with your children, love affairs and entertainment have been put to the test lately. One thing is for sure and that is that Saturn never leaves an area of the chart weakened. By the time it is done, you will have a solid foundation to build on for the future. Taurus rising has Saturn transiting the 4th house of home and core issues. This position of Saturn emphasizes your inner foundations as well as your physical home. You will find yourself trying to reaffirm belief structures that you have built your life on. This can be a little testy. Gemini rising finds Saturn transiting the 3rd house of Communication and community. I find that this transit of the third house redefines how you protect yourself from enemies. I have to snicker at that because during this transit it’s possible for your job to move, you may need to commute, and brothers and sisters need more attention. Cancer rising finds Saturn coursing thru the 2nd house of personal finances and love. This is where you decide what you want. This will solidify your personal finances and values. After Saturn is done here you will have a great idea of who you really are and what you desire and/or need. Leo rising with Saturn transiting the 1st house is probably the most important transit I can think of. Initially it is all about the new 28 year you are about to enter. The 1st house is the beginning of this great cycle. You will leave all your old emotional and psychological baggage at the door or take it with you for the next 28 years. The choice will be yours. Your personality and how others see you will change as you grow into this next cycle. This is where you start a new. Virgo rising finds Saturn going thru the 12th house of the past and subconscious. You may think this might be a soulful but quiet period but alas, this is where you are so fed up with the emotional baggage that you have been sporting around for so long that you review and relinquish it to the past. This is a time of letting go, it’s easier to write than to do but those are the facts. Libra, Saturn has been transiting the 11th house for you and redefining friendships, goals and group affiliations. You will find yourself pushing forward with new goals. The possibility of you making new friends or enlisting old friends in your current quest is par for your course. Scorpio, with Saturn in your 10th house making a 90 degree angle to your 1st house this has not been your easiest couple of years. Career is the center of your life at this time and working hard has been part of it all. You have made some decisions on your current career status and what you want for yourself in the future. The path is clear all you have to do is do it. Sagittarius, Saturn has been mulling around in your 9th house of legal matters, publishing, foreign affairs and philosophy. I like this house because it is a mental house and requires that you engage in your thoughts. Whatever the subject is you will be engaged mentally and emotionally. This is you do what you say and not procrastinate. Since this is the prelude to Saturn in the 10th house you will notice you are climbing to the top of career matters. It is no mistake that you are on a course to achieve a pinnacle. Capricorn, Saturn is your ruling planet and when it is found in the 8th house of partnership finances and other people’s money, you can be sure your money will be affected. This can be taxes, inheritance, and mortgage money or partnership funds. Mainly it’s all about money. This transit solidify’s your income from others. Aquarius, with Saturn transiting your 7th house of partnership you may find yourself redefining your needs in your partnerships. This can be a difficult time for some people as it involves another person or persons. During this transit you are apt to rewrite your agreements with others. This is a time of self discovery, where you see your needs change. Pisces you will find Saturn transiting your 6th house of everyday work and health. This transit develops a work schedule, or health schedule that works well for you. It may take a while to figure it out but nothing happens overnight. We all have 6th house needs and this is where you find out what they are. Next it’s just a small leap to make it happen. Whether most of the results shall be positive or negative for the house into which Saturn is transiting for a specific ascendant sign shall depend upon the position of Saturn from the Moon sign of the native. If it is in an auspicious position like 3rd, 6th or 11th from the Moon, most of the results shall be positive and if the native is under the influence of sadhesati or Dhaiya in that case most of the results shall be negative.
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