The Future of India in 2011

The Future of India in 2011  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 1949 | January 2011

The year 2011 shall be auspicious for India. The sub period of Rahu in the major period of 3rd lord Sun shall raise the status and reputation of India suddenly. After March 2011 there shall be improvement on all fronts and India shall become a leader and very influential country in International politics. We foresee complete favor of destiny coming to India after 3rd April 2011. The financial position of India shall improve and in addition to that Prime Minister of India shall take some revolutionary decision which would consolidate financial position of country. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is gifted with special powers because the placement of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Kendras forms Anshavtar (incarnation) yoga. 

The sub period of Saturn till December 2012 in the major period of Mercury shall help her to shape the destiny of the country there by bringing substantial up gradation in devising powerful plans to control administration and national and international politics. She has to remain careful about her health. Career of BJP leader L.K. Adwani shall decline. In next election also we don’t foresee the chances of his becoming prime minister. The mutual aspect between Mars and Saturn in April, May indicates the probability of sudden enemities among nations and terrorism shall result into loss of peace and order. This shall be common problem for several nations. 

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After 3rd May when Mars shall enter into Aries it would be six eight position for Mars and Saturn and as a result of it internal terrorism and political upheaval shall errupt. After 25th July Mars shall be entering into Gemini therefore it shall be a period of difficulties for world leaders and the country shall be facing fatal natural calamities like earth quake storm, tsunami and fire incidents etc. This difficult period shall continue till 8th September. From 30 August till 24th December Jupiter shall be retrograde and shall be in 6, 8th position from Saturn. So as a result of it there shall be probabilities like changes in government and death of reputed politician. 

There is probability of earthquake in April-May 2011. Its magnitude can be 6 to 7 on Richter scale. This year appears to be auspicious for grains and crops. There shall be good production of flowers and fruits. In nut shell it shall be a year of prosperity of agriculture. Rain : Rain in 2011 will be normal but the pattern of rain will be different than 2010. There will be good rain /snow fall in week after Independence day. In April there will be few showers after 16th April but no rain in May except one or two showers between 28-30 May. Monsoon will commence on 9-10th July and July will have maximum rains and floods. August will be dry and September first half will have retreating rains. Gold : With start of year it will go down. It will go to newer heights in Feb. 2011.

After that it will fall again reviving in April. In may beginning it will slide down maximum. It will keep downward trend throughout except in October end it will show rising trend which will again get correction and slide down at the end of year. Sensex : Year will start with sensex going down but recovering towards end of January. It will be fluctuating throughout the year with jumps in April, June and August and lows in May, July, Sept. and year end. Would Manmohan Singh complete his tenure as PM? The transit of Saturn and Jupiter indicates that there shall be improvement in the health of PM Manmohanji coming years so there are strong indications that he shall complete his tenure of 5 years successfully in PM office. The major period of Rahu shall protect him from conspiracies. 

Would Rahul Gandhi become prime minister?  Rahul Gandhi shall emerge as dynamic force in Indian politics. He shall associate himself in public welfare jobs like overcoming poverty etc in the major period of Jupiter. He might not become prime minister of India in next election but his role in politics will definitely increase after 2011. Future of Nitish ? The major period of Mars has brought lot of success to Nitish Kumar by strengthening his political career. His future as CM is bright as next major period of Rahu shall make him more influential. He shall rise like a very big force in national politics however the 8th lord Saturn shall keep him away from the post of prime minister. 

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He cannot become prime minister. After 2016 the favorable transit of Jupiter shall make Nitish a favorite leader of masses. The major period of Rahu occupying 9th house shall improve his image in politics and it shall be a golden period for shaping his career in national politics. Would Obama complete his tenure in white house?  Obama shall complete his tenure of 4 years successfully as transit of Jupiter and Saturn shall be highly favorable in coming future. He shall earn lot of name and fame as world leader after November 2011. Stars in the 2012 end shall favor him and he shall definitely give a tough fight in presidential election. 

How would be the marriage of Britain’s Prince Williams?  Marriage of Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton is scheduled to be held in Windsor palace in London on 29th April 2011. On this day Rashi will be Meen(Pisces) and Nakshatra Uttara Phalguni. As per Indian electional astrology (muhurat) the date of marriage is absolutely perfect.  Rashi of prince and his fiancée is same so their marriage shall be highly successful. The pair gets 24 points out of 36 in the compatibility chart. Kate Middleton has a softer personality than prince. She will agree to his demands and be accommodating of his needs. 

They will share a good friendship. They will not fight, in public or private and Kate will conduct herself well in public. William is going through the best phase of his life right now. It will last for 15 to 20 years. But he will not be king for a very long time, at least 15 years.” The only negative thing is that it will take few years before they will give birth to the next generation of Britian’s royalty.

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