Political Future of India

Political Future of India  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 4142 | July 2013

The general election for the 16th Lok Sabha is scheduled to be held in 2014. There are indications of tough contest between BJP and Congress. Rahul Gandhi from Congress and Narendra Modi from BJP are rising as the chief candidates. If we analyze the horoscopes of Prime Ministers of past, we shall see that Pt.

Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Inder Kumar Gujaral, Devegowda and Manmohan Singh etc., all leaders became prime ministers during their Sadhesati only. If we see the horoscopes of prominent leaders for the year 2014, we realize that Sadhesati is in operation for BJP and Congress both the parties but the Rashi of Congress is Virgo and the Sadhesati is about to finish where as Sadhesati has just started for BJP as its Rashi is Scorpio. Modi and Rahul Gandhi both have Scorpio Rashi so both are under the influence of Sadhesati.

If we see the horoscopes of Presidents of BJP and Congress, we find that the Sadhesati is in operation for BJP President Rajnath Singh as his Rashi is scorpio whereas the Sadhesati of Sonia Gandhi has ended as her Rashi is Gemini. Ten years back when congress had come to power in the leadership of Sonia, at that time both Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi were high of Sadhesati whereas BJP president Venkaia Naidu(Leo Rashi) and prominent leader L.K. Advani(Aries Rashi) both were not under the influence of Sadhesati.

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It implies that the influence of Sadhesati remains at its peak during the attainment of power. It is observed that there remains a fear in the mind of people during Sadhesati but whenever one comes under the influence of it, the probability of attainment of power also increases. Saturn makes one an able administrator with his power of diplomacy and good aptitude for planning. Therefore, when in the life of a native this Saturn comes near the significator of mind "Moon" it inspires the native for the attainment of power. In the current situation the result of this analysis on the political scenario of India points out that the equation of stars is in the favour of BJP because, the horoscopes of BJP President Rajnath Singh, BJP party and Narendra Modi, all three contain the favourable force of Sadhesati whereas it is not favourable for Congress President and Congress Party. For the horoscope of Rajnath Singh and Narendra Modi the impact of Sadhesati is double (From Lagna and Moon both).

The rashi of Nitish Kumar is also scorpio which indicates that his planets are also favouring him but comparatively lesser. In the horoscope of Priyanka Gandhi again the Rashi is scorpio which indicates that she might mount speedily in the existing political situations. If Sonia agrees to take rest, Rahul takes over the position of party president and Priyanka gets acknowledged as the Prime-ministerial candidate, then the equation of stars might go in favour of Congress substantially.

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