Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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We have discussed about the position of planets in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th houses in our previous issues. We shall now look further about the position of planets in 7th and 8th houses.  Seventh house The Seventh house is a very important one, for it governs all matters relating to foreign countries, disputes, war, international affairs and all matters which arise in the dealings of one country with another. It has also relations to marriages, divorces and similar matters connected to public figures. Position of various planets in seventh house gives various results enumerated as under. Planets in Seventh house Sun : Sun in the seventh house will give better relations with foreign powers, but if badly aspected may create disputes and complications with foreign powers. Moon : Moon in the seventh house is favorable. It denotes increase in the marriage rates in the country also the public ceremonies and honours to women. If afflicted it denotes trouble in foreign affairs, scandals in home affairs, divorces and many unpleasant episodes of the public figures.  Mars : Mars in the seventh house gives a very powerful influence. It creates grave situations in the country. Also international disputes, disagreement with other powers, unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations and danger of war etc. In all cases war is denoted from the position of Mars. In such cases the sign in which the Mars is posited will give the direction of invasion by the enemies, like Aries denotes East, Cancer-North, Libra-West and Capricorn-South etc. The other signs should be understood between the four cardinal points. Mercury : Mercury in the seventh house denotes much activity in foreign affairs and if well aspected it gives treaties, commercial agreements and successful negotiations with other powers. Diplomacy gains and success in foreign policy of the nation is also indicated. If afflicted it shows dubious dealing with other powers, diplomatic blunders, breaking of treaties, commercial and trade disputes with foreign countries and general disagreement in international affairs.  Jupiter : Jupiter in the seventh house is favorable for foreign relations and all matters connected with Seventh house. The marriage rate in the country will increase, many notable alliances of public figures can be seen. If much afflicted it may create disputes with other powers in connection with financial and trade questions. Venus : Venus in the seventh house augurs well for peace and prosperity in foreign trade, increases the rate of marriages in the country also denotes many marriages in the families of top personalities of the country. If badly aspeceted it shows many public scandals, increase in crime on women, increase in unpleasant and offensive episodes in the country. Saturn : Saturn in the seventh house creates unfavorable position for foreign affairs, troubles and difficulties in dealings with foreign powers, depression in foreign trade. If Saturn is afflicted with Venus scandals and crimes against women may increase. If Saturn is afflicted on account of Mars, it is considered to be most evil, will spoil relations in international affairs and is sure to cause long and grievous difficulties in relations with other countries, especially those ruled by the sign in which Saturn is placed. Eighth house The eighth house has special reference to death, mortality and all matters connected therewith. Sun : Sun in eighth house denotes death among important people. If well aspected, will give success to the government in its efforts to favour the public. If badly aspected, may give adverse results in government efforts to improve public life. Moon : Moon in eighth house shows much mortality among common people especially women and if much afflicted may create panic in public life and cause mass deaths etc. Mars : Mars in eighth house denotes evil to the country like sudden terrible deaths by fire, accidents and crime. Also it denotes death in a big scale of Military, Naval and Medical men, of notable people in the iron and steel industry. Those connected with trades using fire will also suffer heavily. If an eclipse takes place in the sign occupied by Mars it will be too disastrous to the nation. Mercury : Mercury in the eighth house if afflicted denotes death in literary and publishing circle, also it denotes death of very prominent personalities of the country. If well aspected such disasters are reduced. Jupiter : Jupiter in the eight house benefits the nation through gains to the exchequer by duties and if afflicted denotes deaths among royalty, nobles, legal and religious people, magistrates, bankers and financiers. Venus : Venus in eight house denotes gains to the exchequer through duties but if afflicted will cause many deaths among female artists and notable ladies of the land. Saturn : Saturn in this house generally gives more evil results. It denotes much mortality among elderly people, noted characters, prominent men of the country / state and those who hold or have held important positions in the government of the country. We are concluding herewith the effects of planets in 7th and 8th houses and shall discuss about the effects of planets in 9th and 10th houses is our next issue.
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