The Mounts of Planets in Hand

The Mounts of Planets in Hand  

CSVLN Sharma
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Palmistry has an important role in the study of human life. By the study of hands the faults of human beings can be detected and the remedy for correction of the faults can be suggested. The mount of Jupiter is situated at the base of the index finger. Being prominent, the mount demonstrates that the subject will have the desire to dominate others to organize and lead. When the head line is long, the above qualities are applicable. If mount of Jupiter is badly formed, weak and large it gives pride. A single vertical line on it leads to success and is very favourable. If two lines are marked, there excessive ambition confuses the purpose and hence the native is unsuccessful. If a fine cross is formed with a branch of the line of heart, misfortune in money or in love results. Normally a love union ends wretchedly. A line in a crescent curve gives excellent learning particularly in occultism. On the base of the middle finger, the mount of Saturn is found. Seclusion from society, prudence, interest in the study of occultism and faith in the destiny and fatalism are the characteristics of the mount of Saturn. Frivolous ways and carelessness in life are indicated to some extent if this mount is leaning towards mount of Jupiter. A vertical line on it, not touching the line of heart indicates great luck. Two parallel vertical lines indicate success late and a laborious life. A number of vertical lines give ill luck. A black mole shows evil possibilities and adverse effects, which can be traced on the line of head and heart. A clear mark of cross shows tendency to make evil use of occult sciences, extreme possibilities of accidents. A star leads to paralysis or incurable diseases. If it is very strongly marked in both hands and with other signs, death penalty is indicated. The study of the mount of Sun is also very important for prediction. The mount of Sun is situated at the base of ring finger. The human desire to earn name and fame, publicity is indicated by the mount of Sun when it is developed prominently. If the mount of Sun is large the temperament of the person is expansive and generally such people live a luxurious life and are generous in their nature. Being an effective planet the Sun is more powerful than others. Like the mount of Sun, line of Sun also indicates success, brilliance and fate etc., therefore the line of the Sun is called the line of success. The result of line of Sun depends on the category of the hand on which, this line is situated. If other lines are equally strong in the hand, the line of Sun gives success and demonstrates the superior fate of the subject along with distinguished leadership. If there are many lines on the mount of Sun, artistic and scientific instincts are indicated. If there is a deep and straight vertical line wealth or fame or both are achieved. One line gives success in career only. The Mount of Mercury is situated on the base of little finger. On a good hand this mount administers thoughts, quickness of brain and relation of subject with commerce and science, but on a bad hand nervousness, mental excitability and lack of understanding etc. are bestowed. If there is a well marked and long line of head, the mount of Mercury denotes the success and mental power. The weak and bad aspects in life are indicated if the line of head is weak and irregular. A single vertical line on this mount indicates unexpected gains. If it is very deep, the native has good scientific attitude. More than three parallel lines show an aptitude for medical or chemical studies. The same lines in a woman's hands show that the subject will be attached to and often marry a medical/chemistry man, she will prove an excellent nurse. On the same mount many mixed lines indicate shrewdness or scientific attitude dangerously directed. Many mixed lines near the line of heart give desired generosity in the spending of money. Many short vertical lines in a woman’s hand indicate chattering habits. There are two positions pertaining to the mount of Mars; the first related with the physical characteristics is on the upper part of head line and next indicating the mental characteristics is situated between the line of Head and the line of Heart and opposite to the first position. A vertical single line on this mount shows courage. Several lines show rather confused and violent temperament, brutality in love, a very bad omen for the general success of the subject. The bronchitis and diseases of the larynx are possible. Horizontal lines indicate the attack by enemies; for each line an enemy; their length and depth indicate their power. On the base of the hands where the line of head ends, the mount of Luna or Moon may be found. The mount of Moon is related with faculties of imaginative nature, therefore the mount of Moon indicates poetry, romance, emotional temperament, travel etc. If it is flat on the hand, the mount of Moon becomes negative in the sphere of love, duty and social life. The persons having well marked mount of luna have strong and decided views. A single vertical line on it indicates evil. A line going downwards on the mount with a short line crossing it indicates tendency of chronic rheumatism or gout. Many confused lines on the mount point towards insomnia or nightmares. Horizontal lines starting from the percussion - voyages, if crossed by each other or broken or islanded unpleasant or dangerous voyages may result. The mount of Venus is found on the base of the thumb and the inner portion of the life line. Companionship and the desire of love along with the leaning towards beauty etc. are denoted by well formed mount of Venus when it is not too large. Being high or large, the mount of Venus becomes positive and in the case of being small or flat it is treated as negative. Well developed mount indicates good health and small mount shows bad health and less passion. In the case of normal hand, well shaped mount denotes attraction towards opposite sex. Strong and deep horizontal lines from second phalanx of the thumb to the line of life indicate overpowering influence of the opposite sex upon a portion of the subject’s life. If any of these lines are islanded- the love affair in question will have been of a guilty nature. A black mole in this mount shows venereal disease. Prediction in accordance with the mounts of planets with reference to the lines is affected when there is inclination of the mounts towards one another . In this situation mixed results are indicated by the leaning mounts. On account of inclination of Sun towards Mercury, the business will be influenced by arts, similarly in other instances of inclination of mounts, this principle should be adopted that the qualities of a mount are blended with the mount of the planet bent towards it or vice versa
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