Nanshan Rocked

Nanshan Rocked  

Pushaplata Sharma
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anshan is the name of a mountain range. It is also a place in Nanshan district in Shenzhen province. It comprises south most area of the Shenzhen special Economic zone with a population of 0.9 million now a days. The size of the district is 182 Kms. It is located in Southeastern region of China. Nanshan is situated in Xinhua, Hunan, China, its geographical coordinates are 27° 56' North,111° 21' East and its original name(with diatricts) is Nanshan. On 22nd May 1927 an earthquake of magnitude 8.3 (Eastern Scale) struck Nan-Shan China. 200,00 people were killed in this natural calamity. Predicting Earthquakes : Scientists use data from a network of seismographs connected to each other to gather exact details about measurements of earthquakes around the world. But these networks help very little with earthquake predictions; they measure them after they happen. They can approximately find out where earthquake is likely to occur. Modern day scientists are using such fine devices as lasers and satellite systems to predict how faults in earth’s mantle are moving. This data gives scientists better ideas of where earthquakes are going to occur in the future, and help people prepare for the eventual earthquake. Predicting earthquakes is not possible for scientists to do, but they hope that they will one day find a way. Although scientists can not predict them now, sometimes they know what regions an earthquake might hit. They use the information from previous earthquakes to figure out a region it might hit. Seismologists look out closely on certain selected places where giant earthquakes are expected. Chinese snakes predict earthquakes : Head-banging Chinese snakes can predict earthquakes days in advance, say scientists of China. They say they had developed a new way of forecasting tremors-by observing the tendency of snakes to launch themselves headlong into walls. According to Jiang Weisong director of the earthquake bureau in Nanning, in southern Guanxi province- 'of all the creatures on earth, snakes are perhaps the most sensitive to earthquakes, Serpents can sense an imminent earthquake from 120Km (75 miles) away, up to five days before it happens. They respond by behaving extremely erratically.' “When an earthquake is about to occur, snakes will move out of their holes, even in the cold of winter. If the earthquake is a big one, the snakes will even smash into walls while trying to escape,” he said. The earthquake bureau in Nanning, a city particularly prone to earthquakes, has developed a system that monitors snakes’ natural behaviour using hi-tech equipment. Experts at the bureau observe snakes at local snake farms using video cameras linked to a broadband internet connection running 24 hours per day. China is frequently struck by earthquakes, mostly hitting the remote rural areas, but big cities have also been hit. In 1976, the city of Tangshan was devastated by an earthquake and some 250,000 people died. Nanning is one of 12 Chinese cities monitored by hi-tech equipment. It also has 143 animal monitoring units. “By installing cameras over the snake holes, we have improved our ability to forecast earthquakes. The system could be extended to other parts of the country to make our earthquake forecasts more precise,” said Mr Jiang. It’s not just snakes - dogs and chickens also behave abnormally when an earthquake is about to happen. As well as their ability to predict earthquakes, snakes are also valued in China for their usage in traditional medicine. They are also popular in soup. Astrologers Predict : Astrologers can also predict earthquakes in advance on the basis of well known facts. We can tally astrological points with the information given by the geological department where the pressure is building up inside the Earth, due to the movement of tectonic plates. Five days around full moon and new moon are important when eclipse has already taken place. Places where eclipse is visible are prone to natural disaster within 3 months of eclipse. Indications given by geological readings can be tallied with eclipsed areas. Conjunction of planets near cardinal and Rahu-Ketu axis indicate direction of places to be affected on the signs, constellations and planets. Earthquakes occur at places indicated by constellations and signs most affected by malefic planets, especially where conjunction of planets is maximum. If there is more conjunction, magnitude of earthquake is also higher. Geographical divisions according to Kurma Chakra as given by Varahmihira are taken under consideration for deciding state, country and city of happening. The location, time and magnitude depend upon the position and pattern of nine planets and 27 nakshatras in the sky. Kurma Chakra : This is the branch of astrology that examines the chart of different countries/states/cities and the heads of government i.e. prime minister, king, queen and the opposition and anything related to the universe. The word Kurma stands for Tortoise. Varahmihira has devoted two chapters to Kurma Chakra in his monumental work: “Brihat Sanhita”. Study of earthquakes comes under Mundane Astrology which is based on : • Ruling Constellation • Ruling Planet • Ruling Sign • Ruling Constellation: Varahmihira had divided India into nine parts on the basis of ruling constellation which traditionally is regarded as the Kurma Chakra. Three constellations form a unit in this scheme of Kurma Chakra. Each unit is considered a ruler of a certain part of the country’s territory. The Kurma Chakra’s starting unit is the central part of any country or place under consideration, and then it proceeds to east, south, west and north, etc. in a clockwise manner. • Ruling Planet: Different planets indicate different directions as follows: East-Sun, South-East-Venus, South-Mars, South-West-Rahu, West-Saturn, North-West-Moon, North-Mercury, North-East-Jupiter • Ruling Sign: Different countries are ruled by different signs. Astrological Discussion on Earthquake : As the time of this natural mishappening is not available from historical details, time is taken as 5:30 a.m. to erect the transit chart of the incident. First consideration is eclipse if any, occurred around 22nd May 1927.Solar eclipse occurred on 29th June 1927 and Lunar eclipse occurred on 15th June 1927, both falling within 3 months of the earthquake. It was 5th lunar tithi of the dark half of moon, as earthquakes occur within 5 days of full or new moon. In Navamsha Chart, Saturn is in the constellation ruled by Saturn and is in Libra sign. Libra is the ruling sign of China (Gola, Alan Leo, Varahmihira). Saturn was retrograde, so triply malefic falling in the ruling sign of China. Ketu also depicts China (J.C.Luthra, Gola). Its Nakshatra lord is also Ketu. So it is doubly malefic and placed in the 8th house of transit chart. Eighth house depicts inside of earth and it is a malefic house.8th house depicts mortality, kind of death suffered by many people. 200,000 people lost their lives due to disturbance inside the earth. In transit chart lord of Libra, Venus is placed at Maraksthan along Rahu-Ketu axis along 8th house. Libra is malefic house. It was a Sunday, a malefic day. It was bhoomi tatwa. Sun entered a new sign on 18th May 1927. Mercury entered Taurus on 27th May 1927 and Saturn became retrograde on 24th April. When such changes occur in the sky, earthquakes take place. Mars a malefic planet and lord of a maraka house were placed in another marak house along Rahu-Ketu axis along 2-8 axis of transit chart. Its nakshatra lord was Punarvasu, which depicts South-Eastern region of China, according to Koorma Chakra of Varahmihira. In moon chart Rahu-Ketu axis falls along with conjunction of planets along 6-12 axis, two malefic houses. Retrograde Saturn in 11th house gives results to previous house i.e. Libra, the ruling sign of China.
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