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Future Point welcomes articles on Astrology and other occult sciences in Hindi or English language. Our team of experts will check the quality of the content. After finding it appropriate and suitable for our requirement it would be considered for its publication in our periodical Future Samachar or Research Journal of Astrology or on our website i.e, Your articles shall be published along with your name and photograph.

In modern age lot of people are working for the revival of lost glory of Vedic Sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu, Numerology, Lal Kitab, Physiognomy, Phrenology or other systems of divination i,e Tarot, Ramal, Pakshi Shastra, Nadi Astrology, etc. The great knowledge contributed by forefathers of these sciences lost its originality as our civilization was attacked several times in last so many centuries especially by Mughals and Britishers. The originality of the Sanskrit text was also affected in the process of its translation into other languages. Lot of efforts has to be done to restore this knowledge so that it regains its old dignity and utility. There are several scholars who are striving to achieve this objective and make it reach to the common man in modern context.

Research in the field of these esoteric subjects is the need of the hour. We encourage this type of research work. We are constantly striving to propagate Vedic Sciences from last two decades. You can join us and be a part of our team by contributing research oriented and informative articles on regular basis.

You can contribute articles as per your choice and area of specialization on various topics like Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Physiognomy, Face Reading, Vastu, Gemology, Remedial Astrology, Tantra-Mantra, Horoscope Analysis, Lal Kitab, Ramal, Fasts and Festivals, Spirituality, Places of Pilgrimages, Religion, Medical Astrology, Dowsing, Pakshi Shastra, Tarot or any other related area. If you feel that your area of choice in the field of occult is not incorporated in the given list of topics, then also you can send your articles thereby expanding the treasure of this knowledge so that people in general get benefited by getting the required information about these hidden sciences.

Future Point accepts articles on astrology & other occult sciences in Hindi & English

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