Sakat Yog - A Past Life Impediment

Sakat Yog - A Past Life Impediment  

Ajay Bhambi
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As we know Moon is the fastest planet of the zodiac and completes its circle in about 27 plus days. By virtue of its movement Moon forms various yogas which have both qualities good and bad. Our findings suggest that Moon forms the maximum negative yogas in a single round that is why so much misery exists on this planet. Had Moon been forming positive rajayogas then the picture.

Invariably all the powerful rajayogas are distributed among the benefic planets. Jupiter being the benevolent planet among all the planetary hierarchy rules the roost in forming a wonderful rajayoga in a chart. The Moon is not only the fastest moving planet of the zodiac but it acts as a catalyst to form or distort rajayogas by its mere presence or placement. The second fastest planet is Mercury who also gets involved in making or destroying the destinies of people who take birth on this earth.

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Rajayoga or yoga or yog is a Sanskrit word originated from the root yugm meaning when two different entities join hands that creates a yog. Since in astrology two or more heavenly bodies come across each other and form some kind of connection they give rise to a rajayoga which we study in astrology.

According to the seers of yore barring luminaries other five planets are capable of creating extremely powerful rajayogas known as “panch mahapurush” rajayogas. We have omitted Rahu and Ketu because they do not belong to planet category and are known as sub-planets. Panch Mahapurush yogas are formed by independent planets in a particular placement without the need or support of any other planet. Panch Mahapurush yogas need special treatment which we shall discuss some other time.

The Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are consid

ered the most important planets of astrology but are subject to vulnerability with a little affliction or placement. The trouble with Mercury is that it cannot be away from the Sun by more than 28 degrees therefore subject to combustion like a seasonal flu. There are many other factors which can take the wind out of Mercury if they are together with it or aspecting. An afflicted Mercury troubles the subject from all possible angles i.e. intellectual, social, financial, spiritual, relationship, health etc.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

According to planetary hierarchy Jupiter is considered the Guru of devtas. Even the demon (rakshasa) or evil planets bow down to Jupiter because of his great knowledge and sacrificing qualities. The importance of Guru comes into existence only when a king, commander, disciple or follower is there. When king or follower stops following guru then guru has no influence on them. May be content and powerful in itself but it cannot influence others. There are many instances in mythology and history when the greatest of gurus has been sidelined by negative forces. The same way; when Guru or Jupiter is not well aligned with the planet with whom it is forming a rajayoga then that rajayoga has no or little value.

Gajkesari rajayoga is a very common rajayoga which is formed when Moon and Jupiter are together, square or in opposition with each other. Moon in its sojourn of the zodiac in 27 days must be forming gajkesari rajayoga for minimum 10 different days. According to this calculation about 40 % of people born on this earth will find gajkesari rajayoga in their chart. According to different texts on the subject a one single gajkesari rajayoga is capable of making the person king of the earth. It implies that the real powerful gajkesari rajayoga seldom forms in a chart.

Sakat yog means a combination of trouble or problems form when Jupiter and Moon are second-twelfth from each other or six-eighth to each other. According to this definition two houses should be involved but in reality four houses are involved when this sakat yog is formed. Moon could be either side of Jupiter from 1st to 7th house giving rise to a sakat (negative) yog.

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According to different texts of great stalwarts it is unanimously agreed that ill-aligned Moon-Jupiter in a chart becomes a source of miseries throughout their life.

Let us understand why it is so. As a matter of policy the Moon is better off not being connected with Jupiter than being ill-placed with it. When Moon is not connected with Jupiter then it has a vast field of activities where it can explore its possibilities to the hilt. Moon by its own force is fully capable of creating a new world of his imagination with his intuitive wisdom. But the equation changes drastically when it is neither independent nor dependent to execute himself. That is the precise problem people face who are suffering from sakat yog.

We must have seen thousands of kundlis (charts) with this sakat yog. It is very common to find people in your circle suffering from this sakat yog. According to one calculation about 15% people on this earth are afflicted with sakat yog. As we know Moon represents mind, imagination, feeling, emotion, thinking, planning, strategy, understanding, clarity, non-clarity, inconsistency, lack of or overconfidence and making fool of oneself. When it is devoid of Jupiter’s association or aspect then there is no inbuilt protection, advice, patience, understanding, calmness and inner peace which are required to constantly check your ideas and plans before you implement them. People frequently fall on their face repetitively and don’t learn at all and this pattern continues.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Generally from astrology we learn about the three births of an individual which is known as ‘prarabdh’ (previous birth) ‘vartaman’(present birth) and ‘aagami’ (next birth) Whatsoever planet or horoscope we are born with precisely reflects our deeds of previous births. As a matter of fact the nakshatra we chose to take birth or accidentally born in is directly related with our past birth karmas.

Whenever somebody is born with a sakat yog it is a clear indication that in his or her previous birth this person has crossed certain limits and used his power and authority to subvert and undermine people and lay his authority on them and use them for his own benefit. In his arrogance he has forgotten to keep balance and inflicted pain to others.

According to reincarnation theory if knowingly or unknowingly you have created hell for others by using your power then you have to repay in some birth to get rid of misdeeds which were committed by you in previous incarnations. Krishna says in Gita that one can get rid of all negative and positive karmas of previous births with awareness. Astrology also suggests if one can alter his mental state and connect with the cosmic consciousness even then one can be freed from all the past debts.

Moot point is how many do. Most of us live in a world of ignorance. If you look closely at people around you, then you will find that they have the same impediments or problems which they had when they were young or small. When somebody is a liar or greedy or envious then he remains the same even at a ripe old age. The only difference would be that he has become more subtle in his approach. If you are not going to alter your conscious state then whatsoever is written in your chart will happen verbatim.

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When a sakat yog is formed in your chart, it means that Moon or mind is independent of any genuine guidance or support. In this kind of situation the person tries to act either very fast or with conceived notion. In both the situations his judgment is coloured due to his own lack of understanding in assessing the situation in the right perspective. Since his judgment is misplaced, therefore he trusts those people who are not to be trusted and discards those who are genuine to the core. If in this kind of situation you as a third party reason out with the person then you are simply inviting trouble for yourself.

We have experienced with many people who have this kind of negative yog that their judgment is poor and if somebody tries to warn them then they tend to become angry and agitated and the relationship goes through another turmoil which is unnecessary. When we observed more we found that they go through all kinds of suffering like financial, emotional, professional, relationship, health issues and so on and so forth.

If we look at this from the spiritual astrology point of view then our findings are very different. Due to sakat yog people take advantage of their goodness or ignorance and they suffer accordingly. In this process they get rid of their old debts of the previous birth by repaying people in their own sweet way. It has also been observed that their long term misery or suffering converts into compassion and forgiveness and clemency.

करियर से जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या का ज्योतिषीय उपाय पाएं हमारे करियर एक्सपर्ट ज्योतिषी से।

However we at Nakshatra Meditation believe that if the N M Technique is adopted then he can overcome his past birth debilitation and connect with the cosmic consciousness.

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