Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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We have discussed about the position of planets in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th houses in our previous issues. We shall now look further about the position of planets in fifth and sixth houses. Fifth house : The fifth house has relation to theatres, music halls, schools and places of amusement.  SUN : The sun in the fifth is favorable for educational matters, children and theatres in general. If aspected by evil planets it denotes losses to places of amusement, heavy expenses, and illness and death of noted theatrical artists. If well aspected by benefics, well known artists and theatrical personalities are honoured at the national level and they will have good prosperity throughout the year. MOON : Moon in the fifth house, if well aspected with benefics shows that the people in general are inclined to amusements. The theatres and amusement houses prosper and increase their receipts. If Moon is aspected by evil planets it denotes trouble to women and children, women will indulge in immoral activities and men will indulge in crime against children and cases of ill treatment to senior female citizens are seen. MARS : Mars in the fifth house brings troubles to theatres such as fires, disturbances on account of riots, illness and death to famous personalities in the field of art and culture, accidents in schools and amusement parties. If Mars is afflicted the malefic results will increase. MERCURY : Mercury in fifth house shows good activities in theatrical circles, new plays and ventures, is good for educational matters and those which affect children and their welfare. If afflicted gives theatrical law suits, disputes over educational matters and adversely affects the growth of educational institutions. JUPITER : Jupiter in fifth house benefits all matters concerning the fifth house, is favorable to educational institutions and good gains for such institutions are expected. If afflicted, disputes will increase in educational institutions, causes heavy expenses in religious outfits, many failures are seen in religious institutions in their efforts and new ventures. VENUS : Venus in fifth house tends to increase the birth rate, is favorable for girls and women, unmarried youngsters will get married, there are more benefits for amusement houses and to persons connected with arts. If afflicted it denotes much vices and immorality among women, criminal assaults and cruelty to women and children are noticed. SATURN : Saturn in fifth house lowers the birth rate, shows much trouble to women and children, illness and high mortality from diseases, great losses to theatres and amusement houses. Noted professionals will face downward trends in their profession. If more afflicted crime against women and children will increase. Sixth House : Sixth house has a special reference to the public health and the general condition of the working classes and servants. It also governs the national service, army and navy, the soldiers, the sailors, battleships etc. The nature of the sickness affecting country generally can be deduced from the planets in this house or ruling over this house, also according to the parts of the body ruled by such signs in this house etc. SUN : Sun in the sixth house is favorable for health and the working classes. If afflicted it shows discontent and more sickness. The navy will suffer, a prominent servant of the state may die. MOON : Moon in the sixth house denotes sickness among the people, discontent and dissatisfaction, it causes disorder in the navy. Unless well aspected, it is not a good position for the nation. MARS : Mars in the sixth house is a very evil position, denoting much feverish and inflammatory diseases among the people, according to the nature of the sign in which Mars in placed. It also denotes fires and accidents on warships and insubordination among sailors. If well aspected, the effects are mitigated. MERCURY : Mercury in sixth house denotes activity among lower classes, a desire for mental improvement in general. If afflicted, it shows discontent, theft and crime, increase of insanity and disorder. JUPITER : Jupiter in the sixth benefits the public health, improves the condition of the working classes and also shows benefits to the navy. If afflicted, heavy expenditure in naval and military affairs. VENUS : Venus in this house is favourable for the lower classes and the navy, improves their condition. If afflicted shows much vices, misery and causes much illness thereby.  SATURN : Saturn in sixth house is a very evil position, denoting ill health among the population of the nature shown by the sign occupied by Saturn. Also there is discontent and dissatisfaction among the lower classes and the navy. If afflicted the evils are more prominent and severe. We are concluding herewith the effects of planets in fifth and sixth houses and shall discuss about the effects of planets in seventh and eighth house in our next issue.
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