Impact of Transit of Rahu/Ketu

Impact of Transit of Rahu/Ketu  

Abha Bansal
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Transit is the current position of the planets in sky. The transit of the planets is seriously involved in the character and personality formation of a person. Not only this, but the good or bad happenings in a person’s life are also determined by the transit of the planets. Rahu’s transit in Libra and Ketu in Aries on 14th January 2014 will be affecting all the signs with its negative and positive effects. As Rahu along with Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter is the slowest moving planet it has strong effects on all the moon signs. Rahu and Ketu move to a new sign once in 18 months in their journey counter clockwise around the zodiac and complete their one round of revolution in 18 years. Rahu is the Karmic aggregator and Ketu is dispenser.

The impact of transit of Rahu/Ketu on various signs is as follows: Aries: Your confidence shall increase. You would be striving a lot to maintain better relations with spouse and partners and colleagues but your efforts might not bring in satisfying results. If you can then it is better to avoid risky situations completely. Taurus: You are going to use this time very intelligently. So this is the right time to plan and implement new strategies for business. Financially it is going to be an excellent time.

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You will be earning from many sources and will also be able to make huge investment. You are being blessed with an art of balancing your domestic and professional life beautifully. You will win almost all the competition that you participate. Gemini: Situations like sudden loss of money, disputes at work place and disturbed health are predicted. You might lose money just due to any wrong decision taken by you. Analyze all the situations before taking any decision. Your earning shall be low and you might not get the credits. Take care of your health.

Be cautious about your diet especially as you might suffer from stomach disorder. Cancer: Problems like cough, cold, asthma and rheumatic pains will keep on disturbing you all through. A period of difficulties is arriving. You are required to take care of your health as well as your attitude towards life. You might lose confidence in you and will start dealing with life from other’s perspective. Commencing any new project will not turn into your favor. This period might end up with some vehicular accident. Leo: This time is highly favorable to gain security and stability especially on professional front. You shall be awarded with a promotion and if you are a businessperson then an expansion in your business is almost sure.

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You will be supported by the people in power. You are courageous and the 1st choice of everyone when it comes to responsibilities. Many responsibilities will be assigned to you at your home and office that you will carry forward successfully. The time is asking you to be alert as you might meet a person who is perfectly compatible with you regarding work. Your siblings might face some problems but your relationship with them is going to be very great. Virgo: You might lose some source of income due to which you will be disturbed.

This is not favorable time to make new change so you are advised to avoid any change in your daily life routine and also do not commence any kind of new work. Be on the safer side and let your life go the way it was going. For some time you won’t be able to grow. Your doubts and insecurities regarding family and loved ones will not let you enjoy even some moments of your life. Libra: Avoid over speaking and control your anger. Avoid illicit relationship. Be careful for false documents. You may face some unnecessary legal problems. Sudden expenditure may increase. You may have to work really hard. Not a good favorable time for change in business and job. You have to look out for the smaller opportunities and make the best out of it. Your enemies might trouble you.

There wouldn’t be any change in your outlook and you will remain the same as you were before. Scorpio: It is not an appreciable time for you anyhow. You will be disappointed in almost all the things that you will do. The bad part is that even people who you trust a lot can disappoint you to some extent. All these negative things will be affecting your mind badly. You will remain disturbed and your mental anxiety won’t let you live peacefully. As the time is not good, avoid investing money at the places that involves risk. Expecting anything from your family and freeing will result in further disappointments.

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Any close friend of yours might also betray or back stab you. Travelling might disturb you and your family’s health. Better avoid it. Sagittarius: Public relation, reputation and fame will keep you happy. You will be very impressive during this period. You are not only going to impress your family but people at your workplace and your beloved will also be highly impressed by you. Leaving behind your attitude of carelessness you will move ahead to transform yourself. You are going to rise at your professional level. And, will experience immense pleasure in your love life. You are destined to win all the battles of your life during this time. Your enemies will lose their confidence in front of you.

All your relationships will remain good as always, but you might face some difficulties while dealing with your children. Capricorn: Rahu is posited in the 10th house in Capricorn. Apart from some minor health issue, this time period is here to gift you ultimate success in almost everything. You are going to impress your seniors with your work and dedication. It is time to grab as many stars as you can to keep in your pocket. You will be reaching new heights in your career and the plus point is that everything will happen on the correct time. You will be smart enough to balance your personal and professional life.

This balance will keep you away from any sort of dispute at home and at work place. Your business partners will benefit you. You will be successful in exploring new sources of earnings and you are going to expand your circle. The only thing due to which you might disturb your peace of mind is your health. So take care of your health. Aquarius: This period of your life will be balanced in all spheres. Your mind will stay focused at your goals and due to this you are going to put your 100% endeavor to achieve those goals. There are some chances that you will be over ruled by your ego. In such case you will invite defame in your favor. Treat people with decency and affection.

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This is the only way of avoiding increase in the number of enemies. Pisces: Being ignorant towards your health might be very harmful. Health is not being shown very good in your cards. Maintain harmony and positive attitude towards life. Things will fall in place some day. You will be overburdened with work in your office that will lead to stressful routine. Keep on work diligently to taste the flavor of success. It is going to be a difficult time for you people. Surely, it is not a perfect time to be aggressive. Hold your decisions of making investments and avoid taking any kind of risks in your professional and personal life as well. Yes, you are going to face many obstacles but progress is also predicted. Keep going on and try to give your best at your workplace which will provide you good results.

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