The Future Of India in 2009

The Future Of India in 2009  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 5058 | January 2009

The annihilatory dance of terrorism on 26th November in Mumbai is certainly condemnable. This question is arising in everybody’s mind whether our country shall get rid of this condemnable terrorism in future or else we shall have to tolerate it again and again? Vedic equations do not throw any light on it, however we shall try to know about it with the help of astrology. In the beginning of the year 2009 retrograde Saturn shall stay in Leo and high speed Jupiter and Rahu shall stay in Capricorn, Jupiter shall cross the sign Capricorn quickly in 5 months and would enter into Aquarius in the month of May but again it shall turn retrograde and enter into Capricorn in the end of July and stay there till December. 

Saturn shall turn direct in May and would be entering into Virgo in September. Rahu shall enter into Sagittarius in the month of November. Saturn’s transit into fourth house (house of public) in the sign of its enemy is inauspicious as it would bring trouble to the public. From 1st January 2009 Saturn shall be retrograde. As a result of that it shall turn more malefic. Therefore, there is an indication of controversy between India and Pakistan in the initial few months and the public shall have to face trouble also. The transit of Saturn into Virgo in September 2009 shall mark the end of Sadesati for India. Not only India rather whole world shall get a big relief when Saturn shall enter into friendly sign Virgo in September 2009. 

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Due to the bankruptcy of the Merilan Bank (the biggest bank of USA) in October 2008 the whole world experienced economic downfall. In this age of globalisation India also could not escape from its influence. But the negative influence of economic downfall on India was not highly visible because of an increase in the costs of articles. In this scenario everybody is curious to know whether this economy shall go on declining or else it would get checked some how? As we stated above that India is under the influence of Sadesati, Jupiter and Rahu are in 7th from Rashi and 9th from lagna. Jupiter shall prove beneficial only for India, in spite of its debilitation because of its high speed. 

As the degrees of Moon are very less for India therefore the impact of Sadesati is coming to an end almost, therefore, the financial position of the country shall remain intact. The declining world economy would not create long term impact on the world and the impact of same on India shall be minimum. India would March towards financial prosperity towards the end of the year. Here it shall be reasonably right to analyze the four main constituents which create an impact on the economic policy. Share Market Those who invest in share market should not feel afraid as market won’t go down much in this year rather it shall stay on a level of 10 to 12000. In the 2nd half of January and after that in the months of April and November the market shall go up. There shall be fall in the market in the months of February, May and September.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Gold The price of gold shall reduce in the months of January, February and March and in the month of April initially it shall go up and then reduce again. Its price shall remain low only for some days and it would increase in the month of June and would be like that only till the end of August. In September it would reduce again but there shall be rise in prices again towards the end of the year. Rise and fall in Dollar Till February Rupee shall get consolidated in front of dollar. 

Rupee shall remain strong in the months of May, June, August, September and October. Dollar shall become strong in April, July and November, however, the cost of dollar shall remain below Rs. 50/- only Rain This year it would start raining in the month of May only. In June it would rain heavily. In July there shall be less rain, in August more rains again and then less rains in the end of September and beginning of November. According to astrological analysis there is probability of drought and less rains in the year 2010.

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