Transit of Saturn in Leo : Auspicious or Inauspicious

Transit of Saturn in Leo : Auspicious or Inauspicious  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 3183 | July 2007
Saturn shall transit into Leo on 15th July 2007 on 28 hours and 45 minutes and it shall stay in this sign only till 9th September 2009. Saturn in Cancer created an atmosphere of mental tension and stress. All those people who were going through their Sadhesati or Dhaiya faced lots of mental tensions. These people shall get a big relief now. Leo is the sign of Sun and Saturn is the spoilt son of Sun, so, Saturn doesn't go through any type of problem while disobeying his father. But Sun always considers him his son only and protects him and always overlooks the cruel nature of Saturn. The transit of Saturn in Leo is inauspicious for Virgo and Capricorn only otherwise for all other signs it is auspicious only. Specially people with Moon sign Gemini shall get rid of Sadhesati completely and their coming time shall bring success to them in their professional life. For Taurus Rashi this transit of Saturn won't bring any type of sorrow rather it would prove auspicious for their peace of mind because comparatively Saturn of Leo in 4th house is not as bad as can be Saturn of Cancer in this house. Transit of Saturn in Leo can give some trouble to the natives of Virgo and Capricorn sign on their professional and financial front. If possible make your investments sensibly. Sadhesati of the Saturn for the natives of Cancer or Leo Rashi is in continuation still now but Saturn's change of Rashi from Cancer to Leo shall bring some mental peace to these natives because Saturn in Leo is not as troublesome as much as it is in Cancer. But even then they should continue doing the remedies for appeasing Saturn to escape from any fatal malefic influences. Impacts of transit of Saturn for different signs is as follows : Aries : The natives of this Rashi got rid of Dhaiya of Saturn so they shall get mental peace, atmosphere of house shall turn favourable, new tasks shall be accomplished and there is probability of increase in sources of income. Taurus : There is probability of your buying new vehicles and also that of change of house. Matrimonial development is also indicated. Gemini : You got rid of Sadhesati of Saturn so now you can start a new venture. Now you can make investment in any business venture without hesitation because it shall be profitable. Cancer : You shall get rid of the major malefic influence of 2nd leg of sadhesati and now onwards there will be some improvement in the chances of accomplishing the pending tasks. Continue propitiating your Saturn regularly with the help of appropriate remedial measures of Saturn's sadhesati to abstain from trouble. There is also probability of sudden gain. Leo : For you also the major and trouble causing part of Saturn's Sadhesati is over, therefore, you shall have lot of mental peace. But now also you shall have to face some kind of trouble like mental tensions etc . It shall be auspicious to worship Saturn on regular basis. Virgo : Your sadhesati has just started. Recite mantras, visit temples and give donations, to get rid of malefic influence of Saturn otherwise there is probability of getting into losses. Stay away from gambling, alcoholism, speculation etc and make investments sensibly. Don't make lot of investment in some business venture. If possible make investments on the name of wife or children. Libra : For you the entry of Saturn into Leo is very beneficial. Don't waste your time in useless activities rather use this auspicious and beneficial time of yours in doing something good for the making of your future. Scorpio : There is probability of your getting into new ventures. Those doing government job might get promoted. Be practical and give your hundred percent to your efforts to get complete benefit of your auspicious time. Sagittarius : Your previous time was troublesome. Most of your problems shall get rectified now because of Saturn's transit into Leo. If there was some problem on professional front, you shall get rid of that. Your coming time is very auspicious. Use your time sensibly. Capricorn : For you Saturn's transit is inauspicious. Get rid of excitement. Maintain patience. Don't get into any argument with your senior. To get rid of malefic influence of Saturn it shall be auspicious to donate mustard oil and to chant Hanuman Chalisa or Sunderkaand. Aquarius : For you time is auspicious. You might go on long journeys. Keep your partner in your confidence. There are probabilities of financial gain. Pisces : You shall be able to win your enemies. Your pending tasks might get accomplished and there shall be an expansion and improvment in your business or work. Be cautious about your health. Abstain from excessive hard work. The Rashi of India is Cancer. Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus all these planets are positioned in 3rd house. Therefore, India is under the influence of Sadhesati of Saturn completely but this sadhesati shall now bring positive results because of Saturn's transit into Leo. So, there shall be allround development
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