Advance Prediction Techniques Issue

Advance Prediction Techniques Issue  July 2007

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In this Advance Prediction Techniques Issue of Research Journal of astrology there are various informative and research oriented articles related to prdition technique like - Effect of Solar Eclipses on Mundane Astrology, The Impact of Sub Period, Stability in Married Life, Up Pada arudha of 12th House, Budh aditya Yoga, Yogas for Success and fame in Life, Kalsarp Yoga, Heart Disease: can Astrology Help?, Effects of colors in astrology, Mother's Death from Daughter's Chart by KP, Job in Call Centre, Few Rules of Prediction, Kidnapping of a Child, Debilitated Lagna Lord and Disease, Necessity of Research, Determination of date of marriage, Basic Principles to Determine Profession and Income, Ramal Shastra, Spiritualism, Miracles of Dowsing, Dreams May be Future Teller, Astrology and Timing of Plantation, Who will be Successful Astrologer by KP System, Diseases Can be Cured by Gems and The Utility of Dreshkana in Prediction
research journal is mainly astrological magazine in which you shall find research oriented articles on astrology.