Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
Views : 2737 | January 2007
We have discussed about the position of planets in various houses in our previous issues and we shall look further for JUDGING A MUNDANE MAP. Few rules and instructions for Judging the Various events which are likely to occur, are enumerated as follows. It is essential to note in this particular matter, that the sun’s entry to the sign of Aries, as this is the radical figure or ground work of the Astrological year. First of all it should be noted as to what sign is rising, if a fixed sign rises then the ruler will be there for the entire twelve months. If a common sign rises then the ruler will be for six months and if a cardinal sign rises its influence lasts during the first three months it self. Consider the house in which the ingress takes place, and note the planetary aspects to the sun at that time. All matters governed by that house will come prominently into operation during the period ruled over by this ingress, and the effects will be good or bad according to the aspects and the house and position of the aspecting planet. Start analyzing from the first house, note the planets in this house, also observe the position of the planet ruling the rising sign, as this planet is the ruler of the year. According to its position and aspects, the effects will be prominent during the stated period. If there is malefic influence than the effects will be evil and if there is benefic influence an improved state of affairs in the country in general, may be anticipated. After this take the house in rotation, note the planets there in and the aspects they receive and judge accordingly. Effects of every New moon day needs to be considered along with the effects of planets. Planetary positions at the time of New moon should be compared with the Ascendant and planetary position at such previous solar ingress. The sign in which the New moon rises will have a greater effect for the complete one month i.e. till the next New moon day, and the effects of this ingress is directly related to the planetary influence on the house where the New moon rises. Evil effects will lead to Bad results and Good effects will lead to improved state of affairs concerning that house. It is possible to judge the important events on a particular day or date, by watching the transits of the planets, including the sun, over the places and aspects of the position at the time of ingress. For example, suppose the sun should be in seventh house denoting that, foreign affairs will be prominent during a particular quarter. Note the position of the ruling planet, and the aspects and transits etc. for instance should mars trans its the Sun, then it would denote serious trouble in foreign relations or if the sun or moon be in the tenth house and transit of Mars takes place on that house then it would denote illness or death of noteble or prominent people in the Govt on the days when such transit occurs. The place of each New moon should also be observed in the like manner. Signification of each house and the signification of planets should be taken into consideration along with the transit of planets on different houses to judge the events to take place during such transitory periods. Further we shall discuss about the Eclipses and their effects on mundane charts in our coming issues.
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