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Unveil the secret of astrology and learn astrology, vastu, numerology, palmistry, tarot from the videos of Future Point. We have huge collection of astrology videos. Order online for videos or subscribe for online membership and listen to the lecture of videos online too. These videos contain the recording of the lectures of scholars of Astrology and other related Vedic Sciences. These videos will enable you to enrich your knowledge to a considerable extent. Hindi and English, both the languages have been used in these DVDs for your convenience and at many places where the technical words have been used either in Hindi or English, their translation is also given.

These videos have been divided into two categories-

A). Learning Series- The videos of learning series are known as Future Knowledge videos. In the learning series the lectures have been delivered by eminent scholars in such a way so that students of Astrology and other Vedic Sciences get step by step systematic knowledge of subject matter.

B). Workshop Series- - The videos of Workshop series are known as Future Workshop videos. These videos are wonderful gifts to the lovers of astrology in the form of recordings of the programs held in the workshops organized by future point. These videos contains the lectures of invited scholars on different subjects and the answers of the student’s queries.

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