Pluto Recognised as a

Pluto Recognised as a 'Dwarf' Planet  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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Pluto has been derecognised as a planet, and placed in the category of a 'Dwarf' planet by over 2500 astronomous of the International Astronomical Union. In 1801, an asteroid named Ceres was discovered and was placed as the eighth planet. After twenty years, Uranus and other planets were discovered. Around 1850, even Ceres was derecognised as a planet and was termed as an Asteroid. Following were the reasons for placing the Pluto in the category of a dwart planet - 

• With the advancement of science and technology, powerful telescopes are being invented which enable the astronomers and cosmologist to peep much deeper into the ever expanding and vast cosmos. Many small celestial bodies are being identified. Sedena and other bodies are in these category. Every heavenly body cannot be classified as planet because it degrades the importance of a planet. 
• Xena should have been given the classification of a planet because as other planets, it also revolves round the Sun. 

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There are many asteroids between Mars and Jupiter which revolve round the Sun. Due to their relatively smaller mass they have not be placed as planets. 
• Pluto is a very distant planet having a very small mass. Its diameter is less then that of Moon. 
• Its orbit is highly elliptical such that it crosses the path of Neptune and thus qualifies definition of a comet. 
• Its orbit is highly inclined to that of earth. These are the main reasons which have forced to redefine the Pluto as a dwarf planet. It is quite obvious that students of astrology would like to understand its repercussion in the field of Astrology. 

It is quite important to know here that the definition of planet in Astrology is at variance with the definition of the same in Astronomy. According to Astrology the planet is a heavenly body in the universe which casts its effect on the living and non- living objects on earth. However, according to astronomy any celestial body is called a planet which revolves round the sun and is in a round shape because of its gravitational force. The Astrological interpretation of planet is different from the Astronomical definition. Nodes of the Moon, Sun and Moon have been incorporated as planets in Astrology but they are termed as nodes, star and satellite respectively in Astronomy. Though the Astrology is based on Astronomy but has a divergent view regarding the interpretation and use of the planets. Astrology is least concerned about the new inclusions or exclusions of planets discovered by astronomers because their existence is not new to the Astrology. 

Astrology may be swayed only when some new planet is created or an existing one is destroyed. When the Sea became Sweet : On 18th of August in Mumbai, the salinity of water in Mahim Bay was reduced to zero to the utter surprise of people who mistook it as a divine phenomenon and started drinking water of Mahim Bay with devotion and faith. In the laboratory test also, the water was found sweet. Scientifically, it is possible when there is heavy rain and there is low tide in the sea. The rain water inundates the sea by flowing towards it. On that day, the same thing happened. 

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The Meethi river was flooded with rain water and there was a low tide in sea because of Moon in the eastern horizon. River water flowed towards the sea in Mahim Bay and was turned sweet for sometime. Astrologically, the time for heavy rain comes, when Mars is in conjunction with Sun in either Cancer or Leo. High tide in the sea takes place when the Moon transits either fourth or tenth house. Very high tide takes place when Sun conjuncts Moon or it is 180° apart from Moon i.e. on Full Moon or New Moon. When at the noon or midnight the Moon and Sun both tenant either fourth or tenth house, they attract water, which makes tide in the sea. 

It becomes low when the Moon tenants either first or seventh house. On that particular day the Sun and Mars were in Leo, flanked by Saturn and Jupiter. Because of this planetary position, the heavy rain took place and when the Moon was in the first house at midnight a low tide occurred and the river water inundated the Bay making its water sweet. This phenomenon takes place once in many years, but astrologically it can surely be foretold.

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