Identity of Profession

Identity of Profession  

CSVLN Sharma
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Astrologically 5th and 10th houses play an important role in identifying the profession, the course of intellectual pursuit. In the modern world many new courses and branches of knowledge have come out, making it difficult to choose out of many branches of knowledge with the help of 12 Rasis, 12 Bhavas and the 9 planets. Our ancient saint like Parasara, either considered, that the Astrologers will be wise and logically well developed to make a judicious selection by permutation and combination of planets. Thus the new generation of astrologers are groping in darkness as to how to judge the horoscope to find the course of studies and the nature of profession. A study in a particular subject does not necessarily mean that he will take up a profession in the same line. There are many Doctors, Engineers who become a contractors, actors, politicians and dacoits. In other words many of them did not choose a profession suitable to their educational qualifications. Hence an astrological assessment of profession on the basis of study of planets in the 5th house may go wrong, without considering the 10th house. The course of study may be influenced by the ruling planets, in the life during the formative years i., 5th to 20th years of age. A qualified Doctor, by leaving his medical profession become a politician or an industrialist or an actor. An Engineer after 10 years of profession has become a Homeopathic Doctor, Ayurvedic Doctors have alternative medicine profession like magnetherphy, flower therphy and so on. Educational and profession deserves to be investigated astrologically fifth house, besides other things, is the house of gaining knowledge and education. 10th house is the house of profession and the karma. The Dasa of a planet from 5th to 20th year i.e., formative period gives an indication of the field of study. In the following example : Cancer is the lagna, 5th house is the Scorpio, and Aries is the 10th house. The 5th and the 10th house lord is Mars posited in 5th house, associated with Mercury the lord of 3rd and 12th. Jupiter the lord of 6th and 9th, Mars being 5th lord he should give technical education, 10th lord also being mars should give technical occupation, Engineering, Defence Services, Police etc. This assessment may not lead to correct prediction with reference to education and profession, we have to take into consideration the modifications in view of Mars association with the Jupiter., and mercury in the 5th house. The Mercury is a mathematician, a literary man, chemist, and a philosopher. As a lord of 3rd house he should deal with many people, being lord of 12th, he should have spiritual mind, loss of opportunities. The Ketu is not lord of any house in association with Mars and Mercury he goes with live stock, forests, timber and bones. So, the choice of profession largely lies in the shoulder of Mars, who is lord of Education and Karma bhava. Mars, Mercury and Jupiter posited in 5th house are in shadastaka with Moon the lord of 1st house. So, we can assume that the native will have technical education with a mixture of mathematics, literature, logic, chemicals food education, and teaching as per the qualities of Mercury and Jupiter. With this data, it becomes possible to fix the course of study, but to pin point we have to examine Dasa period from 5th to 20th year. The balance of Dasa at Birth is around 5 years Rahu. So 5th to 20th year, Jupiter dasa will be in force. Jupiter, essentially a teacher. During this period the native will take Technical studies connected with the Mars and Mercury. Mars is technician, Mercury mathematician. During this period the native studied a technical course with tinge of educational system designing and architects. But from 20th onwards for 19 years the native will enter Saturn Dasa, posited in 6th house, associated with the lord of 2nd Sun. This gives a Government Job involving certain changes induced by Saturn. Now during the sub-period the native is likely to be in a subordinate position. From 40th year Mercury Dasa being the lord of 3rd and 12th posited in 5th should give a position where certain elements of administration and pin pricks of comments or criticism are inevitable. The education can be decided from the planets who are ruling during dasas from 5th to 10th year with reference to their relatin with the 5th and 10th lords. But the career ordained by 5th lord need not necessarily be the same. The professional choice will be influenced by the Dasa lords from 20th onwards. The transition from Jupiter Dasa to Sani dasa will be quits sudden and unexpected with a change of all parameters. Saturn and Mercury they being friendly planets will not oppose each other ensuing continuity of profession in the same location or department with a change from servitude to official status power and financial gain. In this way though 5th house influences the course of study and the 10th house decides the course of career as to whether it should be technical course, subordinate position of administration position. The certification of the 5th and 10th lords depend entirely on the Dasa lords and their lordship of houses. The 5th and 10th lords may not always give them a career in accordance with the education alone. For fixing the profession one has to study and aspects of the horoscope to foresee the changes in the life by combined assessment of 5th and 10th lords dasa and their lordships associations the Bhavas. r
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