Prasna Marga - Pancha Sutras

Prasna Marga - Pancha Sutras  

K.V. Brahmam
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Prasna Marga is an exhaustive treatise on various aspects of Horary Astrology. This Sastra was written in 1649 A.D. at a place called Edakad in Kerala. This sastra was written taking data from the ancient sources. This sastra not only covers the entire range of Astrology such as Jataka, Muhurta, parihara but also nimittas and Mantra Sastra. This sastra is very popular in Kerala by name Asta Mangala Prasna. Several methods were given in this sastra to forecast the result of the prasna. One such important method is based on Five Principles.

Five Sutras Method :

As usual rasi chakra known as prasnachakra is cast, based on the time of the question. Rising Lagna is also decided along with the positions of the various grahas. There is another lagna by name Arudha Lagna. The questioner will be asked to put his finger or some gold piece blind fold in any square of the rasichakra. That rasi is called as Arudha Lagna. From the below table, it can be learnt soon what future result of Prasna is required, Amsaka and Maha Sutras are to be considered. Samanya Sutra is decided by Arudha Rasi and Lagna Rasi in Prasna Chakra.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Adhipati Sutra is decided by the Lords of Arudha Rasi and Lagna Rasi. Amsaka Sutra is decided by the Lagna Navamsa Rasi and Arudha Navamsa Rasi. Nakshatra sutra is decided by the Janma Nakshatra of the questioner and the rising lagna Nakshatra at the time of question. Maha Sutra is decided by the Arudha Rasi and the 10th rasi from it. Again these sutras are resolved into Jeeva, Mritya and Roga Sutras as detailed below . Method of Arriving Jeeva, Roga and Mrityu Sutras

1. For Samanya and Amsaka Sutras : For Samanya Sutra, Arudha Lagna and rising lagna rasis are considered. For Amsaka Sutra, Navamsa rasis of Arudha and rising lagnas are considered. The method of deciding the Jeeva/Mrityu/Roga Sutras is given in the following Table:

2. For Adhipati Sutras : The lords of Arudha and Lagna rasis are considered. a. If the Lords of rising lagna and Arudha lagna are the same or Mutual friends, then it is Jeeva Sutra. b. If they are neutral, then it is Roga Sutra. c. If they are enemies, then it is Mrityu Sutra.

3. For nakshatra Sutra : The Janma Nakshatra of the questioner and the prasna lagna nakshatra are considered. Count from rising lagna Nakshatra to Janma Nakshatra and divide it by 3. a. If the remainder is 1, then it is Jeeva Sutra. b. If the remainder is 2, then it is Roga Sutra. c. If the remainder is 0 then it is Mrityu Sutra.

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4. For Maha Sutra : Arudha Rasi and 10th Rasi from it are considered. a. If both the rasis are lunar signs, then it is Jeeva Sutra. b. If one rasi is lunar and the other is solar, then it is Roga Sutra. c. If both are solar signs, then it is Mrityu Sutra. Mesha, Vrishabha, Mithuna, Karkataka, Dhanus, Makara and Meena are lunar basis. Simha, Kanya, Tula, Vrischika and Kumbha are solar rasis.

5. Results of Sutras: 1. For all questions, Jeeva Sutra confers longevity, wealth, vitality and success in all undertakings. 2. Roga Sutra gives loss of money, mental worry and ill-health. 3. Mrityu Sutra denotes increase of illness, fear, Mental Agony and failure in all undertakings. Uses of this Methods : This method is quite useful in questions regarding a particular business, career, industry, shifting to a now place, selection of business partner or life partner and new undertakings.

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