Pyramid Power

Pyramid Power  

Ravi Puri
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The Pyramid as a tool for psychic empowerment is usually a miniature replica of the Great Pyramid erected by King Khufu near Cairo (Egypt) in 2060 BC. The effectiveness of the Pyramid as an empowerment tool remains a mystery. Many hold the view that the presence of pyramid even when we are unaware is potentiality empowering. It is said that our involvement with it significantly increases its empowerment effectiveness. Pyramid is a power, a force whose central part radiates the energy of fire. Pyramids of Egypt are amongst the seven wonders of the world, famous for their stupendous form and strength. But not many people know and realize that they are also known for their mystical power, which even modern scientists now accept. It has been proved that there is a continuous flow of energy vibrations in the pyramids which affects the living beings.

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The balance and harmony by core level connection with the help of preprogrammed pyramid yantras can be created through Pyramid Vastu. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and laws of universe. Here we achieve our own hidden capabilities for a better tomorrow. The Pyramid Yantra is based on the mind power tool and has been created after years of research, experiments, study of Egyption, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Pyramid Yantras, Mandlas, Symbols etc. It looks similar to the Egyption Pyramids but its principal is different and can be used for several numerous specific purposes. Pyramid Yantra works at the core of all the things being in existence and hence helps in creating balance and harmony at the core level of all the problems. It enhances the effect of any healthy system like Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Vastu, Fengshui etc. The Pyramids and Pyramid Yantras are self propelled with cosmic energy and that is why we find worldwide majority of Temples, Churches, Towers etc. have on the top a Pyramid shape triangle or a Dome to receive energy from the cosmos. In fact when we sit-down to pray we take the shape of a Pyramid.

When we light a Diya (lamp) at our house or Temple the flame formed will normally be in the shape of a Pyramid. It may also be noted that one of the most important Yantras for prayers to Goddess Lakshmi i.e. Shri Yantra is formed of equilateral triangles which are nothing but the shapes of Pyramid. This further leads us to believe the supernatural empowerment energies of the Pyramids. An American Professor of Psychology and founder of International Para-psychology Research Foundation USA from his experiment states: 1.There is considerable evidence to support Pyramid power. Studies have shown that the sale and production dramatically improved after a pyramid was placed at appropriate place in shops, factories etc. 2.Many of the researches concerning the pyramids involved its effect on various mental functions, practical learning and memory. Experience showed that the rate of associate learning rapidly increased when pyramid was introduced into the learning situation. Both long-term and short-term memory improved when pyramid was present. 3.Recent studies suggest numerous applications of pyramid as a possible health and fitness tool.

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Simply envisioning the pyramid independent of its physical presence tends to induce a tranquil healthy state of mind. There is evidence to suggest that it can accelerate the healing process. When structured procedures are applied, the health and fitness application of this tool are almost unlimited. Examples include managing weight, reducing pain, building resistance to illness, overcoming stress related disorders etc.

It can also act as a empowerment tool for energy transfer and Aura Infusion. 4.Pyramid Yantras are effectively and successfully being used for multiple functions like: (a) Stress removal, relaxation, Insomnia, weight reduction. (b) For education enhancing, memory skills upgradation for students. (c) For concentration, meditation and energizing the house, (d) For use as reducing headaches, migraine, cervical, knee and back pain and for Pyra Reiki etc. (e) Food preservation, charging water, milk, fruits, medicines etc. (f) Prosperity harmony, wish fulfillment etc. Above all pyramids can help turn dreams into reality at home, work place, factory etc. More than 2.5 Million pyramids are being used beneficially all over the world today. Find out the wonderful effects of natures gift to its children.

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