Planets and Related Diseases

Planets and Related Diseases  

Sharad Tripathi
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Good health of body and mind are the prime attributes for performing all religious and other duties of life. The two stages of body i.e. healthy and unhealthy depend on the natal and transit position of the planets. Now we shall discuss the various diseases and the corresponding planets which cause or cure those diseases. It may sound strange that our ailments have relation with the natal and transit position of the planets. But it is a fact which will become clear as we proceed with the discussion further.

GENERAL ANALYSIS In figure No. 1 the relation between parts of the body and planets responsible for their function or malfunction are given- Parts of the body and Related Planets Cheeks - Mars (Internal) , Venus (External) Tongue - Jupiter Lips - Venus Teeth - Saturn Nose - Mercury Eyes - Sun (Right) , Moon (Left) Ears - Jupiter Arms - Mars Chest - Sun Heart - Sun , Moon , Mars Lungs - Mercury , Venus Small Intestine - Mercury Larger Intestine - Rahu Ovary - Mars , Venus , Jupiter Brain - Jupiter (Front and Middle) , Mercury (Hind) Pubic Glands - Venus, Mercury Testes - Mars Testes Tube - Venus Genital Organs - Mars (Internal) , Venus (External) Kidney - Jupiter Pancreas - Mercury Knee - Saturn Thigh - Saturn Buttock - Mars, Saturn Parts below Knee - Jupiter Waist - Mercury Tail bone - Saturn Spinal Cord -

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Sun, Mercury Harmone and Nerves - Mercury, Saturn Muscle - Mars Neck - Sun Medula - Mercury Specific Analysis : After cursory analysis let us proceed to finer analysis of the relationship between ailments and planets. For this we have to divide the 12 houses of the horoscope into 36 divisions (Each divided in 3 equal divisions); each corresponding to 10 degree. Each of these 10° parts correspond to different parts of the body as shown in figure 2 below – In figure 3 given below the position of the planets corresponding to each 10° part is shown.

For example in the 1st house Venus and Mars are responsible for cheeks and for the central 10° Venus is responsible for face, nails and hair. Similarly for rest of the planets the figure is itself explanatory. If a planet representing a 10° part occupies the same part the possibility of the ailment or disease corresponding to that part will increase. By co-relating figures 2 and 3 we can connect the disease with the corresponding planet.

Diseases Caused by Planets : SUN - If Sun, Moon and Venus are present either alone or in conjunction in 10° space representing eye, then an ailment in the eyes results. If Venus is in conjunction with either Moon and Sun then a permanent ailment results e,g; colour blindness or night blindness. Conjunction of Sun and Saturn causes Sambal bai.

Conjunction of Rahu which causes ulcer in eyes and conjunction of Sun and Moon causes Cataract. If Venus is present in the house representing eyes and is aspected by Moon then, person becomes Myopic. In general the presence of retrograde or debilitated Mars harms the eyes. MOON- Moon when present in its 10° house may cause fever with cold. Conjunction of Moon with Mercury in the conventional sixth and second house may cause diseases like Influenza, Ulcer or Cancer. It also reduces disease fighting capability of the person.

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Moon when present in sixth , seventh or eighth house and aspected by Lord of the sixth may cause diabetes and other urinary system problems. MARS- Mars when exalted in sixth, eighth, or seventh house creates high blood pressure. On the other hand when debilitated, combust or in inimical sign in same houses causes Low Blood Pressure. Conjunction of Mars and Rahu in sixth house causes Leprosy whereas presence of Ketu with Lord of the sixth house in sixth house or aspecting sixth house causes Eczema. If lord of sixth house aspects first Dreshkana of fourth house then it causes ‘dahedi’ disease.

MERCURY- Mercury if present in Ascendent or twelfth house in conjunction with Sun or aspected by Sun causes Migraine. JUPITER – Jupiter controls body weight, kidney, bile and calf muscles. If Jupiter is present along with Saturn in sixth or eighth house then increase in the body weight is indicated. Jupiter’s presence in third or eleventh house indicates the possibility of a problem in ears but the presence of any other planet except Rahu in these houses removes this possibility. Exchange of the lord of fourth and tenth houses or the presence of Jupiter in fourth, tenth and first and last Dreshkana of seventh is indicative of kidney problems.

The presence of Jupiter in tenth and Sun in ascendant may give rise to Jaundice. VENUS- Venus in conjunction with Moon or Sun in second or twelfth house is indicative of problems concerning eyes. Conjunction with other planets except Rahu also creates the possibility of problems for eyes. Presence of Venus in sixth , seventh or eighth or if these houses are aspected by Venus indicates the possibility of diabetes or a problem in genital organ.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

If Moon is in conjunction with Venus in these houses the intensity of such disease might increase. However, if Jupiter is present in these houses it removes the possibility of these ailments but changes it to the possibility of diabetes and disease of the eye. SATURN – In second house Saturn indicates trouble in teeth, in fourth house it indicates acidity and gastric problems, in sixth, seventh and eighth house it produces trouble in knees and calf muscles and its presence in seventh house produces enhanced gastric problems. RAHU- Rahu along with Mercury controls the production of hormones and functions of small and large intestine. Nails and hair of the body are nourished by Mercury but their diseases are controlled by Rahu. If Rahu and Mercury are badly placed in fourth, sixth , eighth and twelfth from ‘11th lord’, Then diseases of nails and hair crop up. Rahu in fourth, fifth or sixth house gives rise to stomach problems like swelling in intestine , enlargement of liver and piles.

Rahu along with Venus in seventh or along with a cruel planet in fourth house produces impotence and related problems. Rahu in eighth house causes brittleness in bones and in ninth house it produces pain in waist region. KETU - Ketu is mainly responsible for tuberculosis. It indicates different diseases in different houses e,g; in fourth house it creates the probability of a gland in uterus, in fifth house it creates excess of X- chromosomes which either gives more female children or no children, in sixth house it indicates mental problems and in seventh house it creates the possibility of tuberculosis. In eighth house Ketu creates problems of swelling in glands and vibration in different parts. When present in first and last Dreshkana of seventh house along with Mars it may cause hydrocele. In ninth house it causes ‘Fracture’ and in tenth it produces acidity.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

SPECIAL DISEASES Special diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis , paralysis, heart problems etc. are determined by the positions and relations among lords of lagna, sixth and twelfth houses. In this connection the following yogas, have been found to be true after the experimental and research analysis. While considering the various special diseases and their intensity the following should be kept in mind. 1. Grahan Yoga 2. Rahu – Mars vedh (obstruction) 3. Saturn – Mars vedh 4. Sun – Moon vedh 5. 1st lord-8th lord vedh and conjunction 6. Weak budhast yoga 7. Kemdrum yoga 8. Shalya yoga (operation yoga) If Rahu or Mars are not in 6th or 8th house and do not aspect the lagna then Shalya – Yoga is not effective. In this context it should be remembered that for ladies Rahu in 5th and Mars in 12th indicates the possibility of Shalya- Yoga SPECIAL DISEASES AND ASTROLOGICAL YOGAS ” मेेषे सूर्य शीर्षादि “ If Sun is present in Aries or it is in conjunction with 6th lord, it indicates a disease corresponding to head. ” युग्में युग्म जनम् “ If cruel planets are present in Mithun Rashi, This indicates possibility of conception problems. ” कर्के पापादि कर्कटः “ If cancer sign is affected by cruel planets there is a possibility of cancer or ulcer in cancer related parts intensifies. ” सिंहार्क कर्कादि हृदयः “ Leo, Sun, Cancer and Moon when afflicted by cruel planets they cause heart ailments. If Sun or Moon are creating Grahana – Yoga in the 4th house or they are aspecting the 4th house then this also may cause heart ailments. ” सिंहे क्रूर मेरूदंडः “

The presence of cruel planets in Leo causes problems in vertebral column. ” सप्तमे भृगकुजः य©नारिष्टम् “ The presence of Venus and Mars together in 7th house creates the possibility of a specific disease of genital organs. ” चतुर्थे राहुकुजः गुल्म¨दरः “ Rahu and Mars Conjunction in 4th house causes appendicitis. ” लग्न युग्मनात अरिष्ट¨ बुध्ा लुन्जः “ If the 6th and 12th lord exchange signs and Mercury is powerful in Shad-bal and lagna lord is somehow related to ‘Ast’ planet, this may result in paralysis or coma. TIME AND INTENSITY OF DISEASES TIME - When disease causing planets come in Natal position or pass over the planet in Antar and Pratyantar Dasha, that is the most probable time for the disease to occur.

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INTENSITY - If 6th, 8th and 12th lords and disease causing planet are in association in malefic Tara – Nakshatra the treatment of disease is not possible. If 6th lord is in Char- Rashi or Char-Navmansha the disease is only for a short period. If 6th lord is in Dwi- Swabhav sign the disease is cured in reasonable time but if 6th lord in Sthir sign the disease lasts for a long time. The above description gives only a general outline for deciding the nature, time and intensity of disease. In deciding the cure and the way of treatment, a detailed study would be more helpful

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