The Importance of Practical Training in Astrological Sciences

The Importance of Practical Training in Astrological Sciences  

CSVLN Sharma
Views : 2608 | January 2005
It is an established fact that Astrology is a divine science and it is borne out by researches of scientists in the East and in the West. Astrological laws are based upon certain postulations. The sages of our ancient country like Surya, Brahma, Vyasa, Atri, Jaimini, Parasara, Narada, Garga, and the great astronomers and astrologers like Acharya Varahamihira, Aryabhatta, Kalidasa, Kalyana Varma etc., persued astrology as a quest for verifiable knowledge. Vedanga Jyothisha is our heritage. There are various branches of Astrology, Medical, Mundane, Astrology related to weather forecasting, Futurology, Muhurta, Gochara, Remedial astrology etc. Only by research and thorough investigation the validity of Astrological science can be established, just like the other Physical, Biological, and Medical sciences. In all the educational institutions where Astrology is introduced in the curriculum, unfortunately no serious effort is made to take up research. Hence there is no scope for the development, growth and progress of this great astrological science. The academic fragrance and perfume should be spread. For that, the only key point is “Research” A thorough training should be given to the students of astrology. It should be entirely based upon practical application. The study of “Planetary influences on Human Beings” is an excellent and wide field of activity for research. Astrological research on the scope of natural calamities will be useful for the humanity and the governments. Research papers should be published in the journals and students should be allowed to attend the astrological conferences to develop their knowledge by exchanging views and create research orientation both in mind and practice. Topics for research should be taken in seminars, symposiums, workshops without any bias. Discussions on various topics related to different branches of astrology should be made. Analysis of bhavas on health, wealth, profession, education foreign travels, land and buildings, married life, yogas and ava-yogas etc., should be done on different horoscopes with reference to the classical works. Besides all these, necessary training is required for suggesting remedial measures such as chanting of mantras, worshipping of deities, wearing of gem stones, danas, japas, and performing of homas (Havana) etc., for best and fruitful results as the case may be. Finally it is concluded that only by a prefect, practical analysis and critical study and scientific investigation the astrological truths will be exposed
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