KP, Mundane and Vastu Issue

KP, Mundane and Vastu Issue  July 2005

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In this KP, Mundane and Vastu Issue of research journal of Astrology there are various informative articles like- Astrology and Rains, Notes on Jaimini Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Major Role of the Moon in any Dasa, Bhukti Results, Vedic Biological Mode in Cosmological Modeling, Pitfalls in Astrology, Mars - The Kinetic Force, Exaltation of Planets, Ayurveda or Longevity, Determination of Directions, Jyotish ki Nazar Mein Monsoon Vichar, Monsoon in India, Heart Disease and Astrology, 8th House Saturn and Death, Jyotish Phalit mein Upyogi Table
research journal is mainly astrological magazine in which you shall find research oriented articles on astrology.