Valmiki Ramayana an Astrological Reference

Valmiki Ramayana an Astrological Reference  

CSVLN Sharma
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Astrology is a combination of Pancha Skandhas i.e., Siddhanta, Samhita, Hora, Prasna and the Sakuna. Out of the five skandhas the “Sakuna skandha (omens) has a special significance from the vedic time. This sakuna skandha indicates benefic and malefic events which are categorized in six parts. They are :

1. Relating to grahas and upgrahas.

2. Temporary climatic conditions like air, from opposite direction, black clouds, red soil etc. before traveling or before starting new works etc.,

3. Relating to animals and birds.

4. Shivering of body, limbs and other parts.

5. Dreams

6. Animals, birds and human beings come in front while leaving house.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Except sakuna the knowledge of science is essential to understand and know its utility to comment on the remaining part of astrology. The knowledge of sakuna is spread allover the masses and the importance of it as a future indicator shows its relation to astrology. Hence it. is treated as Pancham Skandha the 5th part. The jyotisha shastra is prominent and primitive of all sciences. In samhita sakuna is one of the parts. The results of sakunas are briefly defined in panchangas also.

A good number of identical references on the swapnas and anga shiverings are quoted in 27th chapter of Sundarakanda in the great” Valmiki Ramayana” the swapna story of Trijata. Chapter27sloka 9 to 11. xtnUre;ha fnO;ka f'kfcdkeUrfj{k.kke~ ;qäka okf.klgL=.k Lo;ekL;k; jk?ko% 'kqDyekY;kEcjèkjks y{e.ksu lekxr%AA Mounting a celestial palanquin made of ivory and coursing through the air (nay)drawn by a thousand horses Sri Rama himself clad in a white raiment and wearing a white garland has duly come(here) with Laxmana, clad in white robes Sita too was seen by me in the dream today perched on a white mountain surrounded by sea.

This has an virtual image of a dream quoted by sage Valmiki hapter 27, sloka 22,23 & 24 jko.k {ke;k n`"Vks eq.MLrSyleqf{kr% jäoklk% ficUeUr% djohjÑrLot% foekukrw iq"idkn?k jko.k% ifrr% f{krkS Ñ";ek.k fL=;k eq.Mks n`"V% Ñ".kkEc% iwu% jFksu [kj;qäsr jäekY;kuqysir% Ravana too was seen by me (in a dream ) today with a shaven head (nay) bathed in oil attired in red drunken and (still) drinking adorned with garlands of oleander flowers and fallen on the earth from the aerial car puspaka. He was seen (in a dream) once more with a shaven head and robed in block wearing a red garland and smeared with red sandal paste and being pulled by a woman on a chariot drawn by asses. This indicated that the death is nearer to Ravana.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Chapter 27 Sloka, 50, 51 & 52 fufeÙk Hkwresrrw rq JksrqeLFk egrw fiz;ke n`';rs ; lqjPp{kq% nw"kkZ) o`f"krks okL;k nf{k.kk;k gnk{kik% vdLeknso ons|k ckgjsd% izdEirsAA dsj.kqg Leizk;e% lBkJks:'rqre% osirw dFk;rkokL;k jk?ko iq'r% fLFkreAA Nay her left eye large as a lotus-petal, is shown throbbing. This is surely a prognostication of her hearing a most pleasing news (as a result Sita listened the Safest news about Rama through Anjaneya (i.e., Hanuma). Again slightly thrilled the left arm alone of this amiable lady Sita (a princess of the Videha territory) is palpitating without any (visible) cause at all.

Her most shapely left thigh resembling the proboscis of an elephant which is also pulsating announces as it were (the presence of) Sri Rama (a scion of Raghu) standing in front of her. Sloka 53 i{kh p 'kkLokfuyk;a izfo% iwr% iwr'pksÙkelkUooknh lqLokxrka okpeqnhj;k.k% iwr% iwr'pksn;rhoAA Nay, uttering excellent sweet notes again and again after entering its nest on the branch of a tree, a delighted bird is repeatedly urging Sita as it was to rejoice uttering (as it did) a note announcing the advent of an auspicious hour. This indicates Subha Sakuna thro’ Birds narrated by sage Valmiki. In such a way the sage Valmiki narrated a good number of examples and events as good references towards the divine science of Astrology. Seeking blessings from the lotus feet of great Sri Rama.

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