Mahalaxmi, Kamala, Kanakdhara, and Kuber Yantra

Mahalaxmi, Kamala, Kanakdhara, and Kuber Yantra  

S.R. Swamy
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MAHALAXMI YANTRA : For Wealth Mahalaxmi Yantra is the quickest method of getting wealth. This Yantra is capable of making a king out of a beggar. Next to “Sriyantra“ the auspicious Yantra for wealth is Mahalaxmi Yantra. Devi Mahalaxmi is seated on blossomed lotus flower. This Yantra is considered a blessing for general health, wealth, prosperity, success in life.

Laxmi is considered the best form of Goddess. She is even called Padma (Lotus) as a result. The lotus is a symbol of entire universe in creation and Sri Laxmi is the glowing lustrous heart of it. Scriptures unanimously declare her to be the kindest goddess of all. Because of the infinite kindness of Laxmi Sri Aurbindo made the perceptive remark that it is best to worship the mother as Laxmi. Kali, the black mother, makes life too hectic and exciting for her devotees, unless you are a hardy soul with a natural bent for such things.

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Durga, the White mother is of such a terrifying dignity and superiority that it intimidates and sometimes even disheartens the worshipper. Only Laxmi, the Red Mother is the right blend of love and power for the average devotees. We loose the blessings of Laxmi when we let our power and glory go to our head and act in an arrogant and foolish manner. In the Mahabharata she is made to say, “I dwell in truth, giving gifts, austerities, vows, strength and virtue.

On the eve of Dipawali, keep this Yantra in front of you. Worship with lamp and incense and recite Shree Sooktam and Kanakdhara Stotra sixteen times and worship Goddess Laxmi.

The following Mantra should be recited for Mahalaxmi Yantra :

"Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Kamaley Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah."


For lot of Wealth The presiding deity of this Yantra is Goddess Kamla. Kamla Devi means one who is sitting on a Kamla (Lotus). She is the Goddess of prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. She eradicates, poverty debts, tension and disease.

For bringing improvement in one's business this Yantra can really prove beneficial because Mantra of Kamla is considered more powerful and effective than Mahalaxmi and Kanakdhara Mantra specially in bringing money, nourishment, support, abundance of wealth and bliss. This can be worshipped for giving power to planet Venus. Following Mantra should be recited for this Yantra : Om Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Hasauh Jagatprasutyai Namah.


or Gold and Wealth One day Adi Guru Shankaracharya sought some food from a house, all he got were sad tears and sighs of the lady of the house. On enquiry the Guru was appalled to hear that there was nothing to eat in that house except for a dry gooseberry, which the lady readily offered to him because she wanted not to turn away a Sanyasi empty handed from her door. Touched by her selflessness Shankar propitiated Goddess Kanakdhara (Laxmi) and opened the doors to fortune for improvised family. So, many avenues of earring opened up suddenly that it seemed that a river of Gold had been diverted to the house.

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Goddess Kanakdhara is worshipped through this Yantra. The problems like debt, failures in business etc. get rectified with the use of this Yantra. Kanakdhara Siddhi one of the most popular Ashta Siddhies known to ancient Indians is associated with this Yantra only so by worshipping it one acquires unlimited wealth. This Yantra has power to attract wealth from more than one resource. This Yantra should be worshipped on Deepawali. Following Mantra should be recited. Om Vang Shreeng Vang Aing Hreeng Shreeng Kleeng Kanakdharayai Namah


For Wealth Kuber Yantra is useful for getting gold, gems, buried wealth and ancestral money. Money start coming through various channels. Kuber is the god of wealth and God’s treasurer. Kuber is the actual Lord of riches in the Indian pantheon. Lord Kuber is the basis of gain of unlimited wealth and prosperity. It blesses the owner of this Yantra with wealth and prosperity. It opens up avenues for new sources of income, increases fund flow and encourages accumulation of wealth. This Yantra is recommended for growth in business, career and profession as well as increase in income and wealth. It bestows wealth prosperity and good fortune on the owner of this Yantra.

As per Hindu mythology there is a class of living beings between humans and Gods. These are known as Yakshas. They have small areas of control. Among these, the most famous is Kuber who protects and conserves money. This is a very effective Yantra for financial prosperity where all other methods and Yantras do not bear fruits. If Kuber is pleased and controlled it bestows abundance of wealth to mankind. The king of Lanka, Ravana had controlled Kuber, which is why his country was called the country of Gold. This Yantra is energized by reciting Kuber Mantra under a Bel (wood apple) tree.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

The pooja of this Yantra is performed on Dushahara, Dhan tryodashi, Deepawali and also during the auspicious Yogas of Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. This Yantra is kept in house, temple, cash box, almirah and offices where financial transactions are made. The following Mantra should be recited for Kuber Yantra. Om Kuberay Namah.

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