Big Quake Aftershocks Hit China Xinjian

Big Quake Aftershocks Hit China Xinjian  

Pushaplata Sharma
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China’s most devastating earthquake in recorded history hit northern Xinjiang province in 1556, killing as estimated 830,000 people. Earthquakes regularly rattle the vast Tibetan plateau, including Tibet itself, the far west region of Xinjiang and Qinghai province. They are also common in southwest Yuan province and northern areas. A major earthquake and two aftershocks hot China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang. On Friday morning. The initial quake, of 7.3 magnitude, happened at 6:33 a.m. local time. The epicenter was located near Yutian county, or about 230 km(140 miles) southeast of the city of Hotan. The U.S. Geological survey measured the quake at 7.2 magnitude, at a depth of 22.9 km(14.2 miles). 

The initial quake was followed by a magnitude 5.1 aftershock at 22:38 GMT and one of magnitude 5.2 about 30 minutes later, both roughly in the same location. The USGS put the aftershocks at 5.3 and 5.5 magnitude. China measures earthquakes using the Ritcher scale. Xinjing is a relatively sparsely populated, predominately Muslim, region. Yutian county has a population of 2.3 million, most of them higher farmers. China is hit by several earthquakes A year, most hitting sparsely populated rural areas and causing no casualties. Due to this earthquake more than 2,000 houses damaged and over 44,000 people became homeless. Xinhua News Agency did Not report any injuries. 20,480 families and 44,365 people were affected by the earthquake. The damages include 87 houses, 104 collapsed barns, 133 collapsed nurseries as well as 1,987 damaged rooms. The damages are estimated at 10.585 million Yuan. 

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After aftershocks, 7 houses had collapsed, 3,654 rooms were damaged and 20 middle school and elementary school buildings were damaged. In addition, 385 meter long cracks were found on various walls and 68 meters of wall had collapsed. The quakes also toppled 1251 green houses and farming establishments, destroyed 2311 meters of road and 11,840 meters of water pipes. Meanwhile, clinics, bridges, penstocks and power supply stations were also damaged. Astrological discussion : This earthquake has not caused much destruction to lives of people, as it occurred. In a sparsely populated area. But the intensity of the earthquake was not less. It was a Friday whose Lord Venus fell along Rahu-Ketu axis where most of the planets were conjunct. Earthquakes take. Place on Amavasya or Poornima days. It was vernal equinox day. 

It was 14th tithi of Shukla paksha of Moon. Moon depicts North-West direction. Moon fell along Rahu-Ketu axis in 8th house which caused ground disturbances in the North –West region of China. Two major eclipses occurred near this earthquake with in 3 months of the quake. Annular solar eclipse occurred on 7th Feb 2008 and total solar eclipse occurred on 21st of Feb 2008. Mercury became combust on 28.3.2008. The tattwa of the day was Agni, so that day was malefic. Hora was of Jupiter and chaugharia was also Shubh. So, there were almost no life losses. Moon was in Utter Phalguni Constellation ruled by Sun (malefic). Sun was in Utter Bhadarpad ruled by Saturn, a separating ,barren ,malefic planet. 

Sun is in 8th house (representing earthquakes) in moon chart. In Navamsha chart Sun is in 4th house, so there was much damage to the houses of people. Mars was in Capricorn a cardinal point. Rahu was in Dhanishta which represents earthquakes. Venus and mercury are in Shatbhisha which is ruled by malefic Rahu. Too many malefic effects cause malefic happenings like earthquakes. Xinjiang is in North western region of China. This is ruled by U.Shada, Sravana, Dhanishta constellations. Rahu was in Dhanishta ruled by Mars. Epicenter of this earthquake was located near Tibet border. Tibet is ruled by Shatbhishaj, purva bhadarpad and U. Bhadarpad constellations. Sun was in U. Bhadarpad.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Mercury and Venus in Satbhishaj ruled by Rahu a strong malefic. Mercury and Venus fell along Rahu-Ketu axis along 2-8 axis of the transit chart. Saturn and Moon were in 8th house the house of natural calamities like earthquakes. Ketu represents China which is in 8th house Libra sign is for China, it is aspected by Saturn. Second house stands for financial condition and treasury of the nation. Much losses were there to the national finances as this earthquake caused much of financial losses than life loss. Fourth lord was in 6th house aspecting lagna. Fourth house depicts residences of masses. Most of the buildings of people were damaged. 20,480 families were disrupted. 44,365 people were affected.

Fourth house is people of the country. Venus entered Aquarius on 8th march 2008. Mercury entered same sign on 10th march. Sun entered new constellation U. Bhadarpad on 17th March. Mercury entered P.Bhadarpad on 24th March. Venus entered Sravana on 24th March. Sravana depicts North-Western region of China. All such changes in the sky caused additive effects to bring about disturbance inside the earth that lead to earthquake. Scorpio stands for China. In Navamsha chart Rahu-Ketu axis falls along Taurus-Scorpio. Jupiter(sky) is conjunct with Rahu. Many meters of pipelines and roads were damaged. Sun is in watery sign Pisces in 3rd house. So water connecting system was damaged. 3rd house represents communication systems of water and otherwise of roads also.

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