Knowledge, Education and Jyothism

Knowledge, Education and Jyothism  

K. Santhanam
Views : 2966 | April 2006
Let us study the following horoscope of a boy born on 10th September 1970: The Sun/Mercury conjunction, does indicate ample scope for studies especially in the field of Computer Science as both Jupiter and Venus are traveling in the constellation of Rahu which is strongly aspected by Mars–the karaka for electrical/electronic studies. Rahu itself is performing the role of the 7th house i.e. Saturn’s, which is inherently depleted and situated in a movable sign, clearly indicates that the utilization process of the higher studies that the boy has attained is dim as he does not enjoy internal satisfaction through it .The Lagna running in the constellation of Venus and again a depleted Lagnathipathi –Sun in the Navamsa, attaining a weak Neechabanga being in conjunction with a inherent depleted Saturn, clearly signifies a lack of contentment in the implementation of his developed resources. Moreover, the stranded Moon in the constellation of Ketu in the 5th house, indicates a vagabond with poor self-confidence and tendency to isolate oneself from the realities of life. The boy is an M.Tech. in Computer Science. At the age of 35 yrs he is drawing an annual salary of about Rs. two and a half lakhs and that too after changing a number of jobs. This clearly is not commensurate with his high qualification. What has gone wrong? Is there any scope for further improved ramification? As enumerated in my earlier article on this subject matter, I had emphasized the need for proper harmonization of ‘Smrithi’ and ‘Sruthi’ for optimal utilization of available resources. In the case under consideration, the qualifications developed by the individual would be termed as external supplementary sustainable resources. However, the fulfillment of internal Want or Talent in the case of this individual, enumerated by me in my earlier article on this subject, revolves around Rahu placed in the 7th house and Sukra. The former is the fuel for Jupiter-a yogakaraka for this Lagna, and Sukra–the lord of the 10th house. The latter i.e. Sukra is the catalyzing agent for Moon whose stability is essential for the individual as well as for the depleted Saturn whose aspect along with Jupiter upon the 11th house, defines the fruits of his endeavours. Obviously, the wife becomes the strongest link for the nature to stabilize his mental faculties and direct them in an upward constructive mode as well as to the fulfillment of his emotional needs so essential for his attaining contentment in this Life. In this case, Smrithi becomes the wife and Sruthi the emotional inhibitions. The former is defined by Rahu while the latter by Sukra. The boy is still a bachelor mainly in view of his lack of stability in a remunerative job. Unfortunately, those very forces which were necessary for his upcoming in life have been denied to him because of the present environmental forces prevailing in the country. Modern tendencies in living are based on wishful conceptions, which in many cases lead to unwarranted stress and non-fulfillment of constructive ambitions in life. The individual has been advised by me to opt for early marriage and preferably an engagement before May 2006. This would feed him with the tonic so necessary to him to exhibit both his acquired and inert talents and enjoy the fruits of his life
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