Lok Sabha Elections 2014 : Astrological Forecast

Lok Sabha Elections 2014 : Astrological Forecast  

K. Santhanam
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The main requirement of a democracy such as India is the availability of majority elected representatives in parliament to sponsor one, to the post of Prime Minister. From the horoscopes of India, it appears that at the time of elections in April -May 2014 the following picture arises in the mind framework during ensuing elections: 

• With Rahu / Ketu in a Chara axis in the 12th from the Moon, the general public desire a drastic change in the governance of the country. 

• Jupiter in ninth from Saturn- they desire to have corruption proof high efficiency governance even from the poorest class. 

• Dynamic and quick decision making government, is the requirement of the general public, as is indicated by the Jupiter/ Mars combination. 

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• Jupiter’s benign aspect on Venus indicates that the government should ensure a sensitive outlook towards the delicate sex and hold high moral values. With these in view, the status – astrologically, of the three main parties-- the Congress, BJP, AAP. wooing for the governance of India, as viewed by the public is analyzed :—Congress:- The Indian National Congress founded in Dec. 1885, did have a high intensity for moral and strength of purpose. This has however faded as is seen when the horoscope of the independent India of August 1947 is superimposed on the above. 

This is due to lack of implementation, laxity and want of proper direction. The earlier Congress does show it had a vision of integrity and moral upgradation and future growth of the country. As it entered the late 90s, especially with the entrance of Saturn into Mesha-- which is its weak sthana, this however changed drastically. Selfish interests started playing the greater role instead of National growth. This led to gradual deterioration, with corruption and gundaism taking the greater importance. Clearly it would take the Congress extraordinary effort to remove this blur. 

Jupiter aspecting a strong Saturn during the upcoming elections requires a proper and honest working or otherwise stern punishment for those in the governance. Bharatiya Janata Party:- Born of the Gene of the JANA SANGH the BJP inherited all the negativities of the former with 4 planets in the third house and MARS in conjunction with Saturn shows the temperamental character of its leaders leading to inert failure of projection of the valuable spiritual teachings which it posses due the JUP/ SATURN combination. This caused its own downfall at many times. 

With Moon attaining kemadruma yoga the party has never been able to get an integrated view of the policies to be adopted and has lost its way in the governance of the country. Even then the party has yet an excellent chance of showing its class in the oncoming elections, with the benign Jupiter aspecting Saturn in the fifth house in Tula – an ideal situation for the BJP. However, with Saturn being the beneficiary tool, large and sustained effort is essential if this projection which will become visible about the middle of March 2014 has to fructify. 

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AAM AADMI PARTY:- This party came into existence on 20th Nov. 2012 after the movement of Anna Hazare to extinguish corruption did not fructify. With Gochara Jupiter aspecting the strong natal Saturn and Mars, it appears that the party is inherently honest and dynamic. After coming into power in Delhi, it should not be carried away, as Moon in the constellation of Bharani whose lord is Venus tends to do. This is aspected by Saturn who will tend to curb it from being over showy. It is this perhaps which caused its downfall in the capital. However the Management of the AAP should be highly vigilant, as it has a very good chance to lead the opposition in the ensuing elections in the Lok Sabha elections - enhanced because of the Jupiter/ Ketu combination in its natal horoscope. Conclusion:- The Congress is likely to be brushed aside to the third position. Let us now examine the position of the main candidates for the Prime Ministership. 

RAHUL GANDHI:- Rahul Gandhi was born in Delhi on the 19th June 1970 . With Saturn aspecting Jupiter, which in turn aspected the Lagna, the child possess high spiritual resource. His education was hampered by intermittent break and diversion caused by the opposite sex. The start of Ketu dasha saw him move away from the family which led to worsening of the situation and ultimate loss of marriage. Jupiter attaining vargottama though in Tula and aspecting the Lagna from a trikona sthana lifted the boy to a higher stature and enabling him to project his own abilities especially in the Surya dasha period. The present period of Moon /Mercury is basically detrimental for his upcoming as well for his health. His arrogant way of addressing the public should be curbed as it is Saturn which brought him into contact with the mass and it does not allow for such action. 

Humbleness is the keyword tonic. Being highly pitta (internal heat) prone, it is advisable that he primarily takes care of his health especially in the fag end of the year as it may take him abroad for that purpose. Meanwhile, as his venture is noble in view of the spiritual source available within him due to poorva punya bala, it is strongly recommended that he need not take up the post of Prime Ministership but continue as their advisor. Someone else more astrologically lucky and visibly elegant at present may take over the reins of the Congress government and compete for that post. Best Wishes to him for a Healthy and Prosperous 2014. 

NARENDRA MODI:- Modi was born in Mehsans in Gujarat on 17/9/1950 at 11.00 am. He is the Prime Minister designate of the BJP. Modi was born in a not so rich family and had to strive his way upward. The Jup /Saturn mutual aspect from a Kendra sthana endows the high spiritual resource possessed by the person even at birth. He has been prone to have many enemies around him, indicated with Saturn in Sun’s house and that to in the 10th house. However with strong Gajakesri yoga (Jup/ Moon) combination and followed by a equally strong Mahaprusha yogas (Mars in his own house in Lagna and attaining strength in the navamsa )he is sure to overcome his enemies and come out with glory. 

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Subdued Venus is in an imbilical sign alongwith Saturn. Creating a restricted emotional output, he suffers most from his own misdoings done with haste, without thinking of the consequences. As he is not easily prone to say sorry, he suffers most within, which leads to subsequent ill health. He is at present running Moon/Rahu period. The former attains neechabanga being in Lagna and aspected by Jupiter.Rahu on the other hand being in Jupiter’s house and in the constellation of Saturn should ensure an astounding victory especially through his oratory abilities. 

Best wishes to him AAP: - This party has till date not projected its leader for the Lok Sabha.However , as per the analysis mentioned above it stands a good chance to possess the post of the Leader of the opposition. It is advisable for its management to consult a good astrologer before finalizing their leader in the Lok Sabha. Best Wishes to them. It must be remembered that for becoming a Raja, a deep analysis of the movement of the inspirational planets Rahu and Ketu-, both in Gochara and relatively in Natal is absolutely necessary, if predictions need to fructify.

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