Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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We have discussed about the position of planets from 1st to 8th houses in our previous issues, we shall now look further into the position of planets in 9th and 10th houses.  Ninth House Ninth house rules over a large number of subjects and a great deal depends on the planets in this house. The main matters governed by the ninth house are religion, courts, legal matters and matters connected with shipping, colonial affairs, trade, science, inventions etc. Planets in the Ninth house Sun : Sun in 9th house is a very good position. When it is well aspected, it improves the conditions of all things connected with this house. When it is aspeced by evil planets it shows disputes and trouble there in, according to the position of the aspecting planet. Moon : Moon in the 9th denotes changes of ninth house affairs. If well aspected, Moon gives improvements and benefits of all things connected with this house but with the evil aspect, the evil results shall be according to the position of the evil planets. MARS : Mars in 9th house causes disputes in religious and legal affairs, fires and accidents to shipping, death among noted men in the field of religion, legal or shipping world. It denotes troubles in colonial affairs and affects their trade and commerce. MERCURY : Mercury in 9th house denotes activity in commercial and legal affairs and legislation affecting their matters. It denotes activity in publishing, scientific and inventive circles. If afflicted dispute over trade and commerce, important legal cases, much personal recrimination in the press. Jupiter : Jupiter in the ninth house is favourable for religious and commercial affairs, colonial matters, shipping and the like. Improvement is shown in development, trade and commerce and much success generally in all matters signified by the ninth house. If afflicted it causes disputes in religion, financial troubles and heavy expenses. VENUS : Venus in the ninth house is a favourable position. It denotes peaceful relations with the colonies, extension of commercial powers and improvement of trade. If afflicted it is evil for these affairs, bringing unpleasant cases in the law courts, criminal proceedings, scandals in religious and legal circles. SATURN : Saturn in the ninth house is bad for shipping and denotes disasters to vessels (ships), collisions and many deaths thereby. Strikes in shipping circles, much troubles in the religious and legal world is possible. Deaths of notable men of these professions and much illness in the same areas. All matters connected with the 9th house will be under a cloud, when Saturn is placed therein and if afflicted the evil will be much increased. Tenth House Tenth house has special reference to the king or ruler of the country, president, viceroy, governor etc, according to the concerned country . It rules also the government, royalty, nobility and the upper circle ten, national honour and reputation. It is the most important house, probably most important of all and the planetary positions should be very carefully noted. An eclipse falling in the tenth house whether solar or lunar is generally gives disastrous results. Planets in the Tenth house Sun : Sun in 10th house, well aspected is favourable for the ruler of the country, denoting his popularity. It also benefits the government. If afflicted it denotes illness and death in ruling circles, among the nobility and upper circle and causes difficulties to the government and danger of defeat. Moon : Moon in the 10th, well aspected will make the ruler and government popular and benefit the ruling powers but if much afflicted shows scandals in higher circles, unpopularity of the government and an eminent lady will suffer. MARS : Mars in tenth house is an evil position, more so if afflicted, as it often points to war especially if ruling the seventh house. It shows illness and death of ruling circles, much trouble to the government and many difficulties to those connected with .If well aspected by sun or moon it shows military activity and in the event of actual warfare denotes victory. MERCURY : Mercury in the tenth and well aspected points to activity in high life and government circles. But if afflicted denotes many difficulties, disgrace to public affairs and scandals in high places. Jupiter : Jupiter in the tenth is favourable for the government, increases the national honour and dignity and denotes that the affairs of the country will proceed smoothly and satisfactorily. If afflicted it shows financial difficulties and probably the death of notable people. VENUS : Venus in the tenth house shows many public functions, royal ceremonies, marriages in high life but if afflicted, illness and death of note worthy ladies, also scandals and disgraceful occurrences among the top families. SATURN : Saturn in the tenth house is an evil position for it denotes disgrace, disasters and many misfortunes and troubles to the government, prominent people and those in authority. Deaths of eminent people, illness and death among ruling personalities are likely especially if Saturn afflicts the sun. We are concluding herewith the effects of planets in 9th and 10th houses and shall discuss about the effects of planets in 11th and 12th houses in our next issue.
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