Pars Fortuna or the Point of Fortune

Pars Fortuna or the Point of Fortune  

Shivram Laxman Joshi
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When all the other planets fail to give beneficence for the individual his point of cosmos gives a new destiny. It may appear at any point of cosmic sphere. It can be computed to a specific point in one of the twelve bhavas. The longitude of lagna plus the longitude of Moon minus the longitude of Sun gives Fortuna Point of the horoscope. This point is always benefic and therefore every planet that passes through this point gives benefic results. The Pars Fortuna is signified as (+) as the sign of Earth in the horoscope.

The most important factor is that the 'Pars Fortuna' rises every day according to its position in the bhava chakra. Its rising time is very auspicious, so also the benefic angles of the horoscope. It is signified by the Zodiac longitude and it also indicates the Rasi (Bhava) nakshatra & the star. So the significations of Fortuna point can be read as the other Bhava Sandhis, cusps, planets. The Moon passes over the F.P. once in every month, the Sun every year, so also Venus & Mercury once a year.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Mars once in every 18 months or 1½ year. Jupiter once in 12 years, Saturn 30 years. Rahu & Ketu 18 years. F.P. gives a beneficial result at every stage of evolution. It is the nectar of energy for one's life. The placement of F.P. in Twelve Bhavas 1st Bhava (Lagna) : Name and fame, dynamic personal efforts, ambitious and useful deeds. 2nd Bhava (Dhana) : Wealth through business & career, attainment of riches and power. 3rd Bhava (Sahaj) : Friends and cooperation. Help through brothers and relations.

A great thinker and godly feelings of love & affection. 4th Bhava (Sukha) : Wealth and prosperity through land and property. Happy home, mother and mind. Good thoughts, good relations. 5th Bhava (Suta) : Art, music, entertainment, thinker and philosopher, religion, good in speculation, profitable ventures, good children. education. 6th Bhava (Ripu) : Help through enemies, easy loans from bankers, enterprise. 7th Bhava (Jaaya) : Wealth through marriage. Rich life partner. Journey abroad, favour from superiors, success in politics etc. 8th Bhava (Randhra) : Wealth and property from ancestors, wife, legal matters and unexpected money from various sources.

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9th Bhava (Dharma) : Luck through foreign connections. Export & import, religious tradition, good and pious father, long life to father. 10th Bhava (Karma) : Good career, profession, business, successful and capable in duty. Honour, status and power. A high position. 11th Bhava (Labha) : Profit, good for brothers & sons. Accomplishment of hopes & desires, success in politics. 12th Bhava (Vyaya) : Purchase & sales - commerce, profit from foreign connections & secret activities. There are many such nector points in a horoscope.

According to sage Parasara all these points relate to the events in life of an individual according to his deeds in past life. When malefic planets pass over F.P., propitiation of evil planets may be done. Even one may wear a lucky gem for F.P. Prayer, meditation, fasting, charity, faith, etc are the simple remedial measures for all. One may perform homa and haven or abhishek for eradicating evil results just as people do at the time of eclipse. Divine luck always smiles on those who adhere to good deeds in their lives. This life is a mission. Complete it by adopting Yama and Nyama from Astang yoga. Mission in life achieved is life accomplished. This is real yoga of life to relieve ourselves from miseries & troubles.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

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