Analysis of Arushi Talwar

Analysis of Arushi Talwar's Horoscope  

Abha Bansal
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Here is an analysis of the horoscopes of Arushi, Nupur (Mother) and Rajesh Talwar (Father) It is believed that those people suffer more badly from the malefic influence of dasha and gochar whose horoscopes are weak. The intensity of these sufferings is generally more marked if the planet of protection, faith in religion, reserve mental energy and spirituality i.e. Jupiter is also weak. It is believed that this Jupiter equips the native with extra energies to protect him from all sorts of misfortunes. In addition it gives longevity, faith in religion, intellect, good luck and issue comfort to the native. If we study the charts of these three we shall find that Jupiter is weak in all these charts.

Because of this their family people suffered from the assassination of their reputation in society. Weak Jupiter could not protect and their family is disheveled. Here we are trying to analyse whether astrology indicates this type of destruction with similarity in these horoscopes. According to Rishis when Jupiter is weak person looses the ability to decide what is good and what is bad. These natives lack the feeling of sympathy and mercy. This type of weak Jupiter is considered bad for the restoration of social reputation. In all these charts Lagna lord is not in Kendra.

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Benefic planets are not in Kendra. Malefic planets are in Kendra and benefic planets are in 6th, 8th and 12th. According to rishi Parashar all these planetary combinations are the cause of misfortunes in one’s horoscope. This type of planetary position is an indication of doom and destruction. According to classical authors these natives have lot of negative energies around them; they are most unfortunate people because they fail to enjoy union with god. Unfortunate Arushi : 14 year old girl Arushi was known to be as a very happy girl.

She was killed mysteriously at her home and her murder had turned into the biggest mureder mystery of India. According to investigation report of CBI Krishna (compounder of Rajesh Talwar), Rajkumar (The servant of Dr Anita Durani) and Vijay Mandal (servant of one other neighbor) killed her. Initially her father only was accused and jailed by the police for murdering her. If we analyze her horoscope we find that in her chart there are several combinations which are responsible for her short life. Lagna, Lagna lord, Moon sign and Surya lagna all are afflicted by malefic planets and are not getting the auspicious aspect of any benefic planet. Moon is in debilitation and is under the eclipse dosha with Rahu.

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This Moon is on 0 degree and is aspected by all the malefic and is not aspected by any benefic. The placement of Sun and Ketu in the second house from lagna lord and the aspect of 4th lord Saturn on lagna lord placed in 6th house are responsible for the short life of Arushi. Lagna lord is in 6th, 12th lord is in 8th and 8th lord is also in 8th house only. Lagna lord Mars is in a movable sign i.e, Aries and 8th lord is in a dual sign. Seventh lord marak Venus is in 8th house and weak 8th lord in house of death is also indicating short life.

In nutshell we can say that lagna lord is not in Kendra, auspicious planets are also not in Kendra, rather they are in 6th, 8th or 12th houses from lagna, Moon and Sun. In addition to that malefic planets are in Kendras. Debilitated Moon is in conjunction with malefic planets and is aspected by malefic planets. Acording to Ayurdayadhyayas of different classical authors these planetary combinations are indicators of short life. At the time of murder of Arushi the major period in continuation was that of eighth lord Saturn and the sub period was that of badly afflicted Moon occupying eighth sign, sub- sub period was that of markesh Venus and the sookshma dasha (sub- sub- sub period) was of Mercury. In ghaatchakra ghaatwar was Friday.

In transit the mutual aspect between Rahu and debilitated Mars was affecting eighth to eighth house. In this way Arushi was murdered in the periods of Saturn- Moon, Moon- Venus. Venus is a maraka (fatal to life) planet for the horoscope. It gave the result of markesh in its sookshma dasha. The aspect of Saturn on maraka house (7th) in transit, the aspect of natal Saturn on Moon and the transit of Jupiter into maraka house proved fatal to her life and was murdered in the major period of Saturn.

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The Saturn of transit was aspecting the natal Sun (karaka of father and the lord of house of father) therefore her father was also accused. Similarly natal Saturn was aspecting Moon (karaka of mother) therefore her mother also lost her reputation. Nupur Talwar : Planetary combinations in Nupur’s chart indicate that her horoscope is also very weak. Fifth lord Venus (lord of house of children) is occupying second house. Debilitated Mars in transit was on this Venus and is aspected by destructive Rahu. The second house from Venus is 3rd from lagna which is eighth from eighth therefore this 3rd house is maraka house for the relatives indicated by the planets occupying second house.

On this maraka house the dhaiya of Saturn became the reason of death of her daughter and in addition to that the transit of debilitated Mars on natal Venus in maraka house which was also getting the aspect of Rahu of transit proved very dangerous and resulted into the murder of her daughter. At the time of murder of her daughter the sub period of Mercury was in continuation in the major period of Saturn. Saturn is not only 8th lord but also stationary. Lagna lord Mercury is very weak. At the time of murder the periods in continuation were that of Saturn- Mercury, Mercury- Mars. The sookshama dasha of Mars had started on 13th May and only two days later her daughter was killed.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Mars generally kills like this only. Mars is maraka planet for this house and is occupying 12th house from 5th, therefore this Mars became the responsible planet for the death of her child. Rajesh Talwar: It won’t be an exaggerated statement if we say that Saturn was the main stage manager of murder of Arushi. Because the major period in continuation in Arushi’s chart was that of Saturn, similarly it was Saturn’s major period and dhaiya in Nupur’s chart. Rajesh Talwar was also under the dhaiya of Saturn. Rajesh is also having kalsarp yoga in his chart.

In addition to that sub period of 8th lord was in operation in the major period of markesh Jupiter. The malefic transit of Rahu and Mars was afflicting 8th to 8th house i.e, 3rd house. The horoscope of Rajesh is also under the influence of malefic planets like the charts of Arushi and Nupur. There is Vipareetajyoga in his chart because of which he worked on several senior positions also in his life, however, at the time of murder of Arushi the markesh Jupiter’s major period, 8th lord Mercury’s sub period, 8th lord Mercury’s sub- sub period, and markesh Venus’s sub- sub- sub period was in operation so this was really a very bad time for him. In his chart there is combination of 8th lord, 6th lord, markesh and lagna lord in 6th house which is the prime reason of his going to jail.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Sixth lord Mars, 8th lord Mercury and 12th lord Venus all came together. Jupiter is maraka planet. In addition natal Saturn is also aspecting Mars, Jupiter and Mercury occupying 6th house. In this way her planetary periods were inauspicious for him and his daughter. Jupiter is 5th lord for Scorpio ascendant. Now if we accept Pisces as the lagna of Arushi then Mercury and Mars are maraka planets which are occupying 2nd house(maraka house) along with lagna lord Jupiter. The 12th lord Saturn for 5th house is also aspecting them. The 8th lord from the 5th house is retrograde Venus, which is afflicted by Rahu therefore all these planets proved fatal for his daughter and reputation.

The transit also was not favorable. In transit Saturn is in 8th house from Moon in Leo. Significator of children 5th lord Jupiter was in Sagittarius and karaka of father 10th lord Sun was in Taurus. Jupiter is aspecting Saturn which is 8th lord from 8th house and is in 5th house from Saturn. Saturn is also aspecting 10th lord from 10th house. In addition, the Shadashtak(6th and 8th from each other) transit of Jupiter(karaka of children) and Sun(karaka of father) also proved fatal for his child. Karaka of children Jupiter was in 12th from Moon, therefore, this also could not help and therefore he was arrested as a murderer of her daughter. From astrological viewpoint the main reason is the same ascendant sign of father and daughter and that is Scorpio. Three planets of both of them are in same houses.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Father also is having Saturn in 4th, Mars in 6th and Sun in 7th. The Moon of both of them is on less than 0 degree therefore, daughter was murdered and father’s reputation got assassinated. During his imprisonment his lagnalord Mars was in debilitation in transit and there was mutual aspect between this debilitated Mars & Rahu however after the transit of Mars in Leo, he was released on bail with clear chit from CBI. After the transit of Mars into Leo the transit of Mars into Leo resulted into the formation of Ithasala yoga between lagna lord and 4th lord. And as soon as Mars crossed Saturn on 12th he was released.

In nutshell we can conclude that wheel of time (Kalchakra) amassed these natives of same horoscopes in the same family and police accused that father only is responsible for planning the murder of his daughter and in that way it was a very rare incident. This analysis proves that the horoscopes of all of them are very weak and therefore this family became the victim of disaster during unfavorable period and transit and is disheveled. Not only their horoscopes are weak but the period and transit position at the time of murder of Arushi was also highly negative for all family members as a result of which not only they lost their daughter rather faced lot of humiliation with the false accusation of murdering their own daughter.

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