Mystery of Lost Aircraft (A Numerological Analysis)

Mystery of Lost Aircraft (A Numerological Analysis)  

kunwar sahne
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As we all know of the missing aircraft of Malaysian airlines MH370 and the search is still what are the reasons behind its missing? Australia, China, India, USA, Vietnam and other countries are providing complete support and initiating search at their best. But the aviation industry worldwide is speechless neither Radars nor the GPS (Global positioning system) could detect or trace its presence. Was there any technical fault in the aircraft or a signal lapse during the journey which pushed it onto a misguided track, or is it a hijack by unsocial elements, nothing seems to be working out to make a reason multi dimensionally perfect. Even the social backgrounds of pilots Zahiere and Farukh have been searched and found with a crystal clear responsible citizens.

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Each and every possibility has been worked out but nothing seems to be solving the Mystery behind the missing Malaysian aircraft MH370. In such circumstances a question arises to our minds, was it a Paranormal event executed by supernatural authorities that is above the technical knowhow of our aviation experts. While going through this event and searching for clues through Numerology, it was found that there was certain repetition of numbers and they can`t be taken as a coincidence. As this is 2014 a year started on a Wednesday, Aviation got to be in news all this year as a result of Neptune and Mercury which result in its effects to International aviation industry all over this either good or bad it will be both ways.

Taking a note of this aviation headliners around the world would be affected, but the question arises that why did it happen in Malaysia and not any other part of the world? Looking at the Independence day of Malaysia 31.8.1957 Day number31st (3+1)= 4 Uranus/ Rahu Destiny number 31.8.1957 (3+1+8+1+9+5+7)=34 (3+4)=7 Neptune/Ketu The soul desire of Malaysia is a 4 Uranus with 4 vowels Malaysia is the only country in the world to have this combination of 4&7 Rahu and Ketu. Taking the year total 1957 (1+9+5+7)=22(2+2)=4 Uranus/Rahu . The Zodiac is Virgo and governing planet being Mercury which is denoted by number 5 in Numerology.

So as we may see Uranus/Rahu is in a prominent position in the core areas of the natal chart. Now lets take a expanded view of the natal chart of Malaysia, this shows The Personal year number 2013-2014 being 8 Saturn/shani. Mahadasha/Major 6 Venus/shukra from 31.82011 till 31.8 2017 Antar dasha/Minor 8 Saturn/shani from 25.5 2013 till 19.6.2014 A Mahadasha of Venus/shukra and Antardasha of Saturn/shani forms a combination of a major and dangerous accident may take place. 3 1 6 7 5 888 As these indicate a major accident to happen there are certain repetitions of numbers and they can't be taken as a mere coincidence.

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Details :- The Flight MH370 was made by the company Boeing and its Model no.777-200 which is renowned for its reliability and best safety records of any commercial aircraft in service, while totalling 7+7+7+2= 23 (2+3)=5, ruling planet Mercury Malaysian airlines gave it the registration number 9M-MRO and completes its age 11yrs and 8 months =140 month From kualalampur 37 to Beijing 18/9 Total human 239 Total 14/5 ruling planet Mercury. 227 passengers 12 crew members from 14 countries including 5 children under the age of 5. Date of missing 8.3.2014 Day 8 ruling planet Saturn/Shani. Destiny no. 9 ruling planet Mars/ Mangal. Time of take off 12.41 total 8 ruling planet Saturn/ shani.

Day of take off Saturday ruling planet Saturn 8. Pilots Zaharie22/8 ahmed age 53 flight experience 18000hrs Pilot Farukh 13/2 joined 2007 flight experience 2763hrs. Last reported 35000 ft total 8 ruling planet Saturn. Chaugharia at Kualalampur was of Udveg. Hora of shani ruling planet Saturn. Opting for a name on Mercury as the boeing company did 777-200 is the best company could have done but the combinations occurred on the date too had a Last signal at Vietnam.

Vietnam Name number as cheiro 26(2+6)=8 Saturn. Major 6 minor 9 Mahadasha/Major 6 Venus/shukra from 2.9.2010 till 2.9.2016. Antar dasha/Minor 9 Mars/Mangal from 20.6. 2013 till 2.9..2014. Malaysia airlines Name number cheiro method 15+21=36(3+6)=9 Mars. Hence it is an unfortunate combination of 8 Saturn/Shani and 9 mars/ Mangal which played a major role and the involvement of 4 which did not give a time to handle things and also 5 Mercury as this year starts on a Wednesday and its interventions which represents speed can be seen all this year.

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