To avoid litigation Builders should do cyclic construction

To avoid litigation Builders should do cyclic construction  

Tejendra Pal Tyagi
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More often than Not, the difficult problems have simple solutions. There is no problem which is bigger than man and there is no problem which does not have a solution. But the question is that can we avoid problems in their totality ? No, we can not eliminate problems altogether but we can dilute them to a great extent by introducing cyclic culture in all our day to day activities. Here, we will discuss about the cyclic building constructions. Vaastu is the science of direction and Astrology is the science of time. We have to carry out the fusion of time and direction. This can be done by maintaining a sequence of all types of constructions from South-East to South-West to North West to North-East i.e from Agnya Kaun to Netratya Kaun to Vyayavya Kaun to Ishan Kaun.

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It can be well understood through a Swastik. NANDA is the Goddess of the South East direction and is also the first day of the month termed as Pratipada. BHADRA is the Goddess of the South West direction and is also the second day of the month termed as Dwitya. JAYA is the Goddess of the North West direction and is also the third day of the month termed as Tritya. RIKTA is the Goddess of the North East direction and is also the fourth day of the month termed as the Chaturthi. POORNA is the Goddess of the central zone and is also the fifth day of the month termed as Panchmi. These five Goddesses of the five zones and five days of a month formulate one set, one cyvle, one mandla or in one word we may call it one Chakra. Since, Prtipada is followed by Dwitya, Tritya, Chaturthi and Panchmi, the Goddess of Nanda is followed by Bhadra, Jaya, Rikta and the Poorna. Swastika is considered as the double helix and each Helix is made up of Golden Divine ratio called PHI; its four zones carry a sound of HUM, SHUM, SUM and SHHUM which represent the Vibrations of RIKTA, NANDA, BHADRA and the JAYA respectively.

They all lead to AUM which vibrates to POORNA with the Panchmi in the central sector. The energy levels are positive in the North & East and Negative in the South & West. North East zone is the most positive zone while the South West zone is the most negative zone. North East is called the Source and the South West is called the sink. If the energy of North East is given a value of positive 6, East is positive 2, South East is negative 2, South is negative 4, South West is negative 6, West is negative 2, North West is positive 2 and North is positive 4. It can readily be conceded from this symbolic representation of the energy of different directions that the negative energy starts from the South East and continues up to the West zone. The corollary is equally true, that is the Positive energy starts from North West and continues up to East zone. The principle of Vaastu is that the negative zone should be loaded more than the positive zone , always and everywhere. By implication it means that the positive zones should be kept free from blockages and loading.

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Therefore the sequence of construction should start from the South East to North East in a cyclic order. In fact it is the secret of Vaastu Shastra that the vibrations of the Mantras, the deity of different directions, the Godesses of different THITHIS i.e time and the helix of construction are interrelated. This is the cosmic double knot of existence which finds its manifestation in a Swastik symbol. In all prolonged and haphazardly completed constructions, since the sequence of helical and cyclic construction is not followed , there are litigations, site disputes , delays and conflicts. It has been practically observed in all cases with the exception of NIL. Cycling and recycling are the ways of Nature. Any activity which has a cyclic movement implicit in it proves prosperous and progressive.

Cyclic order is represented by right hand movement or clockwise movement. If we enter a plot of land and then take a right turn to approach the entrance door to the house, we are moving in a cyclic order. Similarly, if the Stair Case in a house is anticlockwise it goes against the cyclic movement and eventually dampens the progress and prosperity. The logic can be extended to Industries and commercial establishments. The Raw materials in an Industry should be handled and put to various machines and processes in a clockwise cyclic order till they are out from the North West direction failing which the hindrances are more often than NOT.

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