Concept of Harmony in Feng Shui

Concept of Harmony in Feng Shui  

Divya Khaneja
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The successful practice of Feng Shui includes implementing needed Feng Shui cures and harmony concepts to bring balance to your home and life. Practitioners of Feng Shui strive to live in harmony with nature, to clear their environment of negative chi and to facilitate the flow of positive chi allowing it to flow freely throughout their homes and workplaces.

By using fundamental theories and tools of Feng Shui areas of auspicious and inauspicious energies of your living environment are identified. Once you identify these problem areas you can take steps to remedy the problems. Application of the remedies, known as Feng Shui cures, must be done with the proper intention so that the cures could be activated correctly. Once the cures are in place, the positive chi is not blocked and freely flows within your space giving you an overall feeling of well being, and a sense of harmony and balance in life. Clearing the Clutter: Essential for Harmony and the Flow of Sheng Chi An important principle of Feng Shui is living in a clutter free environment.

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When you clear the clutter from your home or office, you are clearing stagnant, draining energy from your space. Clutter has negative influences on your life. It blocks the vital flow of universal energy, often making you feel stuck in a rut, tired and unhappy. Once you clear the clutter from your space and your life, your energy level increases and you feel less weighted down. As the universal energy of life, sheng chi or positive chi, fills your being it makes you feel stronger, healthier and happier. The Concept of Yin Yang & Bagua Map for Harmony and Balance In Feng Shui, the theory and philosophy of Yin Yang is the basis of one of the most important harmony concepts.

According to this theory everything in the universe is either Yin or Yang energy. Yin is the feminine, passive energy force and Yang is the masculine, active force of energy. Although the forces are strongly opposed to each other, they are also strongly connected. Both energies of Yin and Yang are needed together as one cannot exist without the other. For a harmonious home or office, you must balance the energies of Yin and Yang in your surroundings. As polar opposites, both energies are essential for life. A bagua map is a fundamental tool of Feng Shui used in determining the auspicious, or positive energy areas, and inauspicious, the negative energy areas, of your home or office. The bagua map is divided into nine sections that correlate to nine essential aspects of life. To use the bagua lay it over a floor plan of your space. It acts as a blueprint in identifying the areas that hold negative energy. Once identified, apply the needed Feng Shui cures to those areas creating a more harmonious space.

The Five Elements : Basic understanding of how the five elements of Feng Shui relate to one another in the creative cycle is needed to successfully balance these elements in your home or office. In the practice of Feng Shui the elements have energy and are in constant movement. Feng Shui cures the energy of the elements and creates balanced and harmonious space. If the energies of the elements are out of balance, harmony cannot exist. When the elements are not in harmony, you feel anxious, empty and depressed.

SHACHI Sha chi is the negative side of chi energy. This energy is very detrimental to the life force and growth of all matter. It’s often called the killing chi. There are many Feng Shui remedies that you can use to weaken and in some instances correct this form of negative energy. Sha chi is the villain of Feng Shui because it can literally stop the nourishing flow of chi energy to the various elements that reside in your home, including you. Negative chi disrupts and destroys this natural cycle of energy. While Yin (sha chi) and Yang (sheng chi) are part of the energy known as chi, they must remain balanced.

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Too much of either disrupts the element cycle and can create an upset in your home and your life. Negative chi can be natural or manmade. It is such a powerful energy that it can suck up the positive energy, like the air is sucked out of a vacuum. Natural Negative Chi : There are some places in the world that are harbingers of sha chi. Negative energy has somehow been trapped either on the surface or below the surface of the location. This type of energy is very difficult to negate or overcome unless you can effectively identify what is causing it. Sometimes, it could be as simple as radiation trapped inside rocks like granite or an underground natural cavern that creates a pocket of stagnant chi. A natural or manmade event that resulted in a catastrophic outcome where people suffered or even died can create negative chi. Sometimes, the only remedy for such an area is to relocate. Manmade Negative Chi : Many manmade things cause sha chi. Clutter is the biggest culprit. Clutter blocks the flow of chi throughout your home and when chi can’t flow naturally, it becomes stagnant. It’s like damning up a river and preventing it from flowing down a mountainside.

The solution is to get rid of the clutter. That means being merciless when it comes to getting rid of things that you don’t use and don’t need. Don’t just box them up to store in the attic or garage. While they may be out of sight or contained in what appears to be a compact and organized fashion, the problem is still there, you’ve only changed the shape and location. Poison Arrows Inside Your Home A classic example of sha chi is what’s known as a poison arrow. A great visual of a poison arrow is a wall that juts out into a room and creates a harsh sharp corner that is directly across from where you always sit. A poison arrow would also be created if the corner of large piece of furniture in your office is directly across from where you sit. The sharp edge and angle creates what’s known a poison arrow because it is focusing the energy into a point that is beamed straight at you.

The remedy for interior poison arrows is to suspend a multi-faceted crystal a foot or so in front of the object. If the sha chi is created by a column in the room, then place a large plant in front of it. The goal is to first enhance your space, but also to disrupt the poison arrow. Outside Poison Arrows When a poison arrow is found outside, use a bagua mirror for a cure. For example, your neighbour’s home might be positioned so that the house corner creates a poison arrow in your direction. This can create discord between you and your neighbours or the negative energy emanating from their home can simply create disharmony in your home. Place a bagua mirror on the outside of your house, facing your neighbour’s house to negate the negative flow of the energy. A storage building or detached garage can also create poison arrows aimed at your house. Dead-end Roads and Cul-de-sacs If your home is at the end of a road or an intersection where the road stops at your house, then all of the rushing energy slams into your house.

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This creates harmful chi but you can remedy it by hanging a bagua mirror and by creating a natural barrier with bermed earth, a fence, plants and even a tree or two. It helps to think of the flowing chi as though it were running water to visualize how it comes rushing down the street that dumps right into your home. Telephone Poles or Trees A telephone pole or tree that’s situated directly in front of the main entrance into your home creates a poison arrow. This could be right at the street or sidewalk area. The telephone pole creates a sharp angle or a direct blockage in front of your home. A bagua mirror remedies this kind of poison arrow. The goal is to reflect the obstacle away from your home. Quite a few other things can create negative chi that are often overlooked. Each has a remedy or cure or at the very least, a way you can lessen the effect and attract more auspicious energy, sheng chi.

The best way to assess possible negative chi elements is to stand outside your home and objectively look at what surrounds your home. Negative chi elements include:

Bridges overhead or beside home

Cemeteries across the street or visible from your home

Dilapidated or abandoned buildings nearby

Power or telephone lines crisscrossing through your property

Rivers run directly toward your front door or back door

Surrounded by tall buildings Remedies and Cures Most of the remedies for sha chi negate the effect. You can also introduce other elements that will interfere with or neutralize overwhelming negative elements. For example, if you have too much water flowing towards your home, try using the fire element to weaken it such as with a fire pit and grilling area. Take time to carefully consider what might be creating the negative chi and find a good solution to remedy it.

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