Captain Cool : M.S. Dhoni

Captain Cool : M.S. Dhoni  

Manoj Kumar
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M. S. Dhoni is the highly appreciated captain of the Indian cricket team. An attacking righthanded middle-order batsman and wicket-keeper, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest fi nishers in world cricket. Dhoni holds numerous captaincy records such as most wins by an Indian captain in Tests and ODIs, and most back-to-back wins by an Indian captain in ODIs.

He took over the ODI captaincy from Rahul Dravid in 2007 and led the team to its fi rst-ever bilateral ODI series wins in Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Under his captaincy, India won the 2007 ICC World Twenty20, the CB Series of 2007–08, the 2010 Asia Cup, the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. In the fi nal of the 2011 World Cup, Dhoni scored 91 not out off 79 balls to take India to victory for which he was awarded the Man of the Match.

In June 2013, when India defeated England in the fi nal of the Champions Trophy in England, Dhoni became the fi rst captain to win all three ICC limited-overs trophies (World Cup, Champions Trophy and the World Twenty20). In 2009, Dhoni also led the Indian team to number one position for the fi rst time in the ICC Test rankings.

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He announced his retirement from Tests in December 2014. Let's study his chart from the perspective of Pythagorean Numerology and try to fi nd out the elements in his birth date and Name which made him earn such a distinction and recognition. We have taken the period from 2000 to 2012 for the study. Due to his cool and calm approach in the field, he has rightly been recognised as captain cool.

Highest score 7 is on Physical Plane, an analytical, specialised and introvert number. No doubt it provided Dhoni excessive energy and capability to analyse the situation quickly on the cricket ground and take quick decisions, his work is specialised either as a captain or wicket keeper and is not very talkative and often criticised for not talking much with the fellow players and directing them always. Second highest number is on Mental Plane given by an artistic, creative and talented number 6 which gave him the creative talent to discover new shots in his armoury and his helicopter shot is well known to the world.

It also gave him the artistic talent which he displays very often in his commercial endorsements. His Talent Number 6, Destiny Number 9, Habit Number 9 and Ultimate Number 6 indicate that he should have been an artist or an actor but probably the absence of number 3 and outstanding challenges-0, 6, 6 & 6 along with Personality Number 5, Heart Number- 22/4, Special Frequency of 4 (3 times) and 8(3 times) prohibited him from being an artist or an actor. Dhoni belonged to an average family but his highest number 7 on Physical Plane made him to direct his energy in any specifi c and specialized fi eld while the Talent Number 6 and Destiny Number 9 supported by Pinnacle 5 and Personality Number 5 provided him the support to do well in his endeavours.

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His Talent Number 15/6 consists of 1, 5 & 6 which give him the qualities of taking initiative, leadership, freedom, intelligence and creativity. His Heart Number 22/4 shows his desire to succeed in big endeavours. No doubt, living true to all these numbers Dhoni starting his career from scratch moved ahead gradually step by step. He started his professional career as a ticket checker in railway but also playing cricket side by side on different levels. Very soon he got recognition in cricket when he was selected in under-19 World Cup Team and his team won the cup. His performance was good enough to catch the eye of national selectors.

From here on Dhoni didn’t look back and succeeded to fi nd a berth in Indian team and soon became the Captain. Not only this but he became the most successful captain of India in a very short span of time and under his able leadership India won two World Cups- World Cup T-20 in 2007 and World Cup ODI in 2011 as well as his IPL team Chennai Super Kings also became champion for two consecutive time in 2010 and 2011. Let us now examine some of the important and remarkable events of his life. He made his debut in ODI team in 2004. In 2004, he was under the influence of Event Number 9, Personal Year 2, Pinnacle 5, Current Year 6 and the subtle forces of Birth Force Period 7.

The period is quite favourable for such achievements. In 2005, he made his debut in Test Team and became No.1 ODI batsman in the world. In 2005, his Event Number was 3, Personal Year 3, Current Year 7, Birth Force Period 7 and Pinnacle 5 indicating fantastic time for achievements, honour and recognition. In 2007, India won T-20 World Cup under his captaincy. Again his Event Number was 3, Personal Year 5 and Pinnacle 5 supported by other favourable numbers.

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So, this was the time for some extraordinary achievements. In 2010 and 2011, he captained his IPL team CSK for two straight championship wins. Again all the numbers were very favourable for his success. In April 2011, he made the impossible possible when he won the ODI World Cup after a gap of 28 years. He championed the cause when he was under the infl uence of Event Number 26/8, Personal Year 8, Pinnacle 5. Readers must take into account that the occurrence of the Event Number 26/8 for continuous 3-4 years indicates ups and downs.

So, it may be the reason of India’s dismal performance in England in late 2011 and early 2012 against Australia under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni and for which he has to face lots of criticism. World Cup 2015 is going on. Till date India has defeated all the teams prior to the semi final. But on semifinal day it appears that Dhoni's star being the captain is not up to the mark. It may be that Dhoni's own performance may blossom but there are chances that Indian team in entirety won't perform as a unit and thus will lose to Australia. Thus India's chances to defend the world cup title seem to end here.

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