Birth Time Rectification in K.P

Birth Time Rectification in K.P  

S.P. Gaur
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There are various methods for conforming the birth nakshatra or Lagna rashi in Parashari System falling under the following categories as mentioned in "Jyotish Ratnakar" : (a) By comparing the Lagna degrees with Pranpada degrees. (b) Conforming the Lagna rashi or birth nakshatra from the position of birth chart Moon, Gulik, Mandi or Sun's nakshatra indicating birth of a human being. (c) Conforming the birth lagna from door's direction of delivery room/home. (d) Ascertaining the lagna by verifying physical features of he native. Any of the above four ways can be applicable. Moreover there are various permutation and combination specially under (b) above. The detailed but complicated exercise is mentioned under "Nashta Jatakam" or lost horoscopy but its practical utility is doubtful and only an expert astrologer will dare to attempt this excercise. There is another dimension to correct recording of birthtime.

Which of these timings would qualify for exact birth time : - When the body of the baby is sighted (crowning) - When the body of the baby completely comes out of the womb - When the umbilical cord is cut and the infant becomes independent of mother - When the infant cries and takes fi rst breath on its own - When the child is conceived (called Adhan or Nishek) Scholars differ in their opinion which one of the above should be adopted as a standard because our old classics also did not point out any specifi c recommendation. I need not mention here that the birth time is akin to the foundation of birth chart and if foundation is erratic, the results or predictions indicated cannot be reliable. It is here that the method devised under Krishnamurthi Paddhati for Lagna correction comes to our aid.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

It gives us a specifi c answer to arrive at the correct time of the birth by calculating the exact degree of the lagna's longitude. This is based upon the query chart (Prashna Kundali) analysed from K.P. angle differing from Parashari principles. We need to be conversant with the 249 Number table and concept of Ruling Planets as enunciated in K.P. before applying them in birth time correction. Table of 249 Numbers As we are aware, there are 27 constellations or nakshatras in the zodiac of 3600 , thus each nakshatra comprises of 130 - 20'. In K.P., every nakshatra is divided into 9 parts, belonging to mahadasha of 9 planets in Vimshottari dasha system having a complete cycle of 120 years. For example, if we have to calculate share of Rahu, which has mahadasha period of 18 years., it would be as follows : In 120 yrs. cycle, Rahu's mahadasha = 18 yrs. In 130 -20' or 800' of Nakshatra, Rahu's Share = 800'Î18/120=120'=20 In the same way extent of every planet will be as below : Every planet is lord of 3 nakshatras. For example Ketu is lord of Ashwini, Magha & Moola nakshatras.

Ashwini nakshatra is divided into 9 parts and lord of each division is one of the 9 planets, here starting from Ketu, followed by Ve, Su, Mo....... ending with Me. They are called sub lords or (upnakshatra swami). Each division is given a number starting from Ashwini i.e Aries rashi to Revati in Pisces from 1 to 249. Now a question arises - why 249 numbers instead of 243 (27Î9=243)? For the answer, please refer to the table. At number 22 & 23, 105 & 106, 188 & 189 we fi nd sub lord Rahu's share is split in Aries-Taurus, Leo-Virgo and SagittariusCapricorn, resulting in increase of 3 numbers. Similary sub lord Moon also stands split at number 62-63, 145-146 and 228-229 in the respective signs of Gemini-Cancer, Libra-Scorpio and Aquarius-Pisces, resulting in addition of another 3 numbers.

That is why the table comprises of 249 instead of 243 numbers. Each sub can also be divided into 9 subsubs in the same way an Antardasha is divided into a Pratyantar Dasha. Generally no further divisions are needed in practice but just like Pratyantar Dasha is divided in 9 Sukshma dashas and a Sukshma dasha into 9 Pran Dashas, Same way a sub-sub can be further divided into subsub-sub and sub-sub-sub-sub divisions. The 249 number Table is utilized to identify the signlord, star/Nakshstra lord, sub and sub-sub lords etc. while deciding upon ruling planets at the query time. Ruling Planets : In Prashna Jyotish, it is assumed that the Prashna Karta or querist, himself comes with the answer to his query. 'Shakun' Jyotish deals in a comprehensive manner to make judicious use of the divine indicators for answering the query.

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Every event and its timing is preplanned. KP also believes in this theory and has devised Ruling planets' concept, which is very crucial in all kinds of predictions including birth lagna correction. Ruling planets (RP) are the planets which have their vital infl uence at the time of making or receiving a query or prashna. Initially Sh.Krishnamurthi described the following planets as RP's : 1. Lagna lord at the time and place of query 2. Star lord of Moon's Star 3. Rashi lord of Moon's rashi 4. Day lord Rahu or Ketu will also qualify to be RP's, if their rashi lord appears as one of the RP's. Rahu/Ketu are treated as regular planets though other retrograde planets are discarded generally as they are not supposed to have any infl uence. Planets falling in the stars of retrograde planets are also discarded.

The above RP's are given in order of their merits. But later on other scholars of KP added sub lord and star lord of the Lagna over and above the list given. Though sub lord has been given special importance in KP but personally the author is in favour of star lord of the Lagna being at the top for the purpose of birth time rectifi cation. So the merit list of RP's will be as under : 1. Star lord of the lagna 2. Lagna lord 3. Star lord of Moon's star 4. Rashi lord of Moon's rashi 5. Day lord Principles for lagna correction Generally the querist has some knowledge about his birth time. We have to trust him about that approximate timing and proceed further to rectify that timing. For example he may say that he was born in early morning from 4 AM to 7AM or in the afternoon from 1PM To 4PM or say in the evening, or around midnight.

We have to verify that approximate time duration during which some 2 to 3 lagnas would have elapsed. Among the RP's a particular lagna lord may appear more than once but we should choose the RP of the highest order to specify the lagna during which the native was born. Thereafter we may select the nakshatra/star of the lagna, sub and sub-sub lord out of the ruling planets only and come to the exact longitude of the lagna with the help of the 249 number table. Once the lagna degrees minutes are specifi ed, the exact time of the birth can be easily worked out from duration of the lagna. Only the panchang of the place of birth or of any city nearby will be required for referring to lagna and its duration. Year of Panchang is not important because there is hardly any difference in the lagna timings. We know that on an average one lagna rashi of 300 remains in the eastern horizon for about 2 hours, thus it takes about 4 minutes to cover 10 of lagna or 4 seconds to cover 1' or Kala.

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When the difference in birth time is in minutes only In such a case lagna lord or lagna star lord may not appear as RP's, so look for sub and sub-sub lord only to fi nalise the lagna degrees. When the lagna falls on cusp or border When as per the information provided by the native is such that lagna rashi can be say either Leo or Virgo. Now we have to see the RP's. If Sun is there choose Leo, If Mercury is there choose Virgo lagna. If both of them are there, choose one that is of higher order. When the difference is of an hour In such a case generally lagna rashi remains same but lagna star changes. So we have to identify the star lord which appears in the ruling and proceed to precise timing by selecting the range of sub and sub-sub lord. When the timing known is vague The native may say he was born in the morning or say night but has no idea about even approximate time. Then we have to select a lagna, whose rashi lord, lagna nakshatra lord, sub and sub-sub lords out of the RP's. When only date is known In such a case importance will be given to the star lord of the Moon, sub-star lord of Moon to decide upon lagna rashi and proceed further with the help of lagna star, sub-star and sub-sub star out of the RP's. This will require Panchang of the birth year.

When only month is known Select the date when Moon passes through the nakshatra and rashi of the strongest among the RP's. Then decide the time when Moon passes through the sub-star of a ruling planet. Then select the lagna, lagna-star and sub-star for precise timing. Panchang of the birth year will be required to work out the periods. When only year of birth is known In such a case Sun's transit is made use of. Select the rashi and nakshtra of Sun's transit from RP's. Then select the date when Moon passes through the nakshatra and rashi of a ruling planet. Then proceed to fi ne tune the timing by selecting the lagna, lagna star and sub star. In such a case it would be better to include sub-star lord of the lagna as the ruling planet of the fi rst order. Panchang of birth year will be required.

Role of Retrograde Planets Sun and Moon are never retrograde and Rahu & Ketu which are always retrograde, are considered at par with Sun & Moon which are always in direct motion. while rectifying the birth timing, ignore the retrograde planet or the planet in the star of a retrograde planet, which in fact is more serious. But if it becomes unavoidable, even a retrograde planet can be used. If there is option to select Rahu/ Ketu or another direct motion planet, then Rahu/Ketu be preferred. Thus compared to Parashari, Krishnamurthi Paddhati (KP) is highly useful and devoid of ambiguity in rectifi cation of birth time. Illustration Suppose a native was born in Delhi on 23.04.2000 between 1 to 5 PM and the query was raised at 19:20 hrs on 29.01.2015 to fi nd out the exact time of birth. With the help of Panchang or computer software, we fi nd out the Ruling planets, which are as follows :

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

1. Star lord of Lagna : Ketu 2. Lagna lord : Sun 3. Star lord of Moon : Moon 4. Rashi lord of Moon : Venus 5. Day lord : Jupiter Now from a panchang of Delhi, we can fi nd out that on 23rd April between 2 to 5 PM the following lagnas prevailed. Cancer : 11:12 to 13:32 (Moon) Leo : 13:32 to 15:49 (Sun) Virgo : 15:49 to 18:05 (Mercury) Since Mercury is not among the RP's but Sun is there we shall take Leo as the Lagna rashi because Sun is of higher order than Moon. By referring to 249 Number table, we fi nd 3 nakshatras viz. Magha of Ketu, P.Phalguni of Venus and U.Phalguni of Sun. All the 3 are included in RP's. Since Ketu is of fi rst order, we will select Magha which runs from 0:00:00 to 13° :20':00" in Leo. Now that we have utilized Ketu and Sun for sub lord, we will prefer Moon which runs from 3°:40':00" to 4°:46':40" in Magha star at number 87 of the table. Average can be worked out to be at 4°-13' which can be taken as longitude of Leo lagna. Leo lagna on 23rd April, starts at 13:32 and ends at 15:49, thus takes 2 hr.

17m. to cover 30°. By simple arithmatic, we can calculate that it would take 18m 25 sec. to reach at 4°-13'. Thus the time of birth will be (13h32m) + (18m25s) = 13 h 50 m 25 s or say 13:51 hrs. For further accuracy, we can utilize subsub of Venus which runs, from 40 : 43' : 20" to 40 : 46' : 40", averaging to be 40 : 45', which would work out to be 13h 52m 44s as the rectifi ed time of birth. This is good enough though further fi ne tuning would also be possible by opting for subsub-sub of Jupiter, the only remaining ruling planet. So we can take the time of birth at 13h 52m 44s or 13h 53m. Thus with the help of ruling planets under K.P. we can easily and accurately rectify the birth time of a native. We have to proceed on the basis of whatever rough estimate of birth time is given to us by the native. Astrologers practising Parashari can take help of KP in birth time rectifi cation for unambiguous results.

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