Planets and Heart Diseases

Planets and Heart Diseases  

S.C. Kursija
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Now a days most of the urban citizens are suffering from one or other heart diseases due to modern style of living, less exercise and lack of good rich diet. They do not like to take leafy vegetables, but only junk food and cold drinks which are nothing but chemicals only. The heart is the chief organ of the cardio-vascular system. It starts functioning around the 5th month in the fetus and continues till the individual expires. It has 4 chambers, 2 upper ones called the Atria and 2 lower ones called the Ventricles. Each chamber is well demarcated by muscular walls called the Septum and Valves. During embryonic development, the failure of the septum to close results in congenital heart disease called the Atria Sepal Defect,(ASD) wherein the blood gets shunted through the defect from the left atrium to the right atrium and Ventricular Sepal Defect, in which the blood is shunted from left ventricle to right ventricle. In both cases, there is mixing up of pure blood with impure blood.

Rheumatic fever is a disease of childhood and adolescence related to infection with group a hemolytic streptococci, which may affect the heart leading to carditis stenosis (inflammation of the heart) or narrowing of the mitral valve, resulting in decrease of blood flow from the left atrium to the left ventricle. If left untreated, it will lead to failure of the left side of the heart and consequently the right side also. The tricuspid valve may also be involved in rheumatic fever, causing its stenosis. Apart from these cases, there are also aortic valve stenosis and pulmonary valve stenosis leading to heart failures. Infective diseases of the heart may involve all the 3 layers of the heart called endocardium, myocardium and pericardium. Infective endocarditis is an infective disease of the heart caused by different organisms.

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The most common heart ailment these days is the ischemic heart disease, wherein there is reduction in the lumen of coronary arteries due to deposition of fat in its walls called atheroma or platelet deposition. This reduces the flow of blood in the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart. When there is a mismatch between the supply and demand it causes a feeling of tightness in the middle of the chest called angina pectoris. The different types of angina pectoris are angina decubitus, nocturnal angina and unstable angina. The most common cause of death, among people today, is the “heart attack” or myocardial infarction wherein the total blockage of 2 or 3 major coronary arteries leads to necrosis of the myocardium, when there is imbalance between coronary blood supply and myocardial demand. The heart muscles are in need of blood supply itself.

Astrological Factors: The karaka for heart disease are Sun, Moon and Mars according to my observations. According to other astrologers Sun and Moon are the karaka. Sun is the karaka for digestive system and lord of 5th house of Kalapurusha which is 2nd from 4th, Maraka house. Moon is karaka for blood circulation, mind, and lord of 4th house of Kalapurusha. The diseases of heart and mind are co-related. The stress, strain, mental tension and worries are one of the causes of heart trouble. The excess production of gas due to mental worries or indigestion produces pressure on heart. Mars is karaka for muscle of arteries and blood and lord of 1st and 8th house of Kalapurusha.

He causes hypertension, stress, and rupture of arteries. The first house indicates the head and receives the purest blood supply from the heart. Similarly 1st, 4th, and 5th house of the natal chart are to be taken care of. The affliction to these factors by natural or function malefic during dasha and bhukti and transit causes heart diseases. But there should be yoga for heart disease present in the natal chart. If there is no yoga for heart diseases in the natal chart, dasha and transit have no affect what so ever. Rheumatic fever is caused by Mars and Saturn. Stenotic lesions are caused by Saturn, infective heart diseases are the result of Rahu, ischemic heart diseases are caused by natural malefics.

Enlargement or cardio-myopathy is due to a bad aspect from a weak or malefic Jupiter. Mars causes stress, tension, emotional troubles and hypertension and bleeding. Mars any relation with 4th or Sun indicates surgery Saturn leads to occlusion of the coronary arteries. The fifth house is a Maraka house for heart muscle being second house from fourth house and 2nd house from lagna is 11th from 4th forming argala on 4th. We should take 7th house as 4th from 4th as indicator of heart.

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Nakshatra Anuradha: Anuradha is Heart of the Kalapurusha Thus this Nakshatra acts as significator of Heart. Some specific yoga:

(1) The 6th lord in the 4th or conjuncted with 4th lord, and affliction of Sun causes heart troubles.

(2) The lords of the 5th and the 12th in the 12th.

(3) The 6th, lagna and 8th lords in 2nd.

(4) Malefics in the 4th and 5th in cruel D/30, not aspected by benefics.

(5) Saturn, Jupiter and Mars or Saturn, Mars and Rahu in the 4th.

(6) The Moon in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn with a malefic planet.

(7) The Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu in the 12th

(8) Saturn, Jupiter and 6th lord in the 4th.

(9) The 5th lord in combustion, debilitation or in an inimical sign.

(10) The Moon and Rahu in the 7th and Saturn in a Kendra.

(11) Afflicted Moon in the 4th and 3 malefics in one house.

(12) The Sun in Scorpio, Jupiter afflicted by weak Mars and the 6th lord joining a malefic.

(13) 2nd dreshkona: The dreshkon indicates parts of the body. The first part of the dreshkon indicates parts of body up to chin of the body. The second dreshkon indicates from chin to the waist of the body and third part of dreshkon indicates below waist to feet. So 2nd part of dreshkon indicates heart of the body. In case, ascendant falls in the 2nd dreshkona of the rising sign, the fifth and the ninth houses in rashi chart become the indicator of Right and left sides of the heart muscle respectively. In that case, any affliction to these houses indicates the strong possibility of heart disease depending upon the type of malefic influences operating on these houses.

(14) Sign Aquarius: In chapter I, shloka 8 of Brihat Jatak, Varahamihira identified Aquarius as “Hirdya Roga”. The placement of Sun in this sign does not indicate well for heart.

(15) The Eleventh House: Eleventh House is the natural seat of sign Aquarius of Kalapurusha. This is the house of fulfillment of desire, which has a strong bearing both on mind and intellect. The two calf-muscles of both legs are also signified by eleventh house and sign Aquarius. Thus, this house becomes one of the strong significator for heart disease. This house is 8th from the forth house. Any affliction to the Fifth and eleventh house axis may cause heart disease.

(16) Nakshatra Magha (Leo 0 degree - 13 degree 20’) (Yavan jatak):  An afflicted planet in this nakshatra may cause sudden shock and problem to the heart. Ketu is the ruler of this Nakshatra and triggers accidents and sudden events.

(17) Nakshatra Purva Phalguni (Leo 13 degree 20’ to 26 degree 40’) (Yavan jatak): This star has a strong signification over heart and generates swelling of heart muscles

(18) Dhanista - Last two charan (Aquarius 0 degree - 6 degree 40’):  This star may trigger sudden failure of heart and carries the influence of sign Aquarius and Mars.

(19) Shatabhisha (Aqarius 6 degree 40’ - 20 degree): This star rules over Electricity, which is vital for proper and regular functioning of the heart. Both Rahu and Hershel rule over Electricity and are the co-rulers of sign Aquarius. This star rules Rheumatic heart disease, high blood pressure, palpitation and other mall-functioning in the heart on account of its electrical system. Both Rahu and Hershel play vital Role for such problems in the heart. 

(20) Poorva-Bhadarpad: First three Quarters: (Aquarius 20 degree to 30 degree) It rules over the irregularities in function, swelling and dilation of heart muscle. The Jupiter is the ruler of this star and represents expansion, swelling, dilation etc when afflicted.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

(21) The heart attack may come in the periods and sub-periods of planets owning or occupying 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th house from the Sun and the 4th.

(22) The heart surgery is indicated when Mars has any relation with 4th, 4th lord or sign Leo or Sun or dasha lord or others. The following are indications for strong and healthy heart. 1.     In case 4th and 5th house, and its Lord, its Karaka Sun and Moon, and Mars, sign Cancer and Leo and Aquarius, and have benefic aspect or posited in auspicious houses and Nakshatra Anuradha is in auspicious influence, the heart would be strong and would resist any indications and yoga (s) which may exist in the birth chart for the disease of heart. These are summarized as under: (1) If Moon, Sun, Mars and the Lord of the fourth and fifth house are posited in i. In their Exaltation, Mooltrikona and own rashi(s), ii. Conjunct, hemmed or/and aspected by benefic planets. iii.

Placed in auspicious house -kendra and trikona (it would be better if both from Ascendant and fourth house) iv. Moving towards their exaltation sign. v. Vargottama, exaltation or own Navamsha. vi. With six or more bindu in their own Ashtak Vargas and more than 32 bindu in Sarva-Ashtak varga. vii. Dispositor of these planets is similarly in auspicious influence. viii. Placed in auspicious Trimshamsha (30th part of the rashi). It is my own observation that the Dreshkon and Trimshamsha give excellent results in medical part of astrology, when they are constructed in cyclic order. Some astrologers call them as Arsh dreshkona and Arsh trimshamsha. I have come to know that Sh.Iyer has also used these in cyclic order. Let us see some practical examples. Chart 1: The native was born on May 24, 1965, at 17:50 IST 75E02, 12N53 He suffered from heart stroke.

The native suffered from heart stroke in the month of July, 2007 when the dasha of Mercury/ Sun/ Venus is running. Mercury is posited in 7th ; Sun and Venus in 8th house. The Mercury the dasha nath is aspected by Saturn and is 4th lord. Saturn is aspected by 7th lord Mars, the Maraka. Sun the Karaka for heart is with lagna lord, Venus, Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter. The 2nd house is occupied by Ketu. The Moon another karaka for heart is conjuncted with Saturn, 4th lord and Moon are aspected by Mars. Jupiter the 6th lord is aspecting 4th house also. The 4th house from Moon is also afflicted. So 4th house 5th house, their lords and Karaka Sun, Moon, and Mars are afflicted. The dasha is also not favourable. The transit is also not favourable. All planets are concentrating in 5th and 11th. The 6th lord Jupiter is transiting 2nd, the Maraka, Scorpio. The lord of Scorpio, Mars is posited in Badhaka house Leo. The lagna is in 2nd dreshkona. Chart 2: The native was born on Jan 13, 1928, at 20-30 Delhi. and died in Oct, 1980 due to heart attack. The native died in the dasha of Saturn/ Ketu/ Mercury. The Saturn, the 6th lord and Ketu are posited in 4th in the sign of Mars. Mars and Sun are posited in 5th in the sign of Jupiter the 8th lord. Mercury is posited in 6th in the sign of Saturn. Moon is posited in 2nd in enemy sign Mercury and Mars and Sun are posited in 4th from Moon. Lagna is aspected by Saturn. In 1980 Jupiter and Saturn were transiting Virgo sign, 2nd from Leo, Maraka house, over Moon. Saturn the 7th lord, Maraka house, was aspecting 4th house. The Saturn is mahadasha nath also. It is well known dictum of astrology that when the span of life is ending, if no other planet is able to cause death, Saturn causes death. Chart 3 The native was born in March 13, 1949, at 5:10, Delhi. His heart problems started in Sep, 1978. In September, 1978 the native was running Sun/Mercury. There is a debilitated Jupiter, 12th lord, in Lagna. Sun the 8th lord, in 2nd in sign of Aquarius conjuncted with Venus, Mercury, 6th lord and Mars the 4th lord, The Moon, the 7th lord in 8th with retrograde Saturn. The Saturn is Lagna lord and posited in 8th in the sign of enemy Sun. Therefore Aquarius and Leo sign, 4th and 4th lord, Sun, Moon and Mars are afflicted. Chart 4 The native was born on Jan 16, 1943, at 01-30, Delhi. The native died of heart attach in August 1985, during Jupiter/Saturn dasha. The lagna lord Venus is posited in 4th with Sun and 12th lord Mercury. The 6th lord Jupiter is retrograde and aspecting 4th from 8th house with Moon, and Saturn.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

The 4th lord Saturn is retrograde and posited in 8th with Moon. The Saturn is aspected by Mars from 2nd. Therefore 4th, 4th lord, 5th and 5th lord, Aquarius and Leo sigh, Sun, Moon and Mars are afflicted. Chart 5: The native was born in Oct 11, 1988 at 11-44-21 IST at Delhi The child was having congenital heart trouble. It is the dictum of astrology that the birth during the dasha and antar dasha of malefic planets indicating some diseases the native will suffer from the disease at the time of birth if lagna, lagna lord and Moon are afflicted. The lagna lord Jupiter is retrograde and posited in 6th, lagna is occupied by Saturn, Moon is with Sun. The 4th lord Jupiter, 4th house, Sun, Moon (aspected by Saturn) and Mars (is in 4th and retrograde and is 5th and 12th lord) are all afflicted. Aquarius and Leo are afflicted. Chart 6: The native was born in Dec 8, 1975, at 11:05 IST at Srikakulam. The native was born with congenital heart disease. The native was born in dasha of Mars/Mars/ Ketu/venus. Venus is 4th lord; The 4th house is hemmed in between malefic planets Mars and Ketu; aspected by Sun and 8th lord Mercury. The 4th lord Venus is in Rahu-Ketu axis. Moon is posited in 12th in the nakshtra of Mars and sub of Rahu; aspected by Saturn the lagna lord in retrograde motion, aspecting 5th and 2nd house with 10th aspect. Mars is also retrograde afflicting the 4th house. So the native was born in the dasha and bhukti of malefic planets. The operation was done on Feb 26, 1979. during the dasha of Mars/Mercury/ Saturn and transit of Saturn in Leo; Jupiter in Cancer and Rahu in Leo. Saturn was aspecting his own Lagna and Jupiter was aspecting Moon. Both were strong. Chart 7: The native was born on Nov15, 1948, at 19-30 at Srikakulam.

The native was suffering from congenital heart disease and surgery was advised. He refused heart surgery and died. The native was born in the dasha of Venus/ Sun/ Mercury. The Venus is posited in 4th in debilitation, Sun is again debilitation with Mercury and Ketu. Rahu is posited in 11th with Moon in the sign of Mars, the 6th lord posited in own sign in 6th. The dasha was running of Maraka planets. The 4th house is hemmed in between Saturn, the 8th lord, The 4th lord, Mercury, though not combust, but is conjuncted with Sun and Ketu, therefore afflicted. Similarly Sun is also afflicted being in Rahu Ketu axis, Leo is occupied by Saturn, the 8th lord and aspecting Aquarius. The lagna is also afflicted by 6th lord Mars. So all factors of heart disease, 4th, 4th lord, Sun, Moon, and Mars, Leo and Aquarius, are afflicted, but the Mars has no relation with 4th or Sun.

He did not go for heart surgery and died. In the previous chart 6, Mars is posited in 5th house and is retrograde, so moving toward 4th house and native under went for surgery and survived. Similarly we can study more charts, but result will be the same and write up will become voluminous. The affliction of 4th, 4th lord, Sun, Moon, Mars, sign Leo and Aquarius cause heart trouble. The relation of Mars with 4th or Sun with heart disease will indicate surgery.

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