Vedic Vastu or Vastu Science ?

Vedic Vastu or Vastu Science ?  

Tejendra Pal Tyagi
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Knowledge does not lie in remembering the runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar or hit movies given by Amitabh Bachhan but, it is in knowing the principles of our Universe. That is what Vaastu is all about. We will cover here only one aspect of Vaastu i.e wearing of ornaments, in brief, in scientific and in Vedic terms. Scientific Aspects: We will focus on the phenomena which go on all the time on a truly gigantic scale. Our atmosphere is a very variable system.

It Can be divided in to four layers i.e troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and ionosphere. Refer Figure I .When we describe its properties it must be understood that we state its average behaviour over large regions of space and over long periods. When we give numerical magnitudes of various quantities we must be willing to give or take a factor of two or three in either direction. As we ascend above the surface of the earth, the density decreases, the conductivity increases and the temperature alternately decreases and then increases. The atmosphere extends up to one twentieth of the radius of the earth. Earth is a good conductor.

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The atmosphere is a rather poor conductor and it becomes a good conductor at 50 KM i.e at the boundary of the stratosphere. The conductivity is due to the ions. The ions are created by a steady stream of cosmic rays constantly bombarding the earth from the outer space. These are very energetic charged particles which collide violently with the molecules of the atmosphere. We thus have two spherical conducting surfaces i.e stratosphere and earth separated by 50 KM. This makes earth a giant spherical capacitor.

The following facts have been experimentally confirmed :-

  • The total charge on the entire surface of the earth is negative half million coulomb, due to it being a spherical capacitor.
  • Each second, about + 1800 coulomb of positive charge is being pumped in to the earth as a whole due to cosmic radiations right from the time the mother earth came in to being.
  • The negative charge on earth could have been neutralized in 15 minutes by the positive charge pumped in to it by the cosmic energy, therefore some thing else must he happening all the time to maintain charge on the earth. That some thing else is the storms and lightning.
  • On an average there are about 40,000 thunder storms per day world wide. Each storm lasts for about an hour. Each storm gives rise to about 200 /lashes of lightning. Duration of each flash is about two micro second. Combining all these, we conclude that there are 90 /lashes every second and each flash deposits negative 20 coulomb of charge on earth.

Therefore, thunderstorms pump negative 1800 coulomb of charge in to earth per second which neutralizes the positive 1800 coulomb of charge deposited by the cosmic radiations. Wearing of the ornaments at the locations of the Human Chakras (Mooladhar, Swadistan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishudhi, Agya and Shasra Chakras ) kept a person vibrant also and the net electrical charge remained zero. Refer Fig 2. Now, with the power plant generated electricity, there is an excess of negative charge in the area surrounding us. It gets conducted in to metal. And hence, metallic objects are to be kept away from the body. By implication, it means, that wearing of ornaments is not beneficial to the human beings today though it was so in the ancient times. Vedic Aspects: Every thing in this Universe changes according to Space, Time and Individual. In Space terms, what is applicable to Ayodhya is not applicable to Delhi. Similarly, in the terms of time, same thing has different characteristics at different times. For example, the Milk of AKHA proves poison if applied on a wound in the morning, and the same milk, if applied in the afternoon, heals the wound.

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Taking, the argument further, no two individuals are identical; one may like flowing water while a tantrik prefers cremation ground. If every thing changes as per Space, Time and Individual, Vaastu must also change. In the ancient times. There were no toilets and temples in the houses. In the ancient times the roof of the houses were not flat. If we look at India from top to bottom it can be divided in to four parts, namely, The Foot Hill of Himalayas, The Indo Gangetic Plains, The Deccan Plateau and The Southern Penisula. In Pauri Garhwal, we recommend Kitchen in the SOUTH WEST, in Kerala, we suggest Kitchen in the North East and in Delhi we insist Kitchen in the South East. So, Vastu changes with space. Today, when times have changed, cultures have changed and life values have changed, we should not insist up on the ancient text of Samrangan Sutadhar based upon Angula, Hasta, Muhurata etc. However, there are a lot of principles of the Vedic Vaastu which are relevant even today. But who can decide up on what is applicable today and what is not? Naturally, an engineer or a scientist who has knowledge of both the ancient text and the modem concepts. Conclusion: Earth is negatively charged.

In addition, 1800 coulombs of positive charge is pumped in to it every second by the cosmic energy and same amount of negative charge is pumped in to it by the thunderstorms; they neutralize each other while keeping a man vibrant. Power plant generated electricity has created excess negative charge making it mandatory to keep away the conducting metals and bring closer the Insulators. The Vedic Vaastu also brings out that every thing changes with the Space, Time and Individual. Note : Complete details of the aforesaid statements can be furnished. Author: Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi, Vir Chakra, has been awarded the highest laurel of the Institution of Engineers(lndia) at its Scientific Session at Lucknow in 2004. His book has been accepted in 126 libraries.

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