Planetary Co-operation

Planetary Co-operation  

Sitaram singh
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Co-operation between two planets 

1. When one strong and another weak planet occupy the same sign : For example, Jupiter and Mars are in cancer sign. Here Jupiter is exalted, while Mars is debilitated. Strong Jupiter forces debilitated Mars to co-operate with him. 

2. When one planet is exalted and the other is debilitated in different sign : For example, Jupiter is posited in Cancer and Moon is located in Scorpio. Here Jupiter is exalted, while Moon is debilitated. Though in different signs, the debilitated Moon co-operates with the exalted Jupiter posited in Moon's sign Cancer. 

3. When two planets are posited in different signs owned by a third planet : For example, Mercury is in Pisces and Ketu in Sagittarius, Which are owned by Jupiter. Here exalted Ketu forces debilitated Mercury to cooperate with him even though the two are inimical to each other. 

4. Winner in planetary war dominates the loser : In planetary fi ght, the planet in the North with positional strength defeats the weak planet in the South. For example, Mercury and Mars are in Virgo. Mercury is having positional strength in virgo, while Mars is weak there. Mars is in the sphere of infl uence of Mercury and will act according to the dictates of Mercury. 

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5. Exchange of signs by two planets : For example, The Moon is in Libra, while Venus is in Cancer. The Moon and Venus have exchanged their ownership signs and as such they will co-coperate. The question arises as to who will be the leader ? This is decided on the basis of planetary strength coupled with location in good or bad house depending upon the distance from the Ascendant. 

Here Moon is one sign before his debilitation sign (Scorpio) while Venus is located two signs before his debilitation sign (Virgo). Venus is, Therefore, stronger than the Moon, and acts as leader. 6. House-wise location of planets : For example, in a chart with Pisces Ascendant, Venus is posited in the 5th house. (Cancer) while the Moon is in the 8th house (Libra) . The 5th is a good house, while the 8th house is a bad one. Hence, Venus is more powerful than the Moon, and the latter will co-operate with Venus.

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