Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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The signs and the planets ruling over the signs carry much importance in Mundane Astrology. The ownership of the signs by the planets is use considerably in mundane matters. When Aries rises, Mars is the ruler and the position and aspects of this planet would show the general condition of the people and country at the particular time. There are certain other signs in which the planets are found to be very powerful:, these are called the exaltations of the planets. The position of exaltation is very well known. The Sun exalts in Aries. Moon in Taurus, Mars in Capricorn, Mercury in Virgo, Jupiter in Cancer, Venus in Pisces and the Saturn in Libra. The signs opposite to those in which the planets have their exaltation are known the signs of debilitation or the signs of fall. The signs of exaltation are very powerful, where as the signs of debilitation are always very weak. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses of the Mundane chart (Kundali) are termed angles and any planet placed in one of these houses is said to be “Accidentally dignified”. The several horoscopes of the heavens are to be erected for various times during the year and from which prognostics are made with regard to different nations of the world. These are termed as the Mundane Charts which comprise the following : Quarterly charts These charts are erected for the times of the entry of The Sun into the four cardinal signs of the Zodiac, viz, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Each of these are termed as Ingresses which rule for a certain specific period according to the sign which is rising at the moment of the Sun’s ingress into each sign. If a cardinal sign rises then it influences for three months only. If a fixed sign rises then if influences the entire forthcoming twelve months, if a common sign rises then it has influence for the six months only. LUNATIONS These are charts of the heavens erected for each new and full moon during the year. They are judged in a twofold way, first according to the planetary positions and aspects in the chart made for each new and full moon and secondly by referring the planetary positions at the moment of each new and full moon to the previous quarterly chart. Whether new moon or full moon is stronger is a matter of experience. It is generally considered that if a new Moon falls nearest to the Sun’s entry into Aries, then each succeeding new Moon during the year is considered, but if a full Moon falls nearest to the particular ingress then the succeeding full Moon should have preference. Their period of influence is only one month. SOLAR ECLIPSES These are the charts erected for the time of new moon at any particular solar eclipse. They should not be calculated for the time of central eclipse but for the exact moment of new moon. These charts are very important. They have a specific influence of their own, lasting for as many years as the eclipse is in hours in length. Their effects are most powerful in those countries where the eclipse is actually visible and also in those countries and cities ruled over by the sign in which the eclipse falls. Certain specific effects are attributed to the action of solar eclipses in the thirty six decanates of the zodiac, and these are given in detail in the forthcoming chapters of this series. LUNAR ECLIPSES These are the charts erected for the time of lunar eclipses, which are in reality full moons and the exact moment of full moon is taken and not that of the middle of eclipse. These charts are also important but less in comparison to solar eclipses. They have a period of action extending over as many months as the eclipse is in hours of its duration. Their effects like solar eclipses are chiefly to be observed in those countries where the eclipse is visible and in those places ruled by the sign in which the eclipse falls. List of specific effects of each lunar eclipse in the various decanates of the zodiac shall be made available in the forthcoming chapters. Special charts should be made at the time of conjunctions and opposition of planets like Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune; these are important configurations as their effects are long lasting. Mundane charts can be erected like any other chart for an appointed time, date and place. The subject of mundane astrology is principally intended for more advanced students of astrology, as such we shall not lake up the details of casting a chart and placing the planets therein etc. at this juncture. We shall now take up the details of the Mundane Chart. The first house The first house is the most important of the twelve houses in a mundane chart, as it represents the people, the general condition of the country, state of affairs in the country, and in a general sense public health. If a planet is posited in the first house, aspects on the said planet should carefully be noted. If no planet is posited in the first house, then the position or aspects of the ruler of the sign of the house should be considered. Similarly the same rule shall apply for all the twelve houses of the chart. If a benefic planet is posited in the first house it denotes that the general condition of the country and people will be good, the affairs will improve, and matters connected with the internal condition of the nation will be satisfactory. If the planet is well aspected or properly dignified the benefic results will be much better, but if afflicted then the benefic effects will get reduced, but this will be limited to the particular matter denoted by the houses ruled over by the planet in affliction. If a malefic planet is posited in the ascendant or ruling over it, then much trouble is predicted to the nation. All important matters shall remain unsettled, followed by people suffering from bad health and other disturbances etc. If the said malefic planet is further afflicted on account of bad influences by other planets, the evil effects will be increasing to the level of affliction. At the same time if the malefic planet is well aspected or properly influenced by benefic planets then the evil effects of the malefic planet will get reduced considerably. Now let us look into the general influences of lunations and the planets in the houses either at lunations or solar ingress. The new moon falling in the ascendant shows many changes in the country. If well aspected or having benefic influences from benefic planets then the people of the country enjoy many benefits according to the position of the benefic planet influencing the ascendant. If afflicted on account of a malefic planet, it denotes much unrest and discontent among people, important matters of the nation will remain unsolved and thereby the peace in the nation may be disturbed, people will also suffer with bad health on account of epidemics. All these malefic results are directly related to the position, aspect and strength of the afflicting planet. We shall continue with the presence of specific planet in first house, starting from Sun in our next issue.
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