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Japayoga Meditation Meditation is an intensely personnel, joyful and spiritual experience. It is something which can be experienced but can not be described. It is extremely powerful method with enormous benefits. The process of meditation promotes inner growth and understanding that prepares you to face life. Meditation is the right use of mind. Key to success is concentration of mind. Nothing of essence in life is achieved without concentration. Meditation means awareness. Whatever you do with awareness is meditation. “Watching your breath” is meditation, listening to the birds is meditation. As long as these activities are free from any other distraction to the mind, it is effective meditation. The objective of each meditation technique is to channel our awareness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one’s state of mind. To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self. The process of meditations involves three stages i.e, concentration (Dharana), meditation (Dhyaan), and enlightenment (Smadhi) first of all one has to harness his awareness such as to focus his mind onto a certain object or Mantra. Whatever ideas, thoughts and suggestions come from outside reject them and simply concentrate on your object or Mantra for the successful concentration of mind. Intense concentrations leads to meditation and meditation leads to Smadhi (enlightenment, or absorption or super conscious state). Mantra Each syllable of a Mantra has some specific sound vibration for instance Om is universal sound vibration. The specific grouping of these sound vibrations of the syllables of Mantra has an impact on the mental and psychic consciousness. The powerful vibrations created by Mantra chanting stroke the “Chakras” to attract divine forces. This process mysteriously heal our spiritual, physical and psychological body. It is very important that Mantra chanting should be enjoyed and one must surrender to this experience. Different types of Mantras contain different types of vibrations in it. If you shall chant a Mantra for 10 minutes everyday, then, within few days you shall know whether the vibrations of that particular Mantra feel right for you. If the Mantra you chant is given by some competent Guru then you are fortunate and if you have to select it on the basis of your choice in that case you make it sure that it must appeal to the mind fully when spoken verbally. Man has unlimited powers inside him. These miraculous powers can be awakened with the miraculous power of Mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is the easiest and safest form of meditation and can be practiced by anyone at any time and under any conditions. The most common way of practicing Mantra Meditation is Japa. Japa (literally means ‘rotate’) is performed by repeating a Mantra in sync with the rotation of Japa Mala. A Japa Mala is a rosary of 108 beads where each bead is turned after the mental or audible recitation of the Mantra. Using a Japa Mala for Mantra Meditation is very effective as it provides an anchor to bring the mind back as it experiences wavering thought. The Mantra combined with the Japa Mala provides tangible anchors to which the thoughts are directed back as they spin out of control. That is why Japa meditation is one of the most recommended forms of meditation for the beginner. For successful accomplishment of Mantra Siddhi the Sadhaka (practitioner) must follow the following Codes. 1. Get up early in the morning (around 4:00 AM). This time is considered most auspicious for performing your prayers and meditation for good results. 2. Worship your Guru 3. Recite Gayatri Mantra 4. Worship Lord Ganpati 5. Worship your family Deity 6. Finally start worshipping your favourite deity or Ishta Devta with your favourite Mantra. 7. You must perform Shodashopchar or Panchopchar Puja of your Ishta Devta. 8. Make sure that you are sitting on a proper Asana in perfect Yogic posture. Best Asanas are Padmasana, or Ardhapadmasana, or Vajrasana or Siddhasana. 9. Dhyana, Dharana and Smadhi - Everyday concentrate at least for 15 minutes with the Mantra recommended or selected to be recited and by doing so continuously for five day you shall have some experience or dream about your Ishta Devta. 10. Recitation of Mantra which is known as Japa should be done in front of your favourite deity. 11. Wear neat and clean clothes. 12. Offer fruits to your God in the form of oblation. 13. Keep a pure vegetarian food. 14. Observe complete Bramhcharya throughout the period of recitation. 15. Recite the Mantras with clarity, correct pronunciation and by giving pause between words. Don’t be in a hurry. Recitation for the sake of completion of the requisite number of Mantras will not take the Sadhaka anywhere. Sadhaka must involve himself in Him as also in the Mantras. 16. Use Rosary for counting. Method of Japa (Recitations) There are three methods of Japas. (i) Vaachanik – Recitation through speech or words in loud voice. (ii) Upanshu – Recitation through lips but without sound. (iii) Manasik – Recitation of Mantra through mind without lifting the lips. This method is used for attaining Siddhi for the completion of the work one undertakes. Out of the three methods mentioned above, Manasik recitation is considered to be the best method. Recitation can be done either by using fingers or by using rosary for counting. Mantra Siddhi For Mantra Siddhi Mantra Purushcharana is recommended in Shastras. Purushcharana is chanting of a Mantra as many lakhs of times as many syllables are there in a Mantra for example if there are 5 syllables in a Mantra as are there in Shiv Panchakshari Mantra then it should be recited at least 5 lakh times for completing its Purushcharana but by reciting a mantra 1.25 lakh times also one can attain the blessings of one’s presiding deity (Ishta devta). So we can conclude that for Mantra Siddhi it is essential to chant one Mantra at least 1.25 lakh times.
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