Astrology, Ayurveda and Colours

Astrology, Ayurveda and Colours  

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The planets project the basic energies operating in the solar system. As such, our entire lives can be arranged to improve the planetary influences through right diet, herbs, the right location to live, right relationships and spiritual practices. Vedic astrology is an ancient science which is both universal and timeless. To put it simply, it is the science of ‘Time’. It seeks to impart to mankind a tool to live in harmony with the cosmos around him. Vedic astrology is the study of subtle energies emanating from the heavenly bodies and having an impact upon the people, plants, animals and the Earth itself. These energies influence the human body and mind on all levels.

The astrological chart has the capacity to indicate good or ill health, strong or weak vitality, emotional stability, intellectual soundness besides many other things. The ancient sages of India knew the close relationship between the nature and mankind, and thus developed a system of health called Ayurveda which is completely based on the laws of nature. Vedic astrology contains a medicine system which is based on Ayurveda, whereas Ayurveda contains a system of timing of disease and its treatment based on Vedic Astrology. Thus astrology indicates and ayurveda analyzes. The planets project the basic energies operating in the solar system. As such, our entire lives can be arranged to improve the planetary influences through right diet, herbs, the right location to live, right relationships and spiritual practices.

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For example, Mars is a hot planet and can cause fiery or Pitta disorders like fevers, inflammation, injuries etc. this can be encountered by cooling herbs, cool climate, special gems and mantras for the planet etc. according to the individual chart.

Ayurveda classifies our life energies into three biological forces or doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.These three doshas are modifications of the five great elements or the Panch Mahabhuta – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Vata Vata is cold, dry, and mobile like wind/air. It is held in the spaces in the body like bones, joints, nerves and the mind. It creates the Nervous System and is as such related to Mercury in astrology. As an emotional force on the negative side, it creates fear and anxiety.

It also governs decline, decay and death as in old age, sunset and winter season thus relating it to Saturn. On the positive side it gives creativity and adaptability again related to Mercury astrologically. Pitta Pitta is hot and light like Fire. It is held in enzymes which are the main component of Digestive System. This relates it to Sun in astrology. As an emotional force, on the negative side it gives anger and animosity thus relating it to Mars. On the positive side it gives insight, courage and personal warmth which again relates to Sun. It governs the adult life, noon and summer season. Kapha Kapha is cold, damp, heavy and immobile like water in an enclosed area. It has the earthy qualities of heaviness, density and obstruction.

It makes up the bulk of bodily tissues like muscles, skin, hair and water (blood, plasma, fat). These are mainly related to the Moon. As an emotional force on the negative side, it creates attachment, greed and stagnation relating it to Moon. On the positive side, it creates love, faith and loyalty thus related to Venus. When Vata is imbalanced in the body, planets like Saturn, Rahu and Mercury predominate. When Kapha is too high in the body, planets like the Moon, Jupiter and Venus predominate. When Pitta is too high, planets like Sun, Mars and Ketu predominate.

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Therefore, when a disease is caused due to imbalance of any or more than one of these doshas, appropriate remedies for the concerned planets will immensely help. Colour Therapy Vedic astrology has various means of remedies like Gems, Mantras, Herbs, Yantras and various spiritual practices. Among these, Gem therapy is the most important. It is entirely based on colour therapy. Each planet relates to a certain colour of the cosmic rays.

The influence of each planet can be increased by exposure to its corresponding colour and vice versa. Colour therapy is particularly good for targeting emotional and psychological imbalances, but can be used for physical diseases as well. Many fiery Pitta disorders like inflammation and infection can be reduced by usage of cooling colours like blue, green and white.

The light from the Sun is made up of a spectrum of colours famously known as the VIBGYOR. It is the very basis of colour therapy prescribed in our scriptures. Traditionally, the colours associated with the planets are: Sun – Red (Transparent) Moon – White (Opaque) Mars – Red (Opaque) Mercury – Green Jupiter – Yellow Venus – White (Transparent) Saturn – Blue Rahu is smoky or black and Ketu is a bright red or orange. Rahu has a shadowy effect whereas Ketu produces a strange illumination around things. Generally pure shades of different colours will increase the higher influences of the planets, while coarse shades will increase their negativity. For example, dark colours like black or gray will increase the negative side of Saturn, while deep blue will increase its positive energy.

Astrologically, we gravitate towards the colours of the planets that dominate us, which can be negative. For example, those under the influence of dark planets like Saturn and Rahu tend to live in dark places and wear dark clothes which increase the malefic powers of these planets. To counter this, they should live in a bright environment and wear bright colours.

Those under the influence of hot planets like Sun, Mars and Ketu should avoid too much bright colour and light. The colour therapy can be used to increase the power of weak planets that are benefic in nature for the individual. To increase the Venus energy for example, bright and rainbow colour s are good; for Saturn – dark blue, Jupiter – yellow or gold, for soothing and calming lunar energy – white works very well. Methods of Colour Therapy

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1. Increase exposure to the planet’s colour in your environment. For example, colours of the walls in home and office, clothes, pictures, flowers etc.

2. Using coloured lights to bathe the body with the help of special coloured lamps.

3. Meditation on particular colours and internal visualization.

4. Gem Therapy Gem Therapy Gemstones are most important remedial measures used in Vedic astrology. Gems are like fragments of planetary light on Earth and work on etheric plane balancing our energy field.

Always remember, wrongly prescribed gems can cause disharmonies, excesses or imbalances. Effects of various gemstones:

Ruby - Sun Physically – Ruby increases Pitta and decreases Kapha and Vata. It improves vitality, digestion and circulation, functions of heart, small intestine, brain and eyes. Psychologically – Ruby strengthens self-confidence, destiny, leadership, a strong character and will-power.

Spiritually – Ruby can put one in touch with one’s soul. It improves meditation, promotes self knowledge and helps connect with the consciousness within. Pearl - Moon

Physically – Pearl increases Kapha and decreases Pitta and Vata. It increases the water element in the body, strengthens plasma, lymphatic system and reproductive system.

Psychologically – Pearl brings calm and contentment to the mind and emotions. It is good for creative expression, supports female psychology and counters emotional afflictions in the birth chart like fear, anger etc.

Spiritually – Pearl helps develop the devotional side (Bhakti Yog) and makes us receptive to the higher influences and guidance.

Red Coral – Mars Physically – Red Coral increases Pitta and decreases Vata and Kapha. It strengthens blood, marrow, bones and reproductive system. Psychologically – Red Coral increases ones will power, stamina, determination and calms the emotions. Spiritually – Red Coral is used to promote yogic practices like mantra, meditation, gives motivation and self-discipline.

Emerald – Mercury Physically – Emerald balances the three doshas, strengthens nerves, improves respiration and balances endocrine system. Psychologically – it improves the mind and emotions, gives better powers of speech, communication and perception.

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Spiritually – Emerald aids in teaching spiritual subjects and develops prana and healing energy. Yellow Sapphire – Jupiter Physically – Yellow Sapphire increases Kapha and Pitta and decreases Vata. It strengthens the immune system, liver, spleen and promotes health of tissues and endocrine system.

Psychologically – It gives enthusiasm, courage, better powers of judgement and makes us happier, calm and steady.

Spiritually – It increases our spiritual aspiration, is good for meditation, karma yoga and connects us with the energy of the guru.

Diamond - Venus Physically – Diamond decreases Vata and Pitta and mildly increases Kapha. It strengthens the reproductive system, bones, promotes overall strength and vitality.

Psychologically – Diamond increases creativity, passion, it gives fortitude, vision and insight.

Spiritually – It is good for devotion, Bhakti Yog and opens us to the subtle energies. It is good for practices like astrology as well. Blue Sapphire - Saturn Physically – It reduces Pitta but increases Kapha and Vata. It aids in detoxification, weight reduction and helps reduce infection and inflammation.

Psychologically – It helps control emotions, anger and overcomes obstacles. It promotes mental steadiness. Spiritually – It is good for detachment, spiritual work and renunciation. It puts us in contact with the infinite and eternal. Gomed - Rahu Physically – it increases immunity, strengthens the endocrine system, calms the senses and aids in sound sleep.

Psychologically – It increases our capacity for empathy and deeper feelings but also increases our emotional strength. Spiritually – It opens us to the higher powers of devotion, consciousness and creativity. It also aids in the healing practices.

Cat’s Eye - Ketu Physically – it improves circulation through the brain and nervous system. It improves our resistance to disease and ability to handle stress.

Psychologically – It gives control over the emotions and sub-conscious mind and gives resolve, determination and endurance. Spiritually – It stimulates our seeking for liberations and self-realization. It is also good for meditation, Jnana Yog and practice of astrology. r

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