Feng Shui Money Tips

Feng Shui Money Tips  

Shweta Jaggi
Views : 9788 | January 2011

Do you know where your financial “power spots” are? The contemporary methods of feng shui associate prosperity issues with the back left corner of any space. Stand at your front door facing in to the house, your wealth area is at the back of the house on the left hand side. There’s also a wealth area within each room facing in from the door way, it’s the corner area in the back of the room on the left hand side. Where are the wealth areas within your office, living room, kitchen, and bedroom? Now that you’ve identified your money power spots, here are some quick and easy way to apply feng shui to these spaces:

1. Clear out any clutter from these important areas : clutter is a sign of stagnant energy, and clutter in your money power spots can clog up your cash flow. Getting rid of clutter is one of the most powerful ways to shift the energy of your power spots in to high gear.

2. Enhance your power spots with symbols of prosperity : Such as a bowl of coins (add your loose change to it every day) a : lucky bamboo” plant, or anything that symbolizes success and prosperity to you. A picture of your dream house, or a model of that luxury car you long for, is an effective money symbol because it has personal meaning for you.

3. Fix things that are broken : Anything that doesn’t work as it should is a sign of something wrong in the area of your life that corresponds to that part of your space. Examine each of your money power spots to look for anything that needs repair like loose doorknob, non- working light switch, stuck file drawer, or clock that doesn’t keep correct time, to name just a few possible examples.

4. Pay attention to how you handle money every day : Do you keep paper money neatly sorted in your wallet or money clip, or is a jammed in there any old way or crumpled up at the bottom of your pocket? Clean the clutter out of your purse and wallet, and start handling your money as though you value it.

5. Accent your money areas with the colours green and purple : Green symbolizes vitality and growth, and purple is the colour of wealth. Place a bowl of green and purple grapes (real or artificial) in the wealth area of your kitchen to symbolize abundance filling your home. If you use real grapes, it is okay to eat them, just add more from time to time so the grapes remain fresh and the bowl is always more that half full.

6. If you neglect your money, it will neglect you, so be sure to balance your checkbook regularly and pay your bills on time : Put your checkbook in an attractive cover (choose green, purple, red, blue or black) and keep it in the wealth area of your desk - that’s the rear left corner again - or in the wealth area of your office.

7. Live generously : money is a form of energy, and it needs to flow through your life, not just in to it. Hoarding and scrimping work against more coming in, while giving generously within your means makes space for even greater abundance. If you don’t yet have ample money to share, give as generously as you can of your time, energy, compassion, and appreciation.

8. Take a few moments every evening to think about all the good things that happened to you today and to express your gratitude for what you have received : small things count, too, so it’s okay if there’s little of the spectacular on your list most of the time it is not what happened that’s important, it’s getting in the habit of focusing on the positive side of things every day that matters.

The more you notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for blessings received, no matter how small, the more good things will come your way, including money. A thrive experience of prosperity is determined not by how much money you have, but by how well you notice and enjoy what is already present in your life when you celebrate being rich in friends and family, or rich with laughter, or the richness of your spiritual life, or even being rich in air and sunshine if nothing else seems to be going well for you today, material blessings will come to you more readily as well. r

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