Consciousness : Science, Spirituality and Health

Consciousness : Science, Spirituality and Health  

H. K. Chopra
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Consciousness means awareness of ones own existence, sensations, thoughts and feelings and surrounding at an individual level or collective level. Infact whole existence in this universe including human beings, animals, plants, flowers, vegetables, minerals, water, sun, moon, galaxy of stars, all are the expressions of existence of consciousness. Thus, Consciousness is beyond energy and matter. The scientific module operates on the reductionist principle conveying thereby that we are all the hologram of the universe, and the universe is our hologram (every bit of universe is in us and every bit of us is in universe) A drop of blood gives information of the biochemistry or the cell count of the whole body, Similarly a bit of any particle gives information of the whole matter. If the parts of a whole are obtained and examined they will give the required analysis to explain how the whole operates, its reason for being, how it interacts with its environment. In other words, the total environment consists of parts, which come together to form a holistic phenomenon.

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Part of the rationale for this approach may relate to Darwin’s theory of evolution which posits that all life has evolved from simple living entities, which gradually developed into complex systems as they interacted with one another, the weak grows giving way to those which were stronger and more competitive. There is an vedic expression, which says “As is the Atom, so is the universe” “As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm” ”As is the Universal body, So is the cosmic body ”” “As is the universal mind, So is the cosmic mind” Albert Einstein a great physicist said that “We are not the packages of Flesh and bone with wisps of memory and desire, but we are a web of information and energy interwoven with emotions and intelligence from the eye of the consciousness and not from the eye of the body or eye of the mind” The time to reflect and reassess is now, to the scientific mode of research and to pay more attention to what science has discovered about the constitution of the universe.

Scientific theories do not usually last the course as further research reveals new evidence that either overturns, or remodels, previous fixed beliefs. The reason to look at the universe as a whole is now, which is then broken down into parts. The ‘big bang’ hypothesis states that the universe began as a single entity which exploded and sent its energy spreading throughout space, much like the result of exploding the atom. Quantum physics then goes on to state that everything in the universe is actually “energy and information” ,in many different forms and configurations. In other words, there is no solidity in fact, merely a slowing down of vibrations that we can see and feel with our senses. Whenever a new discovery is made it may well become a dogma as it becomes embedded in life’s beliefs and can be difficult to overcome because so many of us dislike change because it means venturing into new realms with a concomitant need to learn new ways of doing things.

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An entire education system may need to be revamped against an inbuilt inertia and resistance to change. For this reason, the approach of science and spirituality will be the appropriate response, as the proponents of the previous classical beliefs gradually die off or are willing to consider that there is indeed good reason to embrace the new thought. Spirituality states that there is one Creative Being, that is imminent, omnipotent, and transcendent and science states that this field is non- local, spaceless timeless, dimensionless what we call as consciousness. A supreme consciousness that brought a universe into being out of Itself but remained apart from its creation. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna states - “Having pervaded this entire universe with a fragment of Myself, I remain”. Krishna, in this aspect, is the Supreme Creative being and following the dictum ‘as above, so below’, and using the analogy of dreams it can be said that human beings, when they dream, cast a fragment of themselves off to enter a mythical world while remaining whole and generally unaffected by the dream.

Some consequences can flow from dreams but then, we are not imminent, omnipotent, and transcendent. It is not too outlandish to state that all of the energies of the universe consist of consciousness. In fact, that is one of the tenets of quantum physics, that the particles of energy which subsume all physical phenomena are conscious. Certainly they have awareness, which, as we have seen, is a meaning of consciousness. In experiments, which were undertaken because of a theory that all particles of energy are twinned, i.e., one having a clockwise spin and the other an anticlockwise one, it was discovered that theory was fact, change the spin of a twinned particle and the other immediately reverses its spin even though they may be at opposite ends of the universe.

Einstein proved that light and matter are interchangeable and there will be many more discoveries to be made regarding the properties of the energies in the created universe. If, indeed, all particles are conscious, aware, then it can be stated that everything in the universe is connected and this can explain many otherwise imponderable occurrences. The ‘big bang’ was wholeness and as it unfolded the parts, of necessity, must be related, if not subsidiary creations must have occurred by insertion, from where? As there is no evidence for the latter occurrence we can assume that the universe is, in essence, of one mind, one consciousness.

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A unified field of consciousness, such as that outlined above should be provable through observed associations within that field. Some of the following examples have been backed up by scientific research, others have yet to be verified by that method but can be assumed to have veracity due to their apparent connectedness. Thus, Consciousness or unified field (field of eternity, divinity, silence, field of unconditioned love, infinite possibilities, probabilities and pure potentiality) are synonymous. Consciousness is therefore scientific and spiritual gigantic cybernetic loop with pulsating, receiving transmitting and emitting web of information and energy interwoven with network of emotions and intelligence from the level of quantum soup (womb of creation). The reality is radically ambiguous ceaselessly flowing quantum soup. There is an expression which says: “We are not our perception, they come and go” We are not our thoughts, they come and go” We are not our interpretations, they come and go” We are not our mind, it comes and goes We are not the body, it comes and goes We are not the ego, ourself image changes We are witness and interpreter of the self (Consciousness) which is spaceless, ageless, timeless, dimensionless and non-local field of information and energy everywhere. “ Happiness, health, prosperity and success are expressions of this field of consciousness. (Silence and infinite love) Experience of this field on daily basis by optimization of life-style through all the eight limbs of yoga including Yama, (do and don’ts), Niyama (Self discipline), Asana (Postures), Pranayam (Breathing Exercise), Pratihara (Contemplation), Dharana (Concentration) Dhyana (Meditation), Samadhi (Transcendence). Healthy heart, healthy mind and healthy body are expressions of our consciousness.

It is our consciousness which perceives, conceives, constructs and governs us at individual and universal level. We are all the expressions and projections of consciousness. Experience it on regular basis by meditation if you want to be healthy.

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